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If you put down your name for some of my trades, don't fret! I'm still working on it. We're in pre-vacation prep mode, so there's been a lot of sudden stuff that's needed to get handled, but I will get PMs out to everyone by the end of tonight, so I can get addresses and you can get payment info, and everyone can go home happy.

Also, I may post one final list of whatever's left and drop the price down a dollar or two if anyone's interested.

Keep an eye out on your Private Message thingy either on LJ or DW; I'll send the info to whichever one you commented on.
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I know I said I wanted to give descriptions of everything, but it hit 90 here the last two days, and we have no A/C, so it is simply too damn hot for me to give a fuck, so some stuff doesn't have descriptions this time. If you want more info, I'll provide it in comments.

I'm going to start compiling shipping lists tomorrow, and I'll post when I'm ready for everyone's addresses and the like. If you're just showing up, have a look at this post and here. I haven't had the chance to go through and cross out what's taken just yet, but feel free to ask, and I'll double-check my master list.

And now, the rest of the story. )

That's it, folks! Don't forget, shipping's on your end. I'm just bundling everything up and getting it out the door.
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If you missed yesterday's post, I've got a stack of trades up for sale for $5 apiece. Some of them have already been claimed, but there's plenty left. And this is the LOOOONG list. What's listed here is just what I feel like listing today. I still have a column in my notebook to get through, and I'll post the rest of it tomorrow.

All the rest of them. Still $5 apiece. )
Okay, that's it for now. I promise to have the rest up tomorrow. I want to include a little bit about each one for anyone interested in getting in on something good, so it takes a little more effort to list things, and I'm lazy.
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I've made the rather amazing decision to clear my shelves of all my trade paperbacks and go fully digital on my comics. This is due to partly being in love with digital comics (All storage! No boxes!) and partly because shipping 19 boxes of books was something I only want to do once. I'll probably be posting non-comics soon, but getting through my non-comics will take a bit more time.

In the meantime, it's $5 a trade, and here's what I've got:

my comics want to love you )

Okay, that's it for now. There will be a lot more forthcoming in the next few weeks as I get stuff sorted, but I think this gives a good overview. I'm willing to break up full sets if no one wants them as full sets (though seriously, read Y: The Last Man), and I'll ship anywhere as long as you're willing to put up for shipping. If you're in the States, I can ship media mail and save you a couple of bucks. Comment here or PM me if you want something!
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All right, here's what's going on: The Husband and I have made the decision to forego literally ALL of our DVDs before the move. Previously, we had scaled back from nearly 700 to around 400, and the list under the cut is the last 180 or so that we have. Never fear for our movie watching happiness. We have Netflix (both DVDs and Instant Queue), and we also sold off a bunch of movies yesterday and bought some favorites on Blu-Ray (oooh, shiny!)

Anyway, the needed facts are as follows:

--The DVD cases vary in quality. Some stuff we bought brand new, but most of it we bought used, so there are stickers on the covers, some fade out on the spines, and other small things like that.

--A few of the DVDs have generic rental store covers, where the the title of the movie is on the spine, but the cover is not actually the DVD cover. These are marked in case you don't want them.

--A couple of DVDs are marked because the cases are a bit warped. This is also in case you don't want them.

--Everything, and I mean everything on the list is $3. New, used, fancy, double-feature, or otherwise, it's all $3. Plus shipping, of course. I'll ship Media Mail if possible (I'm in the States), since it'll add the least amount to the purchase. If you're Canadian (and Credible!), it's between $5.00-$13.00 if the package is between 1-3 pounds.

--Finally, everything is first come, first serve. As soon as you say you want it, I'll cross it off the list. Comment or drop a PM.

With that out of the way, here's the list:

Looooong list is loooong )

EDIT: It's just gone midnight my time (Central Standard Time), so I'm off to bed. All movies through [ profile] butterbuns's list have been marked off. If you comment after I post this, double-check that someone else hasn't already made a claim to the movie you want. [ profile] lasergirl, [ profile] sipman and [ profile] butterbuns, I'll have shipping quotes to you by noon my time tomorrow.
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I'm trying to put a serious dent in my comic book collection before we move out West, so that means I've got a lot of single issues I either need to find homes for or donate to a good cause. That being said, this is what I've got at the moment:

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, 1-61
Robin (1995), 1-26 and some assorted later issues

I've also got a pile of the Giffen JLA/JLI/JLEs, but I don't have numbers on those.

Everything's in good condition (that is not an official assesment). They're bagged and boarded and have been kept in a pet-free, smoke-free home. Bags are most likely a little dusty, but I'll wipe them down before I send them out.

Drop a comment or a private message if you want something. I'll sell them off for a dollar an issue plus shipping. I'm gonna go jump back into the dust bunnies, now.
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In a vain attempt to find enough space for the ever-growing pile of movies, I'm clearing out a few TV boxed sets.

virtual garage sale, anyone? )

If you want any of them, just lj message me. I'll negotiate if the deal is good enough. I do love a good "negosh".

EDIT: Also, I have Season 1 of "The Pretender". $20 plus shipping. SOLD!


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