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Title: Five Dates Dani and Tidwell Might Have Had
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Life
Pairing: Dani/Tidwell
Rating: PG
Summary: A 5 Things fic. What else to say?

Disclaimer: Lies and more lies, and I claim ownership of no one.

Author's Notes: For [ profile] amazonqueenkate who got me on the crazy train that is "Life", and to fandom-at-large for not doing the big split in regards to who Dani should be dating.

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Re: Life

Nov. 20th, 2008 11:48 pm
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And now, on a non-spoilery note, a story from the boards of IMDB [aka, the sewer of media discussion]:

I was on IMDB the other day, and someone posted a discussion about how all the women on Life were HOT and all the men were, at best, AVERAGE-LOOKING, and I was sorely tempted to ask this poster what show she/he was watching.

Look, I know that by washboard-abs-frosted-tips standards, not one of the male leads on Life is hot, but what about for general astethic standards? Let me make my case:

Damien Lewis: Interesting-Hot. His face never looks the same way twice, and that is intriguing. He has crows' feet and a way that he sets his mouth that I CAN NOT stop looking at, and that is incredibly attractive. Plus, how can you hate a man with hair that red? It's impossible, I say. [See: Dunn, Conrad; Owen, Clive]

Donal Logue: Yes, his hair is a disaster [seriously, I can't decide if I want to cut it or study it, scene-to-scene], but he's got an incredibly kind face, and he's that type of barrel-chested solid that I have always found very attractive [See: Grunberg, Greg; Husband, The]. He's also very comfortable in his own skin, and that's attractive on a person so much more than weird hair.

Adam Arkin: SILVER FUCKING FOX. Straight up, SILVER FUCKING FOX. If you disagree, you're just wrong*. SILVER FUCKING FOX [See: Waterston, Sam; Laurie, Hugh]

*As long as you're not a dick about it, we're cool.
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Title: I Wove My Webs for You
Author: Perpetual Motion
Pairing: Charlie/Ted
Fandom: Life
Rating: R
Spoilers: Probably all over the place, but one definite gross one for "Did You Feel That".

Disclaimer: Lies and bullshit.

Author's Notes: The title comes from "Charlotte's Web", as does a line in the story. Because, really, if you want to understand friendship, you just need a gray spider and a pig. For [ profile] amazonqueenkate, because she's an instigator.

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