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--I'm still working on holiday ficlets as I can come up with ideas. I have not given up, damnit. I'm just trying to keep the ideas short.

--So, after I saw the new Mission Impossible, I sat down and started playing around with Benji/Brandt ideas. Goofy sort of stuff. Which has now morphed into (apparently) a soon-to-be long fic where they have to hide out in the 'burbs and pose as a married couple. Because my brain is made of cliche. (Also, yes, I am still surprised when something suddenly goes, "Oh, hi! I'm gonna be loooooong.")

--I'm about to reread the shitty part of The Authority. You know, that one part with Millar. By which I mean the whole part with Millar. On the upside, it'll give me ideas for that Apollo/Midnighter/Jack fic I have planned.

--And speaking of that, I know how that fic opens. The answer? Porn. Because, well, obviously, right? (But not the porn you're thinking about, probably.)

--I am also about to reread the first 18 issues of Fraction's Invincible Iron Man. There will probably not be fic forthcoming, but I will likely cry like a bitch. So, you know, take with that what you will.

--I need to write more Generation Kill. I need Ray-swearing in my life. I think we all do.

--Having read the fourth Dresden book, I kinda want Billy and Dresden to either go on a wacky set of completely hetero adventures or get really drunk D&D-ing and end up in bed together once. Dresden will, of course, sort of freak. Billy will sort of go, "Eh, whatevs."

--I need to buy comics. This is not fic news, but it is important. So shut up.

What are you working on, flist?
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I know I have been absolute crap at fulfilling prompts in the last few months, but I'm usually pretty good at getting holiday ficlets up and out. It works pretty easily: Gimmie a fandom and character/pairing, and I will write you a little something!

Also, term will be over in four short weeks. I might be counting down like a crazy person.
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--I'm reading The Authority from the beginning because I never got through it the first time (I started it right before the move), and I'm pretty sure I shouldn't want Jack and Midnighter to have a one night stand, but man, I kinda do.

--The entirety of Steph's tenure as Batgirl is now available on comixology. As if my "to buy" list needed to get longer.

--I have at least one major though on JLI #2, but I'm saving it until I can get the screencap uploaded because there's like, paragraphs of stuff I want to say, and it works better with the image to start it off.

--I sort of want to watch "Once Upon a Time" on ABC, and I hear it's pretty entertaining, but I also know ABC attempted to option Fables, so it feels like they went for a legally distinct version of stuff. On the other hand, fairy tales on my tv could be super cool.

--I have watched no new shows for the fall so far. I think I'm becoming one of those crotchety types who likes my shows and only my shows and fuck new stuff. Or I'm hella busy. I don't know.

--The bulk of my Halloween costume is nearly complete! I should be able to finish the body tonight and maybe even get the zipper in. Can't wait!

--I am without any real fic plans right now. I think this is mostly due to still trying to figure out how the new DC universe works out, and as that's my general writing area now, I'm sort of in a holding pattern.

What are you up to, flist?
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--I am writing, but nothing wants to be finished. I'm having the same issues when writing for non-fannish purposes and have no other explanation then my brain hates me and wants me to to stab it to death with a pen.

--I am trying to write a "5 things" fic in the Buddy Cop AU with Guy and Kyle, but the damned thing suddenly grew legs on one of the parts, and I hate it slightly. Wonder if I can make vignettes out of what's NOT suddenly the beginning of an epic story?

--I know I missed Comic Dork Sunday. In my defense, I was at the doctor being told I need to see the orthopedist for my knee if the giant dose of ibuprofen doesn't work this week. Fun. Comic Dork Sunday will be around this week. I am determined, damnit.

--I have read all the rest of the DCU I'm reading right now. Loved GLC and New Guardians (I'm sure we're shocked), and I really, really liked Nightwing. That thing's got legs, me thinks. And not just the ones attached to Dick's glorious ass.

--Still ridiculously happy over Snyder's Batman. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS SO HAPPY.

--I was still on the fence about Teen Titans and haven't read it, and then I realized that Lobdell is doing Red Hood & Starfire has amnesia and gets mostly naked for no goddamn reason the Outlaws, so Teen Titans is totally off the list.

