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My portfolio is due Monday, and I have spent four or five hours on it today (lost count). And I'm gonna be up a while.

Dear grad school: Still fucking hate you.

And a long, ranty post about people at this university not responding to their fucking e-mail is forthcoming.
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My giveadamn is officially borked, I think. Which would be fine were it not for the fact that, a) I'm taking a very important, heavy classload and b) I graduate in June.

Yup. I'm fucked.

On the upside, one of the books for one of my classes is one of the prettiest goddamn things I have ever seen. Also, I apparently can't stop writing Clint/Coulson, and I am so okay with this. And new footage has come out, and I may have shouted "MOTHERFUCKING HELICARRIER" while alone in my apartment.

Oh, and
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Fuck you, grad school.

Not Dead

Feb. 18th, 2012 08:09 pm
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Just really, really, really busy with homework. Which, wow, can fuck right off at this point. I am so ready for the end of term which is still a month off.

::assorted grumbling here::
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And this one's a doozy.

I'm in International Technical Communication this summer, and the final project for the class is a bilingual website that has to go live by August 10. I have called and e-mailed around town looking for help, as has another team member, and the best we've come up with is a possible "maybe" from translation services at another university.

Here's what I need: Someone who can take about 2,500 to 3,000 words of English text (possibly fewer words) and translate it to Traditional Chinese characters.

Here's the problem: The turn-around has to be very quick. I'd get you the text the evening of July 29 and need it back by August 3rd or 4th. I also can't pay much. The full budget for the project is $50. On the upside, you would have $50.

If you have translation experience and want to help out, I will probably buy you a pony. If you are someone studying Chinese and this project would look awesome in your portfolio, I will probably buy you a pony. If you are someone who knows Traditional Chinese and English and is comfortable translating, I will probably buy you a pony.

In short, I will probably buy you a pony because you will save me and my team a lot of stress.

Drop me a comment if you can help or know of someone who could help. Any suggestions you've got would be appreciated.

(FYI, we've contacted the world languages department here, but that turned up nothing, and I've got queries in to a half-dozen translation agencies, and that has also turned up nothing.)
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We were broken into groups today by one of my profs. We'll be in the same groups all term, creating a mock business and working with one another to "run" it. The prof finished lecturing at 11:47 (class gets out at 11:50), and I had to get down to work (at 12:00), so I passed around my notebook for the e-mail addresses of everyone in my group.

GUY: "I'm auditing."
ME: "...okay?"
GUY: ::scribbles down e-mail::

So, being the total type-a that I am, I get to work, sit down, and immediately e-mail everyone before I get down to my day's work. We're supposed to create a mission statement, so I make the suggestion that we brainstorm in e-mail then make plans to get together sometime this weekend to try and knock out a draft early.

Nine hours later, I have multiple responses from the two women in the group, but the dude has no appeared. I get the feeling that when he said, "I'm auditing," he meant, "I'm a lazy fuckhole who can't bother to do the assigned work because I'm not getting a grade. No, no, I'm totally okay with paying for a hands-on class and not getting hands on. That's totally cool."

If he doesn't respond by Tuesday, I'm gonna bring it up to him, and if he says some variation on my version up there, I'm gonna tell him to get bent. I don't like my hard work being used for someone else's laziness, and every other auditing student I've met has done the work assigned.

Updates (and swearing) as I know more.

Not dead!

Mar. 3rd, 2011 06:31 pm
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Although, given the last couple of weeks, I am surprised as hell at that fact.

Guys, grad school is HARD. Well, not hard, exactly, but really, really, really busy. With lots of high expectations, re: my genius, and so on.

My third copyedit was, I fear, an absolute hot mess. Part of it was my prof pushed the due date out two days, which was a fucking gift when it happened. You know, until I completely forgot it was due on Friday and thought it was due on Monday and was up until 3:30 on Saturday morning trying to finish it after remembering it was actually due. Whoops.

But, it's in, and I think my copyediting test went okay. If I got 90% of the errors, I don't have to take the final. If I have to take the final, I really don't know that I'll do well, as I'm getting fairly burned out from the term right now, and it's another couple of weeks until Finals.

Hrm, this is getting fairly sad trombone, isn't it?

Okay, good things! Good things!

I have to write a final article for my advanced tech writing class and damned if I haven't figured that bastard out. I've been warring with the way to approach it, and I think I've finally got it. I'm writing about using comics as technical writing, and I came to the conclusion that it's not HOW to do it (covered by another guy very succinctly), but WHY tech writers should try to do it. I've got a list of points! And the publication I'm writing for (we have to write for a particular publication, even if we may not get published) doesn't require a bibiliography!

Also, the grad student word count for the course (it's blended, so undergrads do slightly less work) is 5,000 words minimum, and I hit that on my discourse community journal. Never, ever ask me to research and write up my findings unless you want to read A LOT. Having hit word count, it means I don't have to strain for word count on the article. If I finish it off in 1000 words, no big! They're bonus!

