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Fannishly speaking

I do not mean to be hiding on tumblr fannishly, but I do not have any real thinky-thoughts, re: fandom right now (because my brain is fucking mush), so my time spent over there is mostly going, "Ooh, neat! Reblog!" But right now I have some thinky-thoughts and love having an actual blog so that people might read them.

--Still writing Clint/Coulson because of the Internet. I think I have four stories in progress? And I have plans for at least one other. Also, I am trying to write Corgi!Phil fic because there are a couple of Corgi!Clint fics, and I figured Phil should get his turn. I am now of the opinion the reason no one has written Corgi!Phil is because it's kind of goddamn hard. I just want him to be all floppy and ridiculous and sort of hate it but love the attention, and instead, the goddamn thing is 4000 words long and they've only just made it back to his apartment.

--MAD MEN HOLY CRAP. So, I watch the show, and I also read the recaps/style recaps at Tom & Lorenzo, and they've mentioned the writing is more obviously on-point this season so far rather than being more subtle, and I think it's being done purposely. [Unknown site tag]

The whole point of Mad Men is that it's showcasing a decade that went from "This is how we do things" to "holy fuckballs what," and I feel the more on-point writing is meant to parallel how the characters are noticing what feels like a sudden, scary change. They can no longer ignore things or brush them off as frivolous, much in the same way we, as an audience are now being forced to accept that these characters are maybe WAY more flawed than we'd like to admit (Pete), or more content than we'd readily believe (Don), or possibly even more awkward than we ever thought possible (Peggy [dear lord, girl, seriously]). So, I think it's an intentional choice by the writers to make us feel the same level of confusion and uncomfortableness that the characters are going through right now in their lives.

--With Avengers coming out so soon, I really want to read more Hawkeye. I've read the Ultimates mini, and it was very good (Hickman is generally a guy I consider 'very good'), but I'm no fond of Hawkeye having enhancements. It ruins the whole point of the character for me, which is that he's a badass normal working himself into the ground because, goddamnit, he WANTS to be who he is. And Fraction and Aja are about to launch a Hawkeye book that stars Clint AND Kate Bishop (or, as I like to call it, "Please, Marvel, take my goddamn money"), but I still want to do some background reading. So, recs if you have them.

--I may be completely addicted to Toddlers & Tiaras. I'm not proud of this, but I can't look away, and I always promised that the day I wouldn't admit to liking something was probably the day I probably shouldn't associate with it at all. It's such a combination of terrible and pretty all right in terms of people (really, some of the kids and parents seem perfectly normal), and I have this long-standing fascination with just that whole world of pageants and such. I think part of being able to watch it comes from the fact that it's more a documentary than a reality show. It doesn't feel nearly as staged a lot of other "realistic" reality shows. I actually can't stand most reality tv because it is completely transparent in its bullshit "plots" and "drama." At least with T&T, a screaming kid is directly related to a shitty parent.

All right, that's it, back to the homework mines.