--That being said, I'm sure a bunch of us have read the thing about the mother who showed her 7-eyar-old a copy of Red Hood & what the fuck Lobdell seriously the fuck the Outsiders, and you know what? I'm not okay with that. I don't think it's right to show a kid something so sexualized and then say, "And how does this make you feel so that I may post it on the Internet?" The book is disgusting to me and I'm a full-grown adult who understands my sexuality. A 7-year-old should not have to try and make sense of that bullshit. If the kid had come across the comic herself, fine, but her mother showed it to her expressly to get her reaction so she could fucking blog about it. It bothers me a lot. I read that and don't see how the character affects the kid; I see how the creepy fuck parent exposed her kid to something she did not need to see at 7. I know she did it under the guise of "I must make my daughter aware," and you know what? Fuck that. She's seven. She should not have to deal with the concept of sexuality and idiotic douches being idiotic douches until she's at least old enough to understand everything sex entails. That's not fair.

--That made me ragey. I'm okay with that, and if you think that mom did a solid with her kid, please do not tell me about it. We will not agree, and I make real attempts not to get into conversations that will only anger both parties.

--I found the beginning of a Watchmen fic I'd nearly forgotten about. I really, really like the idea but it's gonna take WORK.

--I am watching Human Target from the beginning, because I watched the first three episodes, loved them, and then immediately fell into a hole. As he is somewhat weird-looking and fucking badass, I don't think anyone's surprised I have a totally inappropriate thing for Guerrero. Yeah, he'd probably sell me off for a really good sandwich, but by god, I love him. Also, I swear he has a total crush on Winston. If Winston had pigtails, they'd be pulled.

--I did skip ahead on HT and watch "Cool Hand Guerrero" because, dude, shirtless Jackie Earle Hayley (hi, I'm shallow). And you know, what I saw of the second-season vagina attachment was pretty good. They seemed interesting and likable, but the reason I call them "vagina attachment" is because they were added by network mandate, and you know what? Fuck that. I wasn't watching (and am not watching) HT to see a motely crew of three dudes and two chicks run around and save the day. I was watching (and am watching) because there are three dudes blowing shit up and having awesome fight scenes and sometimes they take their shirts off or skydive into a secure building. And it is AWESOME. I'm tired of networks declaring they need more women viewers and so they add women to the cast. I say if a woman isn't going to watch a three-dude show about explosions and fight scenes, adding women to the mix isn't going to change that.

--And I totally almost deleted this whole post, so I'm gonna go. What's up with you, flist?
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Who do I still own comics? I still have them sorted, but things went a bit sideways after vacation (not in a bad way, just a pre-school way). So, if I still owe you comics, please ping me so I know. I'm digging through old PMs and e-mails double-checking myself, but chiming in helps me out.
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Still having a lovely time.

Am now on the search for prompts. I know I didn't finish the last one. In my defense, my computer got snatched, and that kind of kills the writing buzz. But damnit, I wanna write something! (And, having started rereading Transmetropolitan, I wanna try and write Spider, but I'm not sure I'm quite up to that.)

So, prompt away! I promise to meet all challenges, damnit!
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[personal profile] moonsong42 insisted on twitter that I write good fic when I'm drunk. Well, I'm drunk. And it's likely to last an hour or so, so hit me up, and let's see if she's right! Fandom, pairing, and the usual. I promise to respond while still pretty well gone. (Five extra points for Nero Wolfe requests, as I just finished reading "The Doorbell Rang.")
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Is anyone reading this a Non-Native English speaker who would allow me to ask a few questions regarding how they learned the language? I don't have confirmation that I can do it over e-mail, but I genuinely cannot imagine why I wouldn't be able to.

It probably wouldn't take more than 20 minutes of your time, and I would be happy to owe you assignment help in the future.
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Writer's block is continuing to fight me. I'm taking "5 things" prompts. Hit me up!

[profile] danthomir, you get two picks, since I never did come up with anything for the last round that I wanted you to see.
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I just found out about it (having imdb-ed Paul McCrane because I'm reading Robert Romano porn), and he's a recurring on a show called "Harry's Law," which stars Kathy Bates.

So, good news: It stars Kathy Bates.

The bad news: It's produced by David E. Kelly, and it seems like it's going towards the "look how whimsical we all are!" angle, which I'm not a huge fan of. And, of course, the super-girly girl was raped as a kid by her uncle (why is it always the uncle?). And now she likes "pretty things" because she wants to (I'm assuming) forget it ever happened.

The conflict: Kelly is actually pretty good at selling me on shit that is questionable in summary. I don't like the molestation backstory (seriously, can that one DIE already?), but maybe it'll work in context. I dunno.

At one point, Paul McCrane may strip down, and I am ALL for that.

