Money Woes (and Beanie Babies)

Mar. 15th, 2017 07:28 pm
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Because the universe hates me, it looks like I might have another round of (hopefully not too bad) car repairs coming. Great. Perfect. Just what I needed. I'm hoping it won't be more than $100(ish), but that's still $100(ish) more than I have right now so... :-/

My virtual garage sale post is still up, if anyone is potentially interested in anything there. I'm very much willing to drop prices, especially if you'd like a box full of books/comics/DVDs.

That said, since I had a few people show interest back in January, I thought that I'd actually list out the Beanie Babies that I have. Most of them no longer have tags (although a couple do), but they're otherwise in good shape. If anyone is potentially interested, basically just make me a decent offer and they're yours. Lots and lots of Beanie Babies (cats, mainly) listed under the cut. )

I really wish that I was having better luck finding a part-time job, but nobody wants to just hire me for Saturdays/Sundays. I'm willing to work weekday evenings as well, and I've said as much, but most places either want me to come in around 4pm (which is out of the question because of my full-time job) or want me to work a late shift that doesn't end until the wee hours of the morning (also out of the question because of my full-time job). And I'm not having any luck whatsoever with online only positions.


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