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My portfolio is due Monday, and I have spent four or five hours on it today (lost count). And I'm gonna be up a while.

Dear grad school: Still fucking hate you.

And a long, ranty post about people at this university not responding to their fucking e-mail is forthcoming.
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(If you can read this, you are not any of the people I am about to describe.)

long, rambly post about thinky thoughts )
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My giveadamn is officially borked, I think. Which would be fine were it not for the fact that, a) I'm taking a very important, heavy classload and b) I graduate in June.

Yup. I'm fucked.

On the upside, one of the books for one of my classes is one of the prettiest goddamn things I have ever seen. Also, I apparently can't stop writing Clint/Coulson, and I am so okay with this. And new footage has come out, and I may have shouted "MOTHERFUCKING HELICARRIER" while alone in my apartment.

Oh, and

True Facts

Apr. 1st, 2012 09:59 pm
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[community profile] bitchinparty has been a fabulous experience. An absolute ball. Everyone is super-sweet and fun and let me go on about comics for AWHILE.

(Also, totally got to pimp GLC, and we know how happy that makes me.)

I am also completely wiped.

Worth. It.
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Left it in the bathroom at work, apparently. And I was informed my face lit up like a Christmas tree when the guy pulled it out of the little envelope he had it in.
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I can't find my wedding band.

Maybe this is bothering me more than it should, but it's my wedding band. I haven't been able to wear it a lot lately because my hands have been swollen from various issues, and I want it back, damnit.

Not Dead

Feb. 18th, 2012 08:09 pm
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Just really, really, really busy with homework. Which, wow, can fuck right off at this point. I am so ready for the end of term which is still a month off.

::assorted grumbling here::
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I've had a rough couple of weeks. If you've seen my locked posts, you know it's been about two solid weeks of bitch and moan on various topics. I have a very long weekend ahead of me--a two-day workshop for a class taking over Saturday andSunday--so I'm gonna take a minute and just think some happy thoughts.

--I wrote a teeny-tiny piece of Benji/Brandt from Mission Impossible: Tom, put your shirt on, and it makes me happy. The long Benji/Brandt is coming along sort of. I'm getting over the exposition hump, and then I think it'll be clear sailing.

--I get to have drinks with [personal profile] templemarker this week! It's always fun to see her.

--Chris Samnee's art always makes me happy. I just read the first four issues of Thor: The Mighty Avenger, and his art just makes that comic sing. It's great.

--The sun's been out the last couple of days! And my lungs have cleared up, so I can actually be outside and enjoy it!

--The paper I have to write for the class that's going to eat my weekend is really easy. I'd probably have been done with it an hour ago, but I keep getting distracted because it's not terribly interesting.

--My new haircut has settled, and I look less androgynous. I don't mind looking androngynous if I decide to throw on a baggy tee and a busted pair of jeans, but the haircut didn't give me much of a choice.

--I have received no bad news today. This is a good streak to start.

--I've rediscovered Reno: 911! on Netflix instant and have been greatly enjoying watching those idiots be morons.

--I've read ten books this year! I'm pretty proud of that. Usually, when school starts up, I am ruined for reading time, but I'm finding it so far this term.

--We're having tacos tonight, and I like tacos a whole lot.

--Someone appears to be reading through all my stories on AO3, and that means I get a kudos notice about once a day. It's a day brightener.

--Even with fucking about regarding my homework last night, I'm still on schedule. As long as I hold it together tonight (and I don't see why I can't), I might not have any homework to tackle after my class on Saturday and Sunday.

--80s musis is awesome, and Spotify is feeding my love perfectly.

--I will never not love my icon. Mmm...Guy's abs (or, if you're seeing this on lj: Mmm...Jack's hat).
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My first Yuletide story is out for beta!

My portfolio is all wrapped up!

I only have to finish a single (beloved) project by Monday!

My second Yuletide story is at appropriate word count and growing!

And now, to spend the night doing not a goddamn thing (and drinking).


Oct. 6th, 2011 12:51 am
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From Gawker, complete with a fascinating, terrifying discussion of what homeless people do to public restrooms.

Short version: Starbucks is now calling in the cops for people who show up, suck bandwidth, and don't buy anything. Which led to this:

Well-dressed guy, sitting by the window at a clean table. Two police came in. The conversation went something like this:

Guy: "They told me to buy a cup of coffee or leave. That's pressure. I'm in Starbucks all the time. This isn't a Mom & Pop store."

Police: "It's a business and you have to buy something."

Guy: "Is this any way to run a business? I'm leaving, but I want your badge numbers."

Is that any way to run a business?

Actually, asshole, it is the definition on how to run a business. You put out products and get people to buy them. Oh, and you are also allow to refuse service to people who show 50up for hours and don't buy shit.

