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Is anyone reading this a Non-Native English speaker who would allow me to ask a few questions regarding how they learned the language? I don't have confirmation that I can do it over e-mail, but I genuinely cannot imagine why I wouldn't be able to.

It probably wouldn't take more than 20 minutes of your time, and I would be happy to owe you assignment help in the future.
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I've been fighting a massive head cold since Wednesday, and I currently sound like Kathleen Turner: very smoky, very raspy. Which lead to this moment:

Me: "I'm researching presses, and I can't find a mission statement for the big one. It links back to the main corporate page and doesn't even give me a decent sound byte."

The Husband: "You sound pissed."

Me: "I'm not."

TH: "You totally sound pissed."

ME: "It's my voice."

Kinda hoping the voice stays until tomorrow. It doesn't hurt and is very fun.
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To call today a clusterfuck would be a kindness. It has been, at least, an amusing clusterfuck.

I just...I can't even. I'll detail it later if I have the energy.
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We were broken into groups today by one of my profs. We'll be in the same groups all term, creating a mock business and working with one another to "run" it. The prof finished lecturing at 11:47 (class gets out at 11:50), and I had to get down to work (at 12:00), so I passed around my notebook for the e-mail addresses of everyone in my group.

GUY: "I'm auditing."
ME: "...okay?"
GUY: ::scribbles down e-mail::

So, being the total type-a that I am, I get to work, sit down, and immediately e-mail everyone before I get down to my day's work. We're supposed to create a mission statement, so I make the suggestion that we brainstorm in e-mail then make plans to get together sometime this weekend to try and knock out a draft early.

Nine hours later, I have multiple responses from the two women in the group, but the dude has no appeared. I get the feeling that when he said, "I'm auditing," he meant, "I'm a lazy fuckhole who can't bother to do the assigned work because I'm not getting a grade. No, no, I'm totally okay with paying for a hands-on class and not getting hands on. That's totally cool."

If he doesn't respond by Tuesday, I'm gonna bring it up to him, and if he says some variation on my version up there, I'm gonna tell him to get bent. I don't like my hard work being used for someone else's laziness, and every other auditing student I've met has done the work assigned.

Updates (and swearing) as I know more.
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Years and years and years ago, some friends got me into The Reverend Horton Heat, and I've seen them in concert twice. Well, twice before tonight. You see, I got a lead on free tickets, and so The Husband and I signed up for that badassery, and then when we got in, we got tickets for two free drinks (the whole shebang was sponsored by Jack Daniels), and we danced the HELL out of the place, and it was awesome.

It should be noted: The Husband--while having natural rhythm when keeping time--does not have natural dancing rhythm, so when he dances with me, it's not graceful for him, but he always (ALWAYS) dances with me, and if that's not true love, I don't know what is. I danced a good portion of the night alone, but it wasn't due to The Husband not being willing. I'm perfectly happy dancing by myself, as I figure no one ever knows who I am so who gives a fuck.

By the way, if you've never heard of the Rev, he and his band sing fuck-yes rockabilly music that is balls-out awesome. If you've ever played Guitar Hero, this should be familiar to you:

(I have no responsibility for the trippiness of this vid.)

And one of my personal favorites:

The best moment of the night that did not include The Husband dancing with me is as follows:

About halfway through the show, I jumped onto a bench on the side of the dance floor because, a) I'm short, and b) it's easier to scream for the Jimbo Song when I feel like I can be heard over the crowd. I was dancing while standing on the bench, and this super-looking biker dude, walks up to me, waits for me to lean over, and says in my ear:

"Dios FUCKING Mios."

To which I can only grin, because, AWESOME. Look, I know I'm awesome, but outside sources, based ENTIRELY on how I look in jeans and a tee? FUCKING AWESOME.

Also, the Jimbo Song:

[Jimbo, for the record, is the stand-up bass player. He is AWESOME.]

Tonight? Fucking ROCKED. The Rev is good for damned near any mood you're in, and I will always recommend him. Also? I got hit on. By a complete stranger. With The Husband about two feet from me. FUCK YES.

Not dead!

Mar. 3rd, 2011 06:31 pm
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Although, given the last couple of weeks, I am surprised as hell at that fact.

Guys, grad school is HARD. Well, not hard, exactly, but really, really, really busy. With lots of high expectations, re: my genius, and so on.

My third copyedit was, I fear, an absolute hot mess. Part of it was my prof pushed the due date out two days, which was a fucking gift when it happened. You know, until I completely forgot it was due on Friday and thought it was due on Monday and was up until 3:30 on Saturday morning trying to finish it after remembering it was actually due. Whoops.

