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I just realized I'm three issues behind on "X-Factor," and two issues behind on "Nightwing," but I've caught up on other things!

In no particular order and with minimal spoilers:

just in case )

That's all I can remember for now. You need me, I'll be doing homework yet again.
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Title: 5 Moments in the Life of Two Dicks
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Green Lantern Corps
Pairing: Kyle/M, Guy/Kyle
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Title says it all. Consider it a sequel to Just Two Dicks.

Dis: Lies and bullshit.

Author's Notes: For [personal profile] lasergirl, per her holiday ficlet request. It got kinda long for a ficlet, but I doubt you care, hon. And beautifully betaed by [personal profile] dytabytes, who figured out I can't spell anyone's name right on the first try.

Cops! Robbers! Blows to the head! )
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The dress is finished and looks pretty damned fabulous, if I do say so myself. There's some weird bunching in the ass area because I did my increases sort-of wrong, but it's not super noticeable, and it's not like I don't smooth my skirts all the time anyway.

I will be wearing my boots from two years ago, because it helps pick up the '60s vibe I'm trying to go for. If I can manage it, my hair will be sort of '60s pinned, with the poofy bit up top and really close in sides.

I will be wearing my Guy Gardner necklace to complete the ensemble. Because when one dresses as one's imaginary boyfriend, it's only polite.

I'm about to sit down and try to bust out a pair of fingerless gloves before bed. They're not '60s specific, but I couldn't find any actual gloves I liked, so I'm gonna make my own. They will be white, of course.

I can't find my GL ring that fits beautifully and was carted back from a con by my former comic guy, so I ended up buying a little GL trick-or-treating kit to get a ring that would fit. The ring is cheap as shit (as was the packaging, the first one I picked up just sort of disintegrated on me), but it lights up, so that's pretty awesome. Sadly, it has that awful movie design with the black band running down the sides. Why it could not have been a darker green, I do not know.

Also, if I have enough time (this is a strong maybe), I will be making myself a little yellow bag to complete the ensemble. Because that's how I roll, poozers.

And my hair is now red.
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Title: Scary of a Different Sort
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Green Lantern Corps/Blue Beetle 2.0 (DC Comics)
Pairing: Guy Gardner/Jaime Reyes
Rating: PG
Summary: Variation on a post-first kiss freak-out.

Disclaimer: Lies and bullshit.

Author's Notes: Encouraged and wholeheartedly approved by [personal profile] dytabytes. Set in the pre-reboot universe because it doesn't make much sense to do it in the post-reboot at the moment.

With a guest star Buddy!Kyle! )
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Hey, everyone, if you're reading this, it's the last post for Comic Dork Sunday, and I'm still not sure whether or not the posts are listing in the proper order on your reading pages. If you'd like to read in order, Catch up with Officer Crotch and click through using "Next Entry." (If you're on lj, follow this link and do "Next Entry" from there.)

So, last entry for this Sunday, and I'm going out with my absolute favorite book from the new DC. Yeah, GLC and GL: NG were both AWESOME, but you know what? Scott Snyder is my new comic writer boyfriend, and I am going to ride that wave of awesome for as long as I can.

Let's get spoiled, bitches!

No, seriously, I've got eight scans and am giving away the ENTIRE first issue, including a fantastic twist. )

LOVED IT SO MUCH. I've said it a few more times today, but it bears repeating: I still have no idea how the fuck this timeline works. I imagine if I read JLA or Action Comics, it'd clear things up a little, but life is too short to read comics I don't care much about when I have all the stuff I've talked about today. There are portions of the new DC I won't touch with a ten-foot rage pole, but I wasn't planning on reading them anyway, so I sort of double-win.
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All I can say right now is that this was a super-fun first issue. We get a little backstory, some snarkery, and a costume I can use to start arguments on the internet!

4 images and everyone wins! )

I really am looking forward to Kyle leading a book. He and Guy co-starred beautifully for a lot of years, but thanks to the new organization, I get Kyle in a book, Guy and John sharing a book, and no real reason to read Hal (who bores me). It's perfect.

