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Hey, everyone, if you're reading this, it's the last post for Comic Dork Sunday, and I'm still not sure whether or not the posts are listing in the proper order on your reading pages. If you'd like to read in order, Catch up with Officer Crotch and click through using "Next Entry." (If you're on lj, follow this link and do "Next Entry" from there.)

So, last entry for this Sunday, and I'm going out with my absolute favorite book from the new DC. Yeah, GLC and GL: NG were both AWESOME, but you know what? Scott Snyder is my new comic writer boyfriend, and I am going to ride that wave of awesome for as long as I can.

Let's get spoiled, bitches!

No, seriously, I've got eight scans and am giving away the ENTIRE first issue, including a fantastic twist. )

LOVED IT SO MUCH. I've said it a few more times today, but it bears repeating: I still have no idea how the fuck this timeline works. I imagine if I read JLA or Action Comics, it'd clear things up a little, but life is too short to read comics I don't care much about when I have all the stuff I've talked about today. There are portions of the new DC I won't touch with a ten-foot rage pole, but I wasn't planning on reading them anyway, so I sort of double-win.
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This one made it onto my buy pile simply because I wanted to check out how Dick was going to be handled after the relaunch. The answer? Spectacularly. Let us look at it.

4 images, small spoilers )

So, really loved this one, especially when matched up with Batman, which I will cover shortly.
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I am sure a few of you are surprised I didn't lead or end with this, but I have a reason for that: as much as I freaking LOVED the opening issue, I actually have an issue I like BETTER, and also, the JLI scans have been sitting around a LOT longer. So, mid-day, you get the boys.

ten images and piles of spoilers )

That's right, I liked it so much I wrote a ton. And there's one I LIKED MORE. Just you wait.
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Okay, look, I'm not gonna pretend like the lack of Ted in the new universe doesn't make me die a little inside. So much of Ted as a character has been used in the last five or six years to build up the whole universe. Booster's never-ending (heart breaking) devotion showcased so much of him in Booster Gold. And Jaime wouldn't have been half the Beetle he was if not for Guy telling him that Ted is the guy to emulate.

But for now, Ted is no more, and Jaime is back to the start, and I'm gonna catch you up on the basics. Spoilers abound, but mostly in terms of where-are-they-now and not so much the plot (which hasn't really launched out yet).

Five catch-up photos behind the cut )

Basically, if you skipped the scans, we're back to where we were the first time Jaime showed up on the scene with only one really noticeable change in everyone's characters. I do think they rebooted just to be able to wipe out Ted, and I am so not happy with that, but at the same time, I have always loved Jaime, and I do wonder what he'll be like without Ted's legacy as a guiding influence. But I wonder, will he and Guy have their student/mentor relationship if there's no Ted to talk about? I really liked that relationship, and I'll miss it if it's gone.

But, I will wait and see, because this was a strong first issue, and I have a lot of hope for this book.
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I reviewed the new JLI awhile back and am too damned lazy to look for the entry to link you properly. All you have to know is that I liked it. Now, let's stop wondering why I can't be bothered to link and look at some pictures.

four images, no waiting (unless you have a slow connection) )
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This week's CDS is all about the new DCU. Or, more specifically, the parts of the DCU I still like. We're gonna be all over the board, and spoilers shall abound.

So, grab on Officer Crotch's crotch arm, and we'll be off for adventure!
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I'm keeping Comic Dork Sunday short today, as I'm still working on getting a good backlog of entries ready to go (also, I still don't think DW is properly lining up my posts), but I'm gonna end on the best note. The Guy Gardner note:

Ladies and gents, Guy Gardner in a panel. Weird shit is going on. Weird shit must be punched. (Also, honey, your shirt is all torn. Let me help you with that.)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everyone! Read a comic!
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Or, as I like to also call it: "Judd Winick, this is how you do emotional stuff and goofy superhero stuff. Take some fucking notes."

minor spoilers and lots of pics )

Funny yet sad yet funny yet touching yet heartbreaking. The shooting of Bob is beautifully timed.

(Also, if the slideshow doesn't work, I suck, and I'm sorry.)


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