But, it's in, and I think my copyediting test went okay. If I got 90% of the errors, I don't have to take the final. If I have to take the final, I really don't know that I'll do well, as I'm getting fairly burned out from the term right now, and it's another couple of weeks until Finals.

Hrm, this is getting fairly sad trombone, isn't it?

Okay, good things! Good things!

I have to write a final article for my advanced tech writing class and damned if I haven't figured that bastard out. I've been warring with the way to approach it, and I think I've finally got it. I'm writing about using comics as technical writing, and I came to the conclusion that it's not HOW to do it (covered by another guy very succinctly), but WHY tech writers should try to do it. I've got a list of points! And the publication I'm writing for (we have to write for a particular publication, even if we may not get published) doesn't require a bibiliography!

Also, the grad student word count for the course (it's blended, so undergrads do slightly less work) is 5,000 words minimum, and I hit that on my discourse community journal. Never, ever ask me to research and write up my findings unless you want to read A LOT. Having hit word count, it means I don't have to strain for word count on the article. If I finish it off in 1000 words, no big! They're bonus!

Also, I've been catching up on comics inbetween homework and am prepping a big comics post that will make at least some of you happy. And I'm watching "Magnificent Seven," which will bring on a half-rant post which I'm sure will amuse the rest of you.

Okay, back to work. Articles to read. Stuff to write. Victory arms to throw.

And how's you, flist?
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In a perfect world, I could set fire to this copyedit and get credit for how much gasoline I throw on the pages.

Word has crashed for the THIRD TIME tonight. Because it hates me. And also, it sucks. I get that the Adobe programs cost some serious cash, but you know why they cost serious cash? BECAUSE THEY FUCKING WORK. Track Changes in Word is great, sure, when you don't have to basically rewrite someone's piece of shit first draft. But when you have to do that? Word FUCKING FAILS.

Goddamnit. Why don't they teach editing in Acrobat Pro? It's so much easier. It doesn't fucking CRASH, and it's a fuck ton easier to read the fucking mark-up anyway.

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Consider this your open bitching thread, whether it be work, personal, school, or whatever. I need to let off some steam, and I'm sure some of you do too. So, let's do this.


The terms at my university are 11 weeks long. I came from a semester system, which was 16 weeks long, and the adjustment has been kind of a brick to the face. I felt like I was really in the swing this term. I've been keeping up and even getting a little ahead, and everything's gone well. My grades have been consistently awesome (if I don't 4.0 this term, I will eat my fucking hat).

But now? HOLY JESUS CHRIST GRAD SCHOOL YOU WANT ME DEAD. Let me show you what's due this week. You ready?

Monday: 32 pages of reading in a book I fucking HATE because the dumb cow talks about tech writing in such a way that it is obvious she does not know what it is. And I have to slog through the bullshit because we'll have a fucking QUIZ. Which, yes, is only ten points, max, and not in any way a major part of my grade, but HI I'M A TYPE A AND I KNOW IT AND I HAVE STOPPED TRYING TO STOP MY CRAZY STUDY TENDENCIES.

Tuesday: Nothing due, but I have work for five hours, and while I LOVE my job and love that it's also my indy study (saving me LOADS of time in having to find time to finish an indy study), it's still five hours I could be at the library. Or killing myself. You know, like you do.

Wednesday: OH GOD WEDNESDAY JUST DIE ALREADY. I have a copyedit for a 20-page excerpt due, and to call it a steaming pile of epic fucking fail is being too kind. The information is good, and it's not that I hate the content, but OH MY GOD HOW DID THIS VERSION GET ANYWHERE NEAR AN EDITOR WITHOUT SOMEONE BEING EMBARRASSED TO SHIT? I have to do two rounds. One to just get basic typos, and the follow-up to MOVE EVERYTHING AROUND. JESUS.

Thursday and Friday: Nothing due, but let me show you what I'll be scrambling to finish because THE COPYEDIT FUCKING HATES ME. There's a paper about my industry, which does not have a word count restriction and is now, at maybe 2/3rds complete, 2500 words. And it has to go up on the online discussion board for the class, and then I have to read everyone else's industry discussions and pretend to give a shit. Oh, and there is the article I have to write for that same class. Which requires me to finish reading all the articles that came before mine so that I have a chance of making my point coherently. And then there's the studying I need to do for my copyediting exam so that I can--if I can get a 90% or higher--not take the final, and while that may sound easy, it's a "find errors and fix them exam," not a "so would you do a, b, or c," exam. And while I did get an 85% on the basic version of the exam without studying, I don't know what I'm going to be looking at or how it's gonna break down and HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL THIS WEEK. WHY DO YOU WANT ME DEAD.