Also, timeline muckery continues apace. I am still not sure how it all works, but my Lanterns are alive and well and kicking ass, so I will deal.
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This one made it onto my buy pile simply because I wanted to check out how Dick was going to be handled after the relaunch. The answer? Spectacularly. Let us look at it.

4 images, small spoilers )

So, really loved this one, especially when matched up with Batman, which I will cover shortly.
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I am sure a few of you are surprised I didn't lead or end with this, but I have a reason for that: as much as I freaking LOVED the opening issue, I actually have an issue I like BETTER, and also, the JLI scans have been sitting around a LOT longer. So, mid-day, you get the boys.

ten images and piles of spoilers )

That's right, I liked it so much I wrote a ton. And there's one I LIKED MORE. Just you wait.
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Okay, look, I'm not gonna pretend like the lack of Ted in the new universe doesn't make me die a little inside. So much of Ted as a character has been used in the last five or six years to build up the whole universe. Booster's never-ending (heart breaking) devotion showcased so much of him in Booster Gold. And Jaime wouldn't have been half the Beetle he was if not for Guy telling him that Ted is the guy to emulate.

But for now, Ted is no more, and Jaime is back to the start, and I'm gonna catch you up on the basics. Spoilers abound, but mostly in terms of where-are-they-now and not so much the plot (which hasn't really launched out yet).

Five catch-up photos behind the cut )

Basically, if you skipped the scans, we're back to where we were the first time Jaime showed up on the scene with only one really noticeable change in everyone's characters. I do think they rebooted just to be able to wipe out Ted, and I am so not happy with that, but at the same time, I have always loved Jaime, and I do wonder what he'll be like without Ted's legacy as a guiding influence. But I wonder, will he and Guy have their student/mentor relationship if there's no Ted to talk about? I really liked that relationship, and I'll miss it if it's gone.

But, I will wait and see, because this was a strong first issue, and I have a lot of hope for this book.
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I reviewed the new JLI awhile back and am too damned lazy to look for the entry to link you properly. All you have to know is that I liked it. Now, let's stop wondering why I can't be bothered to link and look at some pictures.

four images, no waiting (unless you have a slow connection) )
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This week's CDS is all about the new DCU. Or, more specifically, the parts of the DCU I still like. We're gonna be all over the board, and spoilers shall abound.

So, grab on Officer Crotch's crotch arm, and we'll be off for adventure!
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--I am writing, but nothing wants to be finished. I'm having the same issues when writing for non-fannish purposes and have no other explanation then my brain hates me and wants me to to stab it to death with a pen.

--I am trying to write a "5 things" fic in the Buddy Cop AU with Guy and Kyle, but the damned thing suddenly grew legs on one of the parts, and I hate it slightly. Wonder if I can make vignettes out of what's NOT suddenly the beginning of an epic story?

--I know I missed Comic Dork Sunday. In my defense, I was at the doctor being told I need to see the orthopedist for my knee if the giant dose of ibuprofen doesn't work this week. Fun. Comic Dork Sunday will be around this week. I am determined, damnit.

--I have read all the rest of the DCU I'm reading right now. Loved GLC and New Guardians (I'm sure we're shocked), and I really, really liked Nightwing. That thing's got legs, me thinks. And not just the ones attached to Dick's glorious ass.

--Still ridiculously happy over Snyder's Batman. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS SO HAPPY.

--I was still on the fence about Teen Titans and haven't read it, and then I realized that Lobdell is doing Red Hood & Starfire has amnesia and gets mostly naked for no goddamn reason the Outlaws, so Teen Titans is totally off the list.

--That being said, I'm sure a bunch of us have read the thing about the mother who showed her 7-eyar-old a copy of Red Hood & what the fuck Lobdell seriously the fuck the Outsiders, and you know what? I'm not okay with that. I don't think it's right to show a kid something so sexualized and then say, "And how does this make you feel so that I may post it on the Internet?" The book is disgusting to me and I'm a full-grown adult who understands my sexuality. A 7-year-old should not have to try and make sense of that bullshit. If the kid had come across the comic herself, fine, but her mother showed it to her expressly to get her reaction so she could fucking blog about it. It bothers me a lot. I read that and don't see how the character affects the kid; I see how the creepy fuck parent exposed her kid to something she did not need to see at 7. I know she did it under the guise of "I must make my daughter aware," and you know what? Fuck that. She's seven. She should not have to deal with the concept of sexuality and idiotic douches being idiotic douches until she's at least old enough to understand everything sex entails. That's not fair.

