Jan. 18th, 2012

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--I'm still working on holiday ficlets as I can come up with ideas. I have not given up, damnit. I'm just trying to keep the ideas short.

--So, after I saw the new Mission Impossible, I sat down and started playing around with Benji/Brandt ideas. Goofy sort of stuff. Which has now morphed into (apparently) a soon-to-be long fic where they have to hide out in the 'burbs and pose as a married couple. Because my brain is made of cliche. (Also, yes, I am still surprised when something suddenly goes, "Oh, hi! I'm gonna be loooooong.")

--I'm about to reread the shitty part of The Authority. You know, that one part with Millar. By which I mean the whole part with Millar. On the upside, it'll give me ideas for that Apollo/Midnighter/Jack fic I have planned.

--And speaking of that, I know how that fic opens. The answer? Porn. Because, well, obviously, right? (But not the porn you're thinking about, probably.)

--I am also about to reread the first 18 issues of Fraction's Invincible Iron Man. There will probably not be fic forthcoming, but I will likely cry like a bitch. So, you know, take with that what you will.

--I need to write more Generation Kill. I need Ray-swearing in my life. I think we all do.

--Having read the fourth Dresden book, I kinda want Billy and Dresden to either go on a wacky set of completely hetero adventures or get really drunk D&D-ing and end up in bed together once. Dresden will, of course, sort of freak. Billy will sort of go, "Eh, whatevs."

--I need to buy comics. This is not fic news, but it is important. So shut up.

What are you working on, flist?


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