And next week? Oh, god, let's not even. The article, like I mentioned, and there's gonna be another excerpt to plow through. And I have to get my indy study binder together, and I have to sleep at some point, and I should probably relax or something. And I haven't read for fun in A WEEK AND A HALF. And making tea feels like effort.

So, yeah, that's me. What sucks for you?
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ME: [Explaining women's t-shirt sizes] "They get cut a bunch of different ways, so I need to see the sizing chart before I know what size to order."

THE HUSBAND: "Man, boobs are the worst thing ever." [beat] "When they're not the best thing ever."

I concur.

Also, we're buying a matching set of these

[If you come by tomorrow, it will be a different shirt. We're buying adorable panda bears.]
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The Husband and I were walking down to the bookstore so I could buy a dictionary, and we saw a man facing the wall of a hotel. I thought he was lighting up a cigarette, and then I noticed a trail of liquid running from the wall towards the edge of the sidewalk.

He was pissing. On the wall. In public. In broad daylight.

I've been hit up for change, asked for directions by tourists, nearly gotten lost on the train, and now I have seem a homeless man pissing in the broad daylight.

Ah, city life.
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Made it to the gym yesterday, and The Husband and I played racquetball tonight. The trick is getting my ass to the gym tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that.

So, in short, we're trying to get back on the wagon. We had a really good process going for awhile, where we were working out steadily, and we were getting into shape, and then we moved, and...well, that's it.

Also, I'm about to spend the next four weeks in the library doing homework, so that's gonna be great. Just this weekend I have a copyedit, reading, research for advanced tech (read: I get to read professional journals), online discussion responses, and I have to start working on my community discourse journal (read: I have to start writing about where I'm going to publish). Oh, and I should probably work on my article at some point.

Ah, grad school. So useful. So exhausting.

But, hey! Racquetball!

Also, I hit The Husband in the side of the knee with the ball tonight. He's fine, but I still feel kinda bad.
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I don't have the brace on. I can't fully extend my knee, but I can walk around today without having pain in my leg all damn day. We're going out to dinner, and I'm gonna brace up for that, as it will involve about four blocks of walking, and there will definitely be a wait.

I need to read a tiny bit more, and then my copyediting homework will be complete. I need to still write my prospectus for advanced tech writing, but two people have posted theirs, and that helps tremendously in showing me what I need to do. I'm a very visual learner when it comes writing papers and such. I like examples of the type of information expected and--whenever possible--I love having a real version of something. I'm so happy my indy study this term is my work, because that's taken a lot of stress off of me.

I've got fannish stuff to post, but I'll save it for another post. This is basically my, "I'm okay; thank you for letting me internet scream," post. So, I'm okay. Thank you for letting me internet scream.
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It's Ranty McRantPants time, folks. Because it has been a WEEK. And I have tried to hold back, but seriously, THE HELL.

For the sake of this one, I'm concentrating fully on my own shit right now. The Husband had some shit as well, but my resources are limited, re: giving a shit, and I'm sure I've got enough cranky bitch in my pants to keep you all entertained (or "entertained") for a few minutes.

Shit's gonna get bitchy )

In short, I demand a new week. Right now.
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Because we seem to do these in couplets.

Background: We're watching King of the Hill on Netflix, and Connie says she'd rather be covering debate tournement finals:

THE HUSBAND: Do you know why that's wrong?
ME: ...It's a weekday?
ME: ...Because no one cares?
[commence tickling; The Husband was a high school debater.]
ME: Truce!
THE HUSBAND: Okay. Now, can you tell me why?
ME: I really can't.
THE HUSBAND: Because it's daytime. Debate Tournaments only go on at night.
ME: Oh! Because they don't come out in the day time!
[commence more tickling]

Worth. IT.
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ME: "Make me a drink."
THE HUSBAND: "Are you sure?"
ME: "I haven't had a vicodin all day."
THE HUSBAND: [hysterical laughter]
ME: "No! I mean I haven't taken one today, so I should be okay to have a drink!"
THE HUSBAND: "I know; it just came out wrong."

The context: I was given vicodin for my knee, and I haven't taken one in about 36 hours, and you're not supposed to drink on vicodin, and I figure that a 36-hour window is wide enough that it's safe again. I am not--repeat: AM NOT--a vicodin addict.

