Jul. 23rd, 2011

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And this one's a doozy.

I'm in International Technical Communication this summer, and the final project for the class is a bilingual website that has to go live by August 10. I have called and e-mailed around town looking for help, as has another team member, and the best we've come up with is a possible "maybe" from translation services at another university.

Here's what I need: Someone who can take about 2,500 to 3,000 words of English text (possibly fewer words) and translate it to Traditional Chinese characters.

Here's the problem: The turn-around has to be very quick. I'd get you the text the evening of July 29 and need it back by August 3rd or 4th. I also can't pay much. The full budget for the project is $50. On the upside, you would have $50.

If you have translation experience and want to help out, I will probably buy you a pony. If you are someone studying Chinese and this project would look awesome in your portfolio, I will probably buy you a pony. If you are someone who knows Traditional Chinese and English and is comfortable translating, I will probably buy you a pony.

In short, I will probably buy you a pony because you will save me and my team a lot of stress.

Drop me a comment if you can help or know of someone who could help. Any suggestions you've got would be appreciated.

(FYI, we've contacted the world languages department here, but that turned up nothing, and I've got queries in to a half-dozen translation agencies, and that has also turned up nothing.)


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