--That made me ragey. I'm okay with that, and if you think that mom did a solid with her kid, please do not tell me about it. We will not agree, and I make real attempts not to get into conversations that will only anger both parties.

--I found the beginning of a Watchmen fic I'd nearly forgotten about. I really, really like the idea but it's gonna take WORK.

--I am watching Human Target from the beginning, because I watched the first three episodes, loved them, and then immediately fell into a hole. As he is somewhat weird-looking and fucking badass, I don't think anyone's surprised I have a totally inappropriate thing for Guerrero. Yeah, he'd probably sell me off for a really good sandwich, but by god, I love him. Also, I swear he has a total crush on Winston. If Winston had pigtails, they'd be pulled.

--I did skip ahead on HT and watch "Cool Hand Guerrero" because, dude, shirtless Jackie Earle Hayley (hi, I'm shallow). And you know, what I saw of the second-season vagina attachment was pretty good. They seemed interesting and likable, but the reason I call them "vagina attachment" is because they were added by network mandate, and you know what? Fuck that. I wasn't watching (and am not watching) HT to see a motely crew of three dudes and two chicks run around and save the day. I was watching (and am watching) because there are three dudes blowing shit up and having awesome fight scenes and sometimes they take their shirts off or skydive into a secure building. And it is AWESOME. I'm tired of networks declaring they need more women viewers and so they add women to the cast. I say if a woman isn't going to watch a three-dude show about explosions and fight scenes, adding women to the mix isn't going to change that.

--And I totally almost deleted this whole post, so I'm gonna go. What's up with you, flist?
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Okay, a little more: This is a Bruce you know, folks. He's got the obsessive streak. He's got the cool toys. He's got his eye on the saving Gotham prize, but he's also got a softer edge to him. Is he still an exacting taskmaster? Absolutely. But there's a layer of angst off of him, maybe more than one, and it makes me wonderful to read. Because he's the Bruce you know, but he's also a Bruce a lot of people have missed. The Bruce (and Bat) who is a complete hardass but with a softer side that balances him out.

Snyder writes a hell of a first chapter. In fact, it was his spectacular work on Dick Grayson's Bat-time in "Detective" that got me to try the new "Batman," and I am so fucking glad I did.

I'll go into more depth on Comic Dork Sunday. Right now, I've got to run out and comic dork in person.
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I'm keeping Comic Dork Sunday short today, as I'm still working on getting a good backlog of entries ready to go (also, I still don't think DW is properly lining up my posts), but I'm gonna end on the best note. The Guy Gardner note:

Ladies and gents, Guy Gardner in a panel. Weird shit is going on. Weird shit must be punched. (Also, honey, your shirt is all torn. Let me help you with that.)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everyone! Read a comic!
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If you recall, I recently sold you lovely people a bunch of my comics (and for those of you who are waiting for me to touch base with you since I'm back from the first leg of my vacation, gimmie another day). I have taken the money and invested it in new, digital comics. I'm replacing some stuff I had in trade, but I've also bought some shiny new stuff. I was gonna wait another couple of days before I started buying, but a bunch of Batman stuff--including the brilliant "Long Halloween" and "Dark Victory"--is on a two-day, ninety-nine cent sale, so that knocked me into action. By the way, if you want to get in on that sale, you can purchase them at comixology ( and read them on your computer without need for an iPad. There's also "Batman: Year One," "A Death in the Family," and some other arcs.

