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Dear YAGKYAS Secret Santa:

Hi! Thank you for writing me a story! Let's get down to business:

Okay, so, before I get into the nitty-gritty on anything I want, re: characters, I thought I'd just give you the list of stuff I like vs. don't like.

Stuff I like: domestic stories, angsty stories, funny stories, tense stories, sweet stories, sad stories, happy stories, realistic stories, goofy stories, porn stories. So, basically anything, really. I'm a cheap date.

Stuff I don't like: This is all pretty much sexual, so please enjoy the following list of stuff that does not turn me on: dub-con, watersports, rape, Alpha/Beta/Omega, and I think that's it.

Stuff I like that's sexual: BDSM (more fun play than serious lifestyle), begging, teasing, light bighting, gunplay, wall-fucking, cuddly sex, slow sex, comfort sex, first time sex, established sex, groaning, moaning, grunting, mutual handjobs, exhibitionism, voyeurism, reversal of expected roles (Walt topping Brad, for example), and pretty much everything else that isn't on the "please no" list.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO WRITE ME PORN. I am so totally cool with day-in-the-life stuff or anything that is non-porn. I just want you to know that you can basically write me any kind of porn.

Okay, