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Birthdate:Dec 9
Location:United States of America
I write a lot of fan fiction because I am a nerd. Most of the fic is slash. I trust you to remove yourself if that squicks you out.

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30 rock, archie/saul, batman: the animated series, bigby/jack, black canary, briscoe/mccoy, broadway, bug/nigel, bug/woody, burn notice, cap/iron man, casino royale, charlie/larry, comics, cox/ben, cox/jd, crochet, crossing jordan, crossover, csi, csi: miami, csi: ny, danny/matt, darien/bobby, dc comics, dead like me, don/charlie, draco/ron, duck/peggy, due south, fables, fan fic, fiction, firefly, flogging molly, fox/collin, fraser/rayk, fraser/rayv, friendly hostility, garrett/peter, ghostbusters, gil/greg, goren/carver, green arrow, green lantern, green lantern corps, greg/warrick, guy/kyle, hammcest, harry potter, heroes, horatio hornblower, horatio/archie, horatio/bush, hot fuzz, house, house/chase, house/wilson, huang/stabler, hugh laurie, ian mckellen, invisible man, jack mccoy/mike cutter, jack of fables, jack/bigby, jack/ianto, jarod/kyle, jd/cox, jed/leo, john marbury, josh/marbury, justice league, kelly clarkson, lady gaga, law and order, law and order: ci, law and order: svu, lennie/jack, lotr, lotr rps, mac/danny, mad men, marvel comics, matt/danny, matt/mohinder, monk, monk/disher, movies, munch/fin, nero wolfe, neville/any, nigel/bug, nigel/woody, numb3rs, olympics slash, pretender slash, rare pairing, rare slash, reading, rolling stones, roy/hal, rube/george, ryan/delko, sabrina, sam/josh, sam/toby, scrubs slash, serenity, simpsons, singin in the rain, slash, snow/bigby, spider jerusalem, star trek (2009), star trek: ds9, studio 60, sydney/jarod, the bean trees, the beatles, the boys, the office, the pogues, the poisonwood bible, the pretender, thorpe/phelps, tony/steve, torchwood, transmetropolitan, try any pairing once, u2, up, video games, weasleycest, west wing slash, wolfe/archie, wolfe/delko, writing, young avengers

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