Anyway, the point of this post (beyond keeping my iPad active while I download a shitton of comics) is to share my buy list. I keep an ever-increasing list of stuff to buy, and I whittle it down every time I get some spare cash so that it may grow again.

let's take a look, shall we? )

It's really interesting to look at this list and see that I still have a massive love for Marvel to a point in their recent history. This is partly due to the fact that a bunch of the DC stuff I want isn't available digitally. I'm hoping the relaunch doesn't keep DC from putting out their more recent stuff in digital formats. I really, really want Bryan Q. Miller's "Batgirl" and the whole run of "Booster Gold."

Thoughts on the list? What did I just buy that I didn't know sucks?

Random crap

Sep. 9th, 2011 12:55 pm
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In no particular order!

--I am tired as fuck. We were in San Diego when the power went down, and while we had a totally mellow evening, we had a 4:00 a.m. wake-up to make it to the only flight that still had seats open for today. I need more coffee but am otherwise fine.

--Having reviewed JLI and Batgirl, I'm kinda thinking about doing more comic reviews/goofy panel stuff. Basically, what I was doing on tumblr, but over here instead. It'll require a serious amount of photo uploading, but I think it'll be fun. Thoughts, anyone? Part of me wants to quit being butt-hurt about tumblr and go back to it, but I also want to do geeky comic stuff here. I mean, this is mainly a fannish blog, and comics are my big fandom, so there you go. (Also, it might be a ploy to get more of you to read comics [or more comics]).

--My writer's block seems to have died. Right now, I'm working on a Guy/Kyle (or maybe Guy & Kyle) story that's part of the Buddy Cop AU, and I've been writing it on my phone because I am a gadget dork, and it was closest. If you ever want to fuck up your thumbs, write 2,000 words of fic on your phone.

--I know I mentioned this on twitter, but I feel it needs to be repeated: Over at AO3, in the GLC cateogry, most of the stories are mine. And that's not even all my GLC stories. If you have GLC stories, you should upload them, so I don't look like the only super dork for the boys.

--Have I mentioned that the reason John Stewart is now in GLC with Guy is because Bedard wasn't certain he could do right by John in terms of character development if he were in New Guardians? This, ladies and gents, is why GLC and NG are going to be good. Bedard knew he couldn't do right by John, so he gave him to Tomasi. While I am still leery about some New DC stuff, this kind of information makes me gleeful.

--Speaking of New DC, I am still trying to figure out how the fuck the relationships work. Some people seem to be carrying their same relationships, but they wouldn't have known each other as long, and it's all very strange. I figure it'll even out, and I'm sure if I read JLA it would help out, but I don't want to and would rather wiki or just figure shit out myself.

--And the random crap is mostly comics. I'm sure we're all shocked.

--COOOOOOFFFFFFFFEEEEEEE (C-O-F-F-E-E [that will be funny to...3 of you?])
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(Before anyone points out that I said I wasn't gonna read Batgirl, I want to say I read the first issue because My Geeky Geeky Ways [formerly looking2dasars on lj] told me I should, and I trust him.)

I didn't read JLA because I don't really give a fuck about Supes (never really have in general), and Hal is kinda boring, so I don't want to read a book where he features. So, my new DC started with JLI and Batgirl, and I have opinions! Spoilers ahead. I'm on my iPad, and cuts are a pain in the ass, so just scroll by if you don't want to know anything.

JLI #1

I like Jurgens a lot, and I like that he's always had respect for Booster as a character. It shows through nicely here, where Booster is put in charge of the team and knows how to handle Guy's anger at not being leader. Booster's a little nervous, but he's clearly competent, and I liked seeing Bats back him to Guy.

It's also nice to see that there is at least some sort of a relationship going. She admonishes him as a friend, not a stranger. Whether or not they've dated is still unclear, but their friendship is intact, and that makes me feel good. A lot of Guy's current character came from Tora's influence and her belief that he was a good person, and I can't imagine Guy being Guy without her.

One thing that bugs me about the book is the fact that some relationships are pretty much like they were pre-relaunch, and Bats seems to be on decent terms with Guy and Booster, but I don't know if it's because those relationships are just not going to change or if there's new backstory. So, it's confusing and a bit clunky (Booster seems to be both respected and a joke in equal measure, and it's not the right balance), but I trust Jurgens, and I don't expect the first issue of any of the relaunch books to be perfectly smooth.

