Aug. 11th, 2011

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the Husband and I went out today and bought me a replacement computer. Even if my computer shows up, it was going to be replaced in six weeks anyway, so we had money put aside, thank fuck. It's a Windows machine and is named Ted after Ted Kord. Yes, that's a comic book character, and he is awesome. The Husband is getting all the bells and whistles attached, so this is an update from my iPad. Whee!

What's been lost versus what I managed to squirrel away is still hard to tell. I need to dig through a few accounts and see what comes up. So far all I know for certain is that I have almost certainly lost a year of design work. I can recreate a lot of it, but still.

Also, in the "bitchery" category, I think I'm over tumblr. It's a fun site, and it's great for uploading stuff, but I've been getting aggravated at the way people on there seem to view things, and it's gotten to my last nerve. In short, it is disgusting and appalling if a completely fictional female character is drawn in a tiny costume, but if someone wants to cosplay that character it is so cool and empowering and clever! And, oh my god, how do we get more female characters?! But, oh my god, your gender swap cosplay (that somehow totally doesn't prove that characters don't need to have vaginas to be enjoyed by female fans) is so awesome! And isn't Nightwing hot?! And isn't his ass hot?! And isn't ogling Nightwing's ass just the same as dudes who cap to Powergirl?

Wait? It's not? Because he has a penis? Oohh. Right.

But, honestly, that wasn't even what tipped the scales. What tipped the scales was posting that my computer had been stolen and non one even asking if I was okay. If you're going to post and repost and repost about how much you love all your followers and how you want to be there for everyone and how you are a super-caring person and you DON'T take the time to ask if everything's okay but have the time to reblog your shitty RP all over my dash, you're kind of a bitch.

Let me be clear: I wasn't expecting a giant wave of love and support, but 76 people read my shit and reblog it and not a single one can take five seconds to send their condolences? That's just not right.

And this isn't aimed at anyone who reads me in both places or anyone who follows me at both places. This is a general bit of annoyance aimed at people who make claims and don't follow through with what they say they're like. That pisses me off pretty hardcore no matter where I'm posting.

Okay, enough butchery. I have a new computer to break in.


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