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I just finished the pilot. My thoughts?

Well, basically, this:


Now, to find time to watch the other 14 episodes.
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So, still watching Man from U.N.C.L.E., and I got bored tonight and was looking on Think Geek for all those pretty toys I want but cannot convince myself to buy just for the hell of it. They have an entire spy gadget section with lighters and pens and watches that have video capabilities.

I want to write U.N.C.L.E. fic so bad, where the boys have all these gadgets (plus the hollow coins). I know U.N.C.L.E. was never about the gadgets, per se, but they had so super awesome ones (brain gooing pen, anyone?), so why not a fic with a watch that doubles as a surveillance camera and a hollow coin for passing information? Actually, the more I think about it, the more that hollow coin is PERFECT.

Also, Illya totally winked at the innocent at the end of "The Mad, Mad Tea Party Affair." Can we say YES, boys and girls?

I need an U.N.C.L.E. icon.
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Oh, Illya Getting nailed with fear gas and then saying you'll "pretend" to be human.

Oh, honey.

This is one of the top fic producing episodes, right? Scared and shaking Illya with Napoleon forced to keep his mind on his work. Because if it's not, man, it should be.
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Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Change.




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Thank you for playing Lassiter's scenes with his wife completely straight. I appreciate that you know the difference between using Lassie's uptightness for laughs and actual characterization. A lesser show wouldn't have been so sincere in those scenes, and it's nice to see that you obviously want to give Lassie some actual character development.
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Mike: "Awaiting your instructions."

My love of good BDSM relationships: ::flail::

Also, this:

Wherein The Husband and I have a minor disagreement, re: Jack/Mike )


Also, now I want woobie!Cyrus, because he looked so sad after he had to discharge his weapon.

Which also reminds me... )

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to rinse off my soapbox and get back to writing the big gay love that is Jack and Mike.
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I'm watching the L&O: UK opener because, a) DUDE, LAW & ORDER and b) DUDE KENNEDY JAMIE BAMBER.

Or, as I said to The Husband tonight: "I want to check it out. It's weird only watching one L&O."

I'm two minutes in, and this was honestly my thought process )

So, what's to blame? The epic amount of Law & Order [and Homicide, and various other cop shows] over the years or my father?

EDIT: OMG Freema's the hot female DA! Oh, Dick Wolf, you and your hot female DAs. Who are always some degree of awesome.
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I find myself pleasantly intrigued. And very surprised that a certain person didn't die horribly, given Joss's usual shenanigans. [This is not a burn. Joss likes to kill people. I think we can all agree on this.]

What's very funny is that I mentioned to The Husband that I was going to sit down and watch it tonight while he's at work.

HIM: "Can't you wait?"
ME: "Huh?"
HIM: "I'd like to see it."
ME: o.O "Ummm...if I like it, you know I'm gonna make you watch it."
HIM: "Oh, that's true."

My reaction isn't because he doesn't like Whedon, but that I forget that he does like Whedon. You must understand, though, this is not a love of years gone by as it's been for quite a few of us. The Husband saw "Serenity", nearly soiled himself in movie nerd glee, and has understood my appreciation for Whedon ever since. Give my man a six-minute tracking shot and funny writing, and he'll keep an eye out for future projects.

I remember watching my "Firefly" DVDs with commentary [which I really do need to re-watch], and Joss saying that he's always felt the first six episodes of a show count as the debut. He thinks that's what it takes to lay out the story, get people to keep watching, and convince them it's worth their time. I'm ready for episode two.

And now, in 'wow, I've watched way too much Whedon' glee )

On a final note, Reed Diamond is only getting finer with age. I've wanted to do things to him since he was Mike Kellerman on "Homicide: LotS". Given how his arc ended on H: LotS, I can't help but think that his character is secretly Kellerman. Yes, my mind is a weird place. No, I do not sell tickets.
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"I really don't expect this kind of plot ingenuity from a show in it's 19th season. And it's awesome!"