Short version: I recommend it. I like the dynamic getting set up, and I like that Guy's outburst comes from his years of experience and not because they need a team douche (a la Guy in the original JLI). I think it'll be a good book and will smooth out by the end of the arc.

Batgirl #1
I said, when it was announced that Babs would be Batgirl, that I didn't give a shit because Babs had never been my Batgirl. She had been Oracle, and I saw no reason for her to go back. I also said that I trusted that Gail Simone would write a damned fine story that would handle Babs' "recovery" in a solid way. Having now read the launch issue, I can say I was right about Simone's writing. She does manage to give weight to Babs' time in the chair and also manages to make it clear that Babs is still trying to figure everything out. It's a good character piece for Babs. But.

But I still don't care about Babs as Batgirl. Simone wrote a strong first issue, but I'm still sitting here, having just finished it, and not really caring about Babs being worried and nervous as Batgirl. It doesn't click with me. I don't know that I can pinpoint why it doesn't work, all I can say for certain is that if you put Babs worrying next to Steph's concerns in Bryan Q. Miller's just-completed run, I'd rather read Steph worrying without a question. I think it's because even Babs herself points out that she's Batman's star pupil (and, again, I'm getting reboot dissonance trying to figure out exactly what her relationship to Bats is), so even as she's having a truly believable bit of PTSD (unlike Dixon's bullshit in Last Laugh), I'm not actually worried that something bad is about to happen, and when something bad does happen, I find myself without that layer of caring I want to have for characters.

Short Version: Wait for the trade. I trust Simone to write a great story, but I'm gonna wait out this first arc before I decide to jump on. Not having the emotional reaction to Babs that I want tells me to hold off until I have a full story to read and connect with. Also, points to Simone for handling the magical "cure" so well. It's not explained, but I'm pretty sure the point of the first arc is to draw out that explanation through good storytelling.

So, there you go, my notes so far. Next week, I salivate over Batwoman. If I'm feeling chatty, I may even write it up.
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Detective was my introduction to Scott Snyder. Never read his other stuff and picked up Detective purely to see Dick as Bats. Now? HOLY SHIT SNYDER.

It's kind of obscene how good Snyder's run was. This is a guy who knows his Bat-history and knows how to deploy it. He made Dick stronger, made Jim harder-working, made Babs the most badass I've ever seen her, and he--holy fuck, you guys--he made the Joker even creepier.

Methinks I desperately add whichever Bat-book he's writing to my pull list. I am positively fascinated about what he can do with Bruce.

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This is a strange occurrence. When I first got into comics in a major way about seven years ago, I was basically all Marvel. I loved Marvel. Iron Man, Cap, New Avengers, Daredevil, and a stack of others were about all I read. Slowly but surely some DC got onto the list (most notably the GL stuff), and some smaller companies got in as well (Invincible, The Boys, Fables,), but I was making my pull list for the new 52 and figuring out what I want from it plus adding in what I want from other companies and the numbers are way DC-skewed.

Part of it is that DC is bringing back Blue Beetle (Jaime, I love you, no matter how much I love Ted [and Ted, I love you, too]), and Batwoman is finally launching, and I'm really interested to see what Dick's gonna be like in Nightwing, but the other part of it is that Marvel is so mired in events that I'm dropping Invincible Iron Man.

Guys, the things I would do to Matt Fraction thanks to how much I've loved IIM are OBSCENE. It has consistently been my top two comic every month, tying with GLC most of the time in terms of how much I look forward to it and read the hell out of it, but it's gotten jammed into the "Every baddie gets a fucking hammer" event, and I can't give a fuck. The same thing happened with Captain America, and I dropped it like a damned stone as soon as I found out they'd offed Bucky because I thought it was an insult both to Brubaker's constant excellent work on the book and to Bucky as a character and to readers who FUCKING LIKED BUCKY YOU DOUCHEBAGS. I actually dropped Daredevil during "Daredevil goes batshit and is maybe possessed and builds a fucking Alcatraz in Hell's Kitchen" event, but now that's it's relaunched and not part of "Every bad guy gets a hammer," I want to give it a go. It wasn't bad story-telling or even the mind-numbingness of the event that got me putting it aside. It was the fact that Daredevil had gotten so goddamned dark is was hard to get through for the angst, and when I'm complaining about angst levels, your levels are WAAAAAY too high.