(Yes, I am aware he is weird-looking. Let me introduce you to my other crushes: Willem Dafoe, William Fichtner, Sharlto Copley, Jackie Earle Haley, and so on.)

So the question is: Have you seen it, and does it suck?
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Or, I had a really weird dream last night, and it was kinda awesome.

First, going way, way, way back to "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers," I had a dream that Rocky and Billy were sleeping next to each other for some reason, and Rocky had a huge crush, but didn't want to tell Billy, because he thought Billy was brokenhearted over Jason leaving, and they finally talked about it, and just as it was getting to the point where it would have been my brain writing fic while I was asleep, it turned into Napoleon and Illya running from a train while soaking wet. And, lo, there was bickering, and then I was at the train station, trying to get on my train, but it wouldn't stop.

Overall? Very weird. But fun!

Also, I kinda wanna write that Billy/Rocky now. Thoughts, flist?
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Pairing, fandom, and any sort of prompt you want to add. It's a week into term, and I'm already seeing little red dots in front of my eyes (short version: The NEA is a bunch of twats). So, let's write fic!

A favor:

Mar. 16th, 2011 04:10 pm
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Anyone have time tonight to do a quick and dirty edit on a paper I'm writing? It's not research-based. It's a response paper to my independent study and since I've left it to the last minute (it's due tomorrow), I'd appreciate a second set of eyes.

I will owe you candy. And a quick and dirty edit in return.
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And Stylistically, also.

I'm tired of reading fic that could be good if a few basic principles could be easily explained. Principles like not calling characters after their job titles and the difference between lose/loose, and other such stuff. But I don't want to do this alone.

When reading fic, what is your biggest peeve? Grammar? Spelling? Punctuation? Character references? I'm not looking for the plotty/character stuff. I'm talking from the grammar/mechanics area. What makes you twitch?
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All right, Man from UNCLE fans, where's the comms?
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Consider this your open bitching thread, whether it be work, personal, school, or whatever. I need to let off some steam, and I'm sure some of you do too. So, let's do this.


The terms at my university are 11 weeks long. I came from a semester system, which was 16 weeks long, and the adjustment has been kind of a brick to the face. I felt like I was really in the swing this term. I've been keeping up and even getting a little ahead, and everything's gone well. My grades have been consistently awesome (if I don't 4.0 this term, I will eat my fucking hat).

But now? HOLY JESUS CHRIST GRAD SCHOOL YOU WANT ME DEAD. Let me show you what's due this week. You ready?

Monday: 32 pages of reading in a book I fucking HATE because the dumb cow talks about tech writing in such a way that it is obvious she does not know what it is. And I have to slog through the bullshit because we'll have a fucking QUIZ. Which, yes, is only ten points, max, and not in any way a major part of my grade, but HI I'M A TYPE A AND I KNOW IT AND I HAVE STOPPED TRYING TO STOP MY CRAZY STUDY TENDENCIES.

Tuesday: Nothing due, but I have work for five hours, and while I LOVE my job and love that it's also my indy study (saving me LOADS of time in having to find time to finish an indy study), it's still five hours I could be at the library. Or killing myself. You know, like you do.

Wednesday: OH GOD WEDNESDAY JUST DIE ALREADY. I have a copyedit for a 20-page excerpt due, and to call it a steaming pile of epic fucking fail is being too kind. The information is good, and it's not that I hate the content, but OH MY GOD HOW DID THIS VERSION GET ANYWHERE NEAR AN EDITOR WITHOUT SOMEONE BEING EMBARRASSED TO SHIT? I have to do two rounds. One to just get basic typos, and the follow-up to MOVE EVERYTHING AROUND. JESUS.

Thursday and Friday: Nothing due, but let me show you what I'll be scrambling to finish because THE COPYEDIT FUCKING HATES ME. There's a paper about my industry, which does not have a word count restriction and is now, at maybe 2/3rds complete, 2500 words. And it has to go up on the online discussion board for the class, and then I have to read everyone else's industry discussions and pretend to give a shit. Oh, and there is the article I have to write for that same class. Which requires me to finish reading all the articles that came before mine so that I have a chance of making my point coherently. And then there's the studying I need to do for my copyediting exam so that I can--if I can get a 90% or higher--not take the final, and while that may sound easy, it's a "find errors and fix them exam," not a "so would you do a, b, or c," exam. And while I did get an 85% on the basic version of the exam without studying, I don't know what I'm going to be looking at or how it's gonna break down and HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL THIS WEEK. WHY DO YOU WANT ME DEAD.