Team Starbucks. Also, dude, "badge numbers"? REALLY? Are you in a bad cop show?
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So, last week, I found out I need $2400 in dental work (The first $1200 is now scheduled). I also got a terrifying idea of how busy I'm gonna be this term. And my knee started hurting. My left knee. Also known as the knee that got hit by the car in January.

And the knee for which I must now return to the orthopedist. Can't wait.

I'm going to go pout in the corner now while I do all the reading I was supposed to do earlier this week and try to find a comfortable position to keep my knee in while I do all that reading.

Random crap

Sep. 9th, 2011 12:55 pm
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In no particular order!

--I am tired as fuck. We were in San Diego when the power went down, and while we had a totally mellow evening, we had a 4:00 a.m. wake-up to make it to the only flight that still had seats open for today. I need more coffee but am otherwise fine.

--Having reviewed JLI and Batgirl, I'm kinda thinking about doing more comic reviews/goofy panel stuff. Basically, what I was doing on tumblr, but over here instead. It'll require a serious amount of photo uploading, but I think it'll be fun. Thoughts, anyone? Part of me wants to quit being butt-hurt about tumblr and go back to it, but I also want to do geeky comic stuff here. I mean, this is mainly a fannish blog, and comics are my big fandom, so there you go. (Also, it might be a ploy to get more of you to read comics [or more comics]).

--My writer's block seems to have died. Right now, I'm working on a Guy/Kyle (or maybe Guy & Kyle) story that's part of the Buddy Cop AU, and I've been writing it on my phone because I am a gadget dork, and it was closest. If you ever want to fuck up your thumbs, write 2,000 words of fic on your phone.

--I know I mentioned this on twitter, but I feel it needs to be repeated: Over at AO3, in the GLC cateogry, most of the stories are mine. And that's not even all my GLC stories. If you have GLC stories, you should upload them, so I don't look like the only super dork for the boys.

--Have I mentioned that the reason John Stewart is now in GLC with Guy is because Bedard wasn't certain he could do right by John in terms of character development if he were in New Guardians? This, ladies and gents, is why GLC and NG are going to be good. Bedard knew he couldn't do right by John, so he gave him to Tomasi. While I am still leery about some New DC stuff, this kind of information makes me gleeful.

--Speaking of New DC, I am still trying to figure out how the fuck the relationships work. Some people seem to be carrying their same relationships, but they wouldn't have known each other as long, and it's all very strange. I figure it'll even out, and I'm sure if I read JLA it would help out, but I don't want to and would rather wiki or just figure shit out myself.

--And the random crap is mostly comics. I'm sure we're all shocked.

--COOOOOOFFFFFFFFEEEEEEE (C-O-F-F-E-E [that will be funny to...3 of you?])
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The following people have packages in the mail )

If you're out of the States, your packages are going airmail, as the very nice lady at the post office (not the oxymoron I was expecting) figured out it'd be slightly cheaper. For those of you in the States, your stuff is going media mail.

Also, if you still want your comics and haven't pinged me back to confirm (check your PMs on whichever service you commented [LJ or DW]), never fear! I haven't sold off your books to someone else. They're still waiting for you. It'll be at least a week before I get them in the mail, just FYI, and feel free to ping me while I'm on vacation to tell me you still want them.

And I'm off! I'll have all my electronics with me, but we've got a full schedule, so you probably won't see me around much.

Love you! Traveling pants!
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If you put down your name for some of my trades, don't fret! I'm still working on it. We're in pre-vacation prep mode, so there's been a lot of sudden stuff that's needed to get handled, but I will get PMs out to everyone by the end of tonight, so I can get addresses and you can get payment info, and everyone can go home happy.

Also, I may post one final list of whatever's left and drop the price down a dollar or two if anyone's interested.

Keep an eye out on your Private Message thingy either on LJ or DW; I'll send the info to whichever one you commented on.
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I'm so fucking sorry that you got annoyed with Dropbox updating and reupdating every ten seconds as I wrote an essay on my iPad from my bed. It must have driven you mad to have hightailed off with my computer and have to deal with proof that it had legally belonged to someone before you. Your life is just so hard.

But don't worry. I was able to undelete all my files, including some much-needed copies of the design work I could have kept if you hadn't STOLEN MY GODDAMN COMPUTER, and I went ahead and removed you from the account. You know, since YOU STOLE MY GODDAMN COMPUTER.

I'm now contacting Dropbox admin to see if they can do anything in terms of sharing information because my other option is to put a file on the desktop marked, YOU'RE A GODDAMNED DOUCHEBAG YOU FUCK and hope you see it because I would update it HOURLY. However, this could lead you to fucking with my password, so I figure I better not.

Burn in hell you fucking asshole.
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Turns out that at some point in the last few years, I set up my iPod to sync to my iPhoto when I synced my iPod to my iTunes (Jesus Christ, Apple, that i-thing gets a little intense). Which means that every single time I hooked up my iPod, it automatically SAVED ALL MY PICTURES!!!