Also, I've been catching up on comics inbetween homework and am prepping a big comics post that will make at least some of you happy. And I'm watching "Magnificent Seven," which will bring on a half-rant post which I'm sure will amuse the rest of you.

Okay, back to work. Articles to read. Stuff to write. Victory arms to throw.

And how's you, flist?
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In a perfect world, I could set fire to this copyedit and get credit for how much gasoline I throw on the pages.

Word has crashed for the THIRD TIME tonight. Because it hates me. And also, it sucks. I get that the Adobe programs cost some serious cash, but you know why they cost serious cash? BECAUSE THEY FUCKING WORK. Track Changes in Word is great, sure, when you don't have to basically rewrite someone's piece of shit first draft. But when you have to do that? Word FUCKING FAILS.

Goddamnit. Why don't they teach editing in Acrobat Pro? It's so much easier. It doesn't fucking CRASH, and it's a fuck ton easier to read the fucking mark-up anyway.

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Consider this your open bitching thread, whether it be work, personal, school, or whatever. I need to let off some steam, and I'm sure some of you do too. So, let's do this.


The terms at my university are 11 weeks long. I came from a semester system, which was 16 weeks long, and the adjustment has been kind of a brick to the face. I felt like I was really in the swing this term. I've been keeping up and even getting a little ahead, and everything's gone well. My grades have been consistently awesome (if I don't 4.0 this term, I will eat my fucking hat).

But now? HOLY JESUS CHRIST GRAD SCHOOL YOU WANT ME DEAD. Let me show you what's due this week. You ready?

Monday: 32 pages of reading in a book I fucking HATE because the dumb cow talks about tech writing in such a way that it is obvious she does not know what it is. And I have to slog through the bullshit because we'll have a fucking QUIZ. Which, yes, is only ten points, max, and not in any way a major part of my grade, but HI I'M A TYPE A AND I KNOW IT AND I HAVE STOPPED TRYING TO STOP MY CRAZY STUDY TENDENCIES.

Tuesday: Nothing due, but I have work for five hours, and while I LOVE my job and love that it's also my indy study (saving me LOADS of time in having to find time to finish an indy study), it's still five hours I could be at the library. Or killing myself. You know, like you do.

Wednesday: OH GOD WEDNESDAY JUST DIE ALREADY. I have a copyedit for a 20-page excerpt due, and to call it a steaming pile of epic fucking fail is being too kind. The information is good, and it's not that I hate the content, but OH MY GOD HOW DID THIS VERSION GET ANYWHERE NEAR AN EDITOR WITHOUT SOMEONE BEING EMBARRASSED TO SHIT? I have to do two rounds. One to just get basic typos, and the follow-up to MOVE EVERYTHING AROUND. JESUS.

Thursday and Friday: Nothing due, but let me show you what I'll be scrambling to finish because THE COPYEDIT FUCKING HATES ME. There's a paper about my industry, which does not have a word count restriction and is now, at maybe 2/3rds complete, 2500 words. And it has to go up on the online discussion board for the class, and then I have to read everyone else's industry discussions and pretend to give a shit. Oh, and there is the article I have to write for that same class. Which requires me to finish reading all the articles that came before mine so that I have a chance of making my point coherently. And then there's the studying I need to do for my copyediting exam so that I can--if I can get a 90% or higher--not take the final, and while that may sound easy, it's a "find errors and fix them exam," not a "so would you do a, b, or c," exam. And while I did get an 85% on the basic version of the exam without studying, I don't know what I'm going to be looking at or how it's gonna break down and HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL THIS WEEK. WHY DO YOU WANT ME DEAD.

And next week? Oh, god, let's not even. The article, like I mentioned, and there's gonna be another excerpt to plow through. And I have to get my indy study binder together, and I have to sleep at some point, and I should probably relax or something. And I haven't read for fun in A WEEK AND A HALF. And making tea feels like effort.

So, yeah, that's me. What sucks for you?
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Made it to the gym yesterday, and The Husband and I played racquetball tonight. The trick is getting my ass to the gym tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that.

So, in short, we're trying to get back on the wagon. We had a really good process going for awhile, where we were working out steadily, and we were getting into shape, and then we moved, and...well, that's it.

Also, I'm about to spend the next four weeks in the library doing homework, so that's gonna be great. Just this weekend I have a copyedit, reading, research for advanced tech (read: I get to read professional journals), online discussion responses, and I have to start working on my community discourse journal (read: I have to start writing about where I'm going to publish). Oh, and I should probably work on my article at some point.

Ah, grad school. So useful. So exhausting.

But, hey! Racquetball!

Also, I hit The Husband in the side of the knee with the ball tonight. He's fine, but I still feel kinda bad.
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I sent a very polite e-mail to a prof asking after final grades on a collection of assignments that weren't marked in Blackboard. I sent this e-mail on Thursday. I still have no response from said prof. Yes, final grades are in, but I have a right to know my individual grades. And I would think, should a student request such a collection of grades, it'd be something a prof would have at the ready.