That pretty much sums up my feelings as well. Well, that and the slight case of misty eyes I got when Ned Beatty stopped in to see Jack. As any mention of Adam Schiff gets me a little teary. Because Adam was fabulous, and you know mentions of him, while Jack sits in his chair, probably makes Jack a little teary as well. In my personal canon, Jack McCoy never thought of that office as anyone but Adam's. Yeah, sure, Nora and Arthur showed up and sat at that desk, but to Jack, it was always Adam's office. Except that now it's his, and that's very confusing for him.
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Where to even start?

behind a cut, of course )

In short, L&O keeps me happy because it keeps me insanely interested in what's going on from scene-to-scene. Yes, the men are pretty and the women are kickass [and also pretty], but I have always appreciated L&O as the king of the procedurals, and it's on a fantastic run right now.

That being said:


Re: Life

Nov. 20th, 2008 11:48 pm
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spoilers for this week )

And now, on a non-spoilery note, a story from the boards of IMDB [aka, the sewer of media discussion]:

I was on IMDB the other day, and someone posted a discussion about how all the women on Life were HOT and all the men were, at best, AVERAGE-LOOKING, and I was sorely tempted to ask this poster what show she/he was watching.

Look, I know that by washboard-abs-frosted-tips standards, not one of the male leads on Life is hot, but what about for general astethic standards? Let me make my case:

Damien Lewis: Interesting-Hot. His face never looks the same way twice, and that is intriguing. He has crows' feet and a way that he sets his mouth that I CAN NOT stop looking at, and that is incredibly attractive. Plus, how can you hate a man with hair that red? It's impossible, I say. [See: Dunn, Conrad; Owen, Clive]

Donal Logue: Yes, his hair is a disaster [seriously, I can't decide if I want to cut it or study it, scene-to-scene], but he's got an incredibly kind face, and he's that type of barrel-chested solid that I have always found very attractive [See: Grunberg, Greg; Husband, The]. He's also very comfortable in his own skin, and that's attractive on a person so much more than weird hair.

Adam Arkin: SILVER FUCKING FOX. Straight up, SILVER FUCKING FOX. If you disagree, you're just wrong*. SILVER FUCKING FOX [See: Waterston, Sam; Laurie, Hugh]

*As long as you're not a dick about it, we're cool.
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Minor L&O spoilers for 19.3

you've been warned )

In non-fangirl squealing, I really, really hope L&O will continue to be this awesome for the rest of the season. It's just kicking ASS.
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But I do have caps! We'll get to those in a minute.

spoilers for L&O 19.2 )

best caps of the night )
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Law & Order, 18.8 spoilers )

And thus endeth the squee. And now, a question:

Still a spoiler )

As there was no sighting of the TWS this week in it's non-tie glory, you'll have to make due with the following:

Various and sundry screencaps [34], some with our DA boys and some without )

And that ends this massive post of squee.
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Here be spoilers for 18.7 )

My only complaint, because I really did think the show was EXCELLENT [and not just in regards to teh ghei], was a lack of the TIGHT WHITE SHIRT. You think they're on to us?
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I mean, seriously, it's Law and Order [italics for emphasis, not grammar]. Law and Order is all about procedures and getting off on plain sight exception loopholes [which I totally did. I watched the episode TWICE. And then I made The Boy watch it, and got to have a go again.]

But Law and Order has now, apparently, made me cry, and I love them dearly for it.

Spoilers, as I'm not a dick )

And, because the TIGHT WHITE SHIRT made a reappearance [I swear, I'll start a club. Or a cult.], it's oogling time!


And one last thing, which is not spoilery: Does Mike have all the former EDA's MEMORIZED or something? I'm mean, really, he throws back to Adam Schiff. You KNOW he does it just to get Jack's goat.

Okay, make that two last things: I absolutely adore that they're not only putting Jack into the middle of things [because he's never been a man to sit in his office and wait for news], but that they also showed the obvious respect and appreciation he and Van Buren have for one another as colleagues and possible friends. I loved it.
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You are absolutely wonderful in making Mike Cutter the eye candy in this scene. Especially with Jack RIGHT THERE.

And now, more oogling. )
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Let me get this out of the way:


Cut because there's talk of 2.7, and other people may be in download mode )
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Did anyone else realize that Jeremy managed to get a car that set ITSELF on fire?

Follow up inquiry: Does this make Jeremy a goddamned genius, or just lazy?

I mean, really, it's not like he's ever had trouble starting fires in the past.



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