I don't have the cane for it.
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The Husband's down with the crud. All we know for certain is it's not strep. It is, instead, some combination of sleep-a-hell-of-a-lot-with-fever-sore-throat-and-headache. My leg is braced back up because I woke up in a pretty decent amount of pain this morning. I think I just overdid it yesterday, trying to get out of the brace, but I'm gonna call the Orthopedist and get on the calendar just in case. The ER doc says I don't have to keep the appointment if I feel fine by the time it rolls around, but I'm gonna make one just in case.

Also, I have the hiccups.
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In no particular order:

--My leg is getting better. I spent two full days in the brace and then today, I took it off for a couple of hours and walked around a bit. It started twinging where it's injured, so I strapped the brace back on. The doc at the ER said I'm not required to see the Orthopedist if my leg gets better on its own, and it definitely seems to be doing that.

--In related news, the ER doc and the nurse said I should only be in the brace a couple of days, but the paperwork they sent home said a week. So, basically, I'm not going to worry that there's more severed stuff going on until it's been a week. And with it already feeling better, I really do think I'll be just fine.

--Yes, I am still making an appointment with the Orthopedist just in case.

--In fannish news, the still untitled A-Team fic is now the longest thing I have ever written for fannish fun times. It's at 34,678 and still not complete. It's kind of amazing how it doesn't want to die.

--In related news, anyone wanna beta an A-Team fic? It's 1980s TV A-team, not current movie A-team, but I really think I just need a timeline check and a grammar and mechanics check. I do think it'll finish out somewhere in the 40k mark.

--Other fannish bits I'm considering: I'm still pondering the Nate/Ray and the Charlie/Draco, and plotting a new Nate/Ray. The Snape/Hermione is still in my head, but it's not moving forward the way I would like. Considerations will need to be made, but now is not the time.

--Vicodin continues to be awesome, although I think it also gives me headaches if I miss a dose. That is not fun. Also, while I could info that said headaches can be a side effect of vicodin, I could not find info on how soon after I stop the vicodin I can start taking Tylenol again. More digging shall commence soon.

And how's you, flist? Anyone do anything exciting and non-life threatening this weekend?
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So, after my bath last night, the pain in my leg got worse, so we went to the ER. Nothing broken. The docs think I just stretched a ligament pretty badly, and I'm in a knee immobilizer and on crutches for a couple of days. They gave me vicodin for the pain, and I wish--oh, I wish--I could have gotten out of there on a cane.

I've got a headache right now, and I think it's a reaction to all the stress, or it's my period finally deciding it's not getting enough attention. Either way, I just popped my first vicodin of the day, so in twenty minutes, I'm sure I won't care.

I'm fine. Sore as hell and pissed I didn't get the insurance info of the guy who hit me. In my defense, I had just been hit by a car. [/wry]

But really, we're good here. I've got books to read and tv to watch and lots of reasons to stay in one place today. With a little luck, I won't need the brace to go to work on Tuesday.
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The Husband's show has been going for the last two nights, and I went out to see it this evening. It was excellent, and afterwards, we made plans to hit a kareoke bar with everyone in the shows (there are two one-acts being performed as a set; The Husband's show is one of them).

We came home, threw on fresh shirts, and headed out to the bar, walking because it was only a few blocks over. We were crossing the street on a Walk sign, and a dude came around the corner and fucking hit me with his car.

I'm completely serious.

By luck, he got me below the knee on my calf muscle. I'm sure I should have gotten his insurance info or something, but a) fucking OW, and b) I could walk just fine, and I didn't see the point. The Husband offered to take me home but having just been hit by a car, I requested we continue to the bar.

Walking the rest of the way, my leg loosened up some, and we got to the bar no problem. I had a glass of wine, then switched to water, and we had a good time. One of the guys we were there with got a free drink for some reason, and he offered it up to the table. I figured I'd go for it, and two drinks in, I managed to dump it all over my lap.

Dear Evening: I get it. I quit.

We came home, and I'm running a bath to soak my leg right now. There's no exterior bruising, and I'm limping a little, but I really do think it'll be okay. If I get out of the bath and am in more pain, I will go to the emergency room, but I really hope I don't have to go anywhere else tonight.
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Before you read, read This XKCD and the roll-over.

ME: [Laughing at the roll-over.] "Oh, that's good. [I attempt to sing some lines of Tik Tok but fail.]

THE HUSBAND: [Sings the rest of the verse.] "What's after that?"

ME: "I don't know. It always turns into "Poker Face" in my head."

THE HUSBAND: [Going to youtube] "You know what this means."

ME: "We're gonna listen to "Poker Face?""

THE HUSBAND: "Guess again."

ME: "You hate me?"

And "Tik Tok" is currently playing. Because HE put it on. ::headdesk::


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