So, no Cap for the foreseeable future (seriously, Marvel, fuck you), and no IIM for awhile (gives me a chance to reread it, at least), but I am reading Daredevil. I'm also keeping regular Deadpool on my list because it is wacky hijinks and astoundingly good at character bits and doesn't get caught in all of Marvel's event bullshit.

Speaking of event bullshit, I am buying the Cloak & Dagger mini because, dear god, I would love to see an ongoing with those two, and I will encourage it even if it is part of "everyone has spider powers" event that I don't give a fuck about. And please remember that "everyone gets a hammer" and "everyone gets spider powers" should not be confused with the "and the X-men are forming into tinier, angrier groups--no, again--yes, really, again--no, really AGAIN" event.

You know, at least when DC throws events all over the goddamned map, they do it once a goddamned year. I honestly can't remember the last time Marvel was without one. I think Civil War is what made everything turn into an event, right? I think it went Civil War, Siege, Secret Invasion, Dark whatever-the-fuck, Daredevil goes crazy and possessed, every baddie gets a hammer, and now everyone gets spider powers. And please don't confuse those with the myraid of ridiculous X-Men events that I can't actually track back because I stopped giving a fuck right around the time the goddamned baby got named HOPE. JESUS CHRIST YOU GUYS A LITTLE LESS OBVIOUS WILL YOU.

...Anyway, if you're wondering what I'll be reading come September, here it is:

On DC:
Justice League International
Blue Beetle
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern: New Guardians
Batman Beyond

I considered Teen Titans pretty heavily, but as I'm only really a fan of Timmy and Kon and don't know much about the writer, I'm gonna hold off and see how the first arc goes.

On Marvel:
Cloak and Dagger


I've got a short list of maybes going on as well, mostly from Vertigo. I just read the first arc of Scalped and loved it, but I heard it's ending at 60, and it's at 50 now, so I'll probably wait it out. I also read the first arc of Sweet Tooth and am very intrigued. If I ever get caught up on Morning Glories (which is through Image), I may keep going with it. I think I've read the first four issues and really enjoyed it, but now I'm six or seven behind. I'm also trying to catch up on X-Factor, which keeps getting sucked into the bullshit events, but as I've been reading it in huge chunks, it's easier to handle it.

And fuck knows I've got a good backlog going at all times. Right now I'm reading Ted's Blue Beetle book, and I'm reading the first on-going of Deadpool (from '95, I think. Not the mini before it), and I'm hoping to restart The Authority and actually read the whole thing this time. I lost my place from before. I'm also planning to re-read Planetary. And there's as much as the Guy Gardner history as I have, which includes the entirety of the original JLI and the Guy Gardner series (you know, the one where he wakes up with boobs that one time [yes, really]).

A diminished love of Marvel has not diminished my love of comics. Even if they gave Catwoman to Judd fucking Winick. (Really DC? REALLY? DID YOU ALSO GIVE HIM A BADGUY HAMMER BECAUSE JESUS CHRIST WHAT IT WRONG WITH YOU)
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Title: Adding on Family
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: DC Comics (Green Lantern Corps/Blue Beetle 2.0)
Pairing: Guy Gardner/Jaime Reyes
Rating: PG
Summary: Bianca is forever trying not to mother Guy, and then Jaime tells her they're together.

Dis: Lies and Bullshit.

Author's Notes: While this particular story is not [personal profile] dytabytes fault, the idea of Guy/Jaime is partially her fault. Because she helped me hash out the basic idea, and off my brain went. So, totally, kind of her fault. I am assure she does not care a whit. Also, self-betaed, so have a typo hunt!

No, really, it really is Jaime/Guy. )


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