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I've had a rough couple of weeks. If you've seen my locked posts, you know it's been about two solid weeks of bitch and moan on various topics. I have a very long weekend ahead of me--a two-day workshop for a class taking over Saturday andSunday--so I'm gonna take a minute and just think some happy thoughts.

--I wrote a teeny-tiny piece of Benji/Brandt from Mission Impossible: Tom, put your shirt on, and it makes me happy. The long Benji/Brandt is coming along sort of. I'm getting over the exposition hump, and then I think it'll be clear sailing.

--I get to have drinks with [personal profile] templemarker this week! It's always fun to see her.

--Chris Samnee's art always makes me happy. I just read the first four issues of Thor: The Mighty Avenger, and his art just makes that comic sing. It's great.

--The sun's been out the last couple of days! And my lungs have cleared up, so I can actually be outside and enjoy it!

--The paper I have to write for the class that's going to eat my weekend is really easy. I'd probably have been done with it an hour ago, but I keep getting distracted because it's not terribly interesting.

--My new haircut has settled, and I look less androgynous. I don't mind looking androngynous if I decide to throw on a baggy tee and a busted pair of jeans, but the haircut didn't give me much of a choice.

--I have received no bad news today. This is a good streak to start.

--I've rediscovered Reno: 911! on Netflix instant and have been greatly enjoying watching those idiots be morons.

--I've read ten books this year! I'm pretty proud of that. Usually, when school starts up, I am ruined for reading time, but I'm finding it so far this term.

--We're having tacos tonight, and I like tacos a whole lot.

--Someone appears to be reading through all my stories on AO3, and that means I get a kudos notice about once a day. It's a day brightener.

--Even with fucking about regarding my homework last night, I'm still on schedule. As long as I hold it together tonight (and I don't see why I can't), I might not have any homework to tackle after my class on Saturday and Sunday.

--80s musis is awesome, and Spotify is feeding my love perfectly.

--I will never not love my icon. Mmm...Guy's abs (or, if you're seeing this on lj: Mmm...Jack's hat).
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