I think I might be missing a FEW, but those are comic book panels, so who gives a shit. I mean, yeah, I'd like to have them, but ALL MY IMPORTANT PICTURES STILL EXIST.

And, seeing as I suddenly seem to have all of my tumblr pictures back and no real urge to go back on there, maybe I'll start posting panels here to entice you all to read more comics. I have to get a fancy little program to pull the pictures from my iPod but I HAVE THEM.

So, pictures? SAFE!
All my non-fic creative work? SAFE!
And what I lost of my fannish works is either online in some form or wasn't getting worked on at all, so I'm okay with the loss.

Suck it, computer thief douchebag! I win!
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the Husband and I went out today and bought me a replacement computer. Even if my computer shows up, it was going to be replaced in six weeks anyway, so we had money put aside, thank fuck. It's a Windows machine and is named Ted after Ted Kord. Yes, that's a comic book character, and he is awesome. The Husband is getting all the bells and whistles attached, so this is an update from my iPad. Whee!

What's been lost versus what I managed to squirrel away is still hard to tell. I need to dig through a few accounts and see what comes up. So far all I know for certain is that I have almost certainly lost a year of design work. I can recreate a lot of it, but still.

Also, in the "bitchery" category, I think I'm over tumblr. It's a fun site, and it's great for uploading stuff, but I've been getting aggravated at the way people on there seem to view things, and it's gotten to my last nerve. In short, it is disgusting and appalling if a completely fictional female character is drawn in a tiny costume, but if someone wants to cosplay that character it is so cool and empowering and clever! And, oh my god, how do we get more female characters?! But, oh my god, your gender swap cosplay (that somehow totally doesn't prove that characters don't need to have vaginas to be enjoyed by female fans) is so awesome! And isn't Nightwing hot?! And isn't his ass hot?! And isn't ogling Nightwing's ass just the same as dudes who cap to Powergirl?

Wait? It's not? Because he has a penis? Oohh. Right.

But, honestly, that wasn't even what tipped the scales. What tipped the scales was posting that my computer had been stolen and non one even asking if I was okay. If you're going to post and repost and repost about how much you love all your followers and how you want to be there for everyone and how you are a super-caring person and you DON'T take the time to ask if everything's okay but have the time to reblog your shitty RP all over my dash, you're kind of a bitch.

Let me be clear: I wasn't expecting a giant wave of love and support, but 76 people read my shit and reblog it and not a single one can take five seconds to send their condolences? That's just not right.

And this isn't aimed at anyone who reads me in both places or anyone who follows me at both places. This is a general bit of annoyance aimed at people who make claims and don't follow through with what they say they're like. That pisses me off pretty hardcore no matter where I'm posting.

Okay, enough butchery. I have a new computer to break in.
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I hate everything.

And I am not yet ready to discuss what this means on a professional level as I had no back-up drive (was going to take care of all of that at the end of term which is fucking FRIDAY), and my entire grad school life was on that machine.

Oh, and all my creative work as well.
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I posted in a recent locked post about my frustration with online writing forums where people say they'll tear through your work for you but, instead, soft-hand you into oblivion. I prefer my edits to be harder (that's what she said), so I created a comm.

[profile] edit_damnit

There are no posts, yet, but there's also no members, so I guess it evens out. Membership is moderated so it's not a bunch of lurkers who never post, and all posts will be locked so people working on original pieces won't get accused of previously publishing. Original and fan fiction are allowed, as is everything else I could think of.

Profile here.

Go forth! Join the comm! Write and edit shit!
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And this one's a doozy.

I'm in International Technical Communication this summer, and the final project for the class is a bilingual website that has to go live by August 10. I have called and e-mailed around town looking for help, as has another team member, and the best we've come up with is a possible "maybe" from translation services at another university.

Here's what I need: Someone who can take about 2,500 to 3,000 words of English text (possibly fewer words) and translate it to Traditional Chinese characters.

Here's the problem: The turn-around has to be very quick. I'd get you the text the evening of July 29 and need it back by August 3rd or 4th. I also can't pay much. The full budget for the project is $50. On the upside, you would have $50.

If you have translation experience and want to help out, I will probably buy you a pony. If you are someone studying Chinese and this project would look awesome in your portfolio, I will probably buy you a pony. If you are someone who knows Traditional Chinese and English and is comfortable translating, I will probably buy you a pony.

In short, I will probably buy you a pony because you will save me and my team a lot of stress.

Drop me a comment if you can help or know of someone who could help. Any suggestions you've got would be appreciated.

(FYI, we've contacted the world languages department here, but that turned up nothing, and I've got queries in to a half-dozen translation agencies, and that has also turned up nothing.)


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