Said prof gets until Monday night. If I don't hear anything by then, I'm sending another e-mail. I want to know my fucking grades.
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Grades are in. I got an A, an A-, and an A.

I just sent an e-mail to the prof who gave me an A- because I want to double-check her math. No, I am not kidding. It's been 30 hours since grades posted, and I still don't have percentages for my two big projects, my portfolio, an analysis, and part of a quiz. This is, as the kids say, not fucking on.

It is fully possible I have an A-, and I will accept that, but I should also know my fucking grade breakdown by assignment.
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And the paper continues! I figured out, while walking home after dinner, why this first part of the paper has been nagging me so. I'm making all the points I need to make, but I'm not leading into them properly. Genius!

Also, the fact that I'm describing 2600 words as "first part of the paper" makes me die a little inside. The upside: My prof won't have to be concerned that I phoned it in.

So, off to add in bits and piece, and then? Oh, and then! Then, I may actually write about my research. That's right. 2600 words and I haven't even started the section on what I researched or how. I've only done the bits about the research to begin my research.

::reads last line::

Holy christ but I'm an academic. Send booze.


And porn.
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[The finger is aimed at this paper, not you, dear flist.]

Look! More of my paper! And I managed to unbreak my brain long enough to write 1600 words today. Come tomorrow, I may actually get into discussing my fucking research as opposed to the research to do my fucking research.

Again, if you've the time and inclination, I'd appreciate knowing this doesn't sound like I'm talking out of my ass. I'm not starting at the beginning here, but starting at the beginning of discussing my research for my research.

In rich text this time because there's block quotes and such fanciness:

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My brain is not functioning on an academic level. Since 3:00, I've written 400 words. This is not good. I know what I need to say, and I know how I need to say it but it's just...not there.

And I have no other choice than to push forward, because this thing is due Friday, and I need at least a day to proof it.

Fucking fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
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Cross-posted because I require as much help as I can get.

It's 7:11 AM local time. I got up at 2:00 PM yesterday, and I haven't been to bed yet. All I have to show for it so far is about 1,000 words on my paper. I checked a previous paper that was at about the same level of work, and that paper came out at 4400-ish disregarding the bib and the title page, so that's what I'm aiming for with this one (it'll net me about 19 pages double-spaced). If I go over, neat! If I don't, I'm so okay with that.

That being said, it brings me to a favor: If you are awake and have time to read my passive voice academic tone, could you tell me if I'm talking out of my ass? I honestly can't tell at this point. I don't need a full-on edit at the moment (that's a Thursday thing); I just need to know that everything makes sense. Or, at least, that it makes academic sense.

By the way, all titles and such are properly italicized and what not in the actual paper. I'm just wiped and can't be bothered with it right now. I'm off to sleep until noon, then roll out of bed and keep going. I really, really want a first draft by the end of the day.

Words words words )


Dec. 6th, 2010 04:55 am
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Pretty sure I just crashed Word, and I'm not sure when I saved last.

Fucking paper.


EDIT: And now Word is fucking around with one of my paragraphs. It's decided it's going to indent the whole thing whether I want it to or not.

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I just wrote this to start the outline for my paper:

--Identify Tech Writing
--Kimball/Hawkins, Markel
--Connect comics to tech writing
--script formats --> move to panels and word balloons
--thesis that bitch up

I'm really glad I'm not expected to turn in more than the paper. While I think my advisor would appreciate me bitching up that thesis, I don't think he needs to know I write that way.

Also, it's 1:53 AM, and I don't plan to go to bed until at least the Intro and Pre-Research Research sections are complete. I know the paper's not due until Tuesday, but I want to get this thing properly started, damnit.
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As we come properly into finals week:

--I have to take two quizzes for document design. They're actually parts of the same quiz, but my prof broken them up to make it easier to get through. It does help.

--I have to reprint a piece for my portfolio because it had a widow and an orphan on it (those are design terms, believe it or not), and it doesn't have those problems on-screen, so I've got to figure it out, though it'll probably be an easy fix.

--I have to show up for a discussion with the author the class wrote the editing letters to. The prof swore it wasn't mandatory, since it's not set at our finals time, but when I spoke to him, the translation was, "Oh, but you should show up, and I'll be making note if you don't." Which. Gah. JUST MAKE IT MANDATORY ASSHOLE. (To be fair, he's an all right guy besides that, but seriously.)


And what finals stress/other stress are you having, folks? Let's make it a bitchfest!
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Shorter than I was expecting, still longer than I'd like:

--Finish final paper for book editing
--Proofread redesign
--Complete some independent study research
--Write reflection pieces for portfolio
--Print final paper, reflection pieces, and all analyses I've done for Document Design

That, for the record, is just for library time. The library closes at 10 (it's quarter of four). Considering how well I feel I'm doing, I may go home and do more work. My goal is to get my paper and portfolio completed by no later than tomorrow, so that I can use all of next week to finish my Indy Study which is, quite frankly, kind of a hot mess right now.

And we're off.


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