And next week? Oh, god, let's not even. The article, like I mentioned, and there's gonna be another excerpt to plow through. And I have to get my indy study binder together, and I have to sleep at some point, and I should probably relax or something. And I haven't read for fun in A WEEK AND A HALF. And making tea feels like effort.

So, yeah, that's me. What sucks for you?
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You know you love it.

--The A-Team fic is still in beta, and I am not surprised, as it is ginormous. It's also giving me time to come up with a title. Which is good. Because I suck at titles.

--I'm trying to write Brad/Ray, Gen Kill, "sex due to Ikea" porn, and I keep getting stuck. I know where I want it to end (in bed, obviously), but it's getting there. Which is, really, the story of my writing life.

--I have two other Gen Kill stories in the making, both Ray/Nate. One of them includes Toby Ziegler.

--I owe [personal profile] crimsonquills a story, and I promise I'll get to that just as soon as...probably this weekend, actually. I have lots of homework, but tiny stories are what breaks are for.

So, that's what's up with me. What's up with you?
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--The A-Team fic is in beta! I repeat: The A-Team fic is IN BETA. This is a minor miracle.

--I'm now working on not one, but two Gen Kill pieces. Both Nate/Ray. I know it's so against my type to want the mouthy bastard to end up with the quieter bastard, but there you go.

--The Charlie/Draco is slowly moving its way back up the queue. Lets not look up how long it's been since I started that thing, okay?

--As I have been writing nothing but GIANT FUCKING STORIES lately, feel free to request a tiny bit of something. I will do my best to oblige. And I know I've got beta work to do for a couple of people. You are not forgotten, I promise. I'm working it into the rotation.

Any ficcish victories for you, flist?
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In no particular order:

--My leg is getting better. I spent two full days in the brace and then today, I took it off for a couple of hours and walked around a bit. It started twinging where it's injured, so I strapped the brace back on. The doc at the ER said I'm not required to see the Orthopedist if my leg gets better on its own, and it definitely seems to be doing that.

--In related news, the ER doc and the nurse said I should only be in the brace a couple of days, but the paperwork they sent home said a week. So, basically, I'm not going to worry that there's more severed stuff going on until it's been a week. And with it already feeling better, I really do think I'll be just fine.

--Yes, I am still making an appointment with the Orthopedist just in case.

--In fannish news, the still untitled A-Team fic is now the longest thing I have ever written for fannish fun times. It's at 34,678 and still not complete. It's kind of amazing how it doesn't want to die.

--In related news, anyone wanna beta an A-Team fic? It's 1980s TV A-team, not current movie A-team, but I really think I just need a timeline check and a grammar and mechanics check. I do think it'll finish out somewhere in the 40k mark.

--Other fannish bits I'm considering: I'm still pondering the Nate/Ray and the Charlie/Draco, and plotting a new Nate/Ray. The Snape/Hermione is still in my head, but it's not moving forward the way I would like. Considerations will need to be made, but now is not the time.

--Vicodin continues to be awesome, although I think it also gives me headaches if I miss a dose. That is not fun. Also, while I could info that said headaches can be a side effect of vicodin, I could not find info on how soon after I stop the vicodin I can start taking Tylenol again. More digging shall commence soon.

And how's you, flist? Anyone do anything exciting and non-life threatening this weekend?
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--The A-Team fic is officially over 30,000 words. If [personal profile] lasergirl were more pleased, I think she'd mail herself to me.

--I'm going through another phase were I'm in love with Mag 7 again. Bless you, AO3 for having lots of fic. I really wish Netflix would run the series on the Instant Queue. The Husband has no interest in the show (damn him), so I can't convince him to get the discs sent over. Maybe someday soon he'll have to travel to act, and I'll have a few weeks alone.

--I am nearly finished with Generation Kill, the book. I can only read it about 20 pages at a time because I feel so much for those guys. I know they could snap me in half, but I wanna hug ALL OF THEM.

--I have numerous other fics in the works right now, but I'm determined to finish the A-Team fic. And then find someone to beta the A-Team fic. And then post the A-Team fic. And then I will win at fucking life.

--I got caught up on comics, and now I'm behind on comics again. I'm not sure this is a fail, as I was caught up for twenty-four hours.

--The Big Fat Quiz of the Year will be watched as soon as The Husband is satisfied his homework is completed. I hope we get to it tonight. Jimmy Carr's laugh, people! Jimmy. Carr's. Laugh!

And that's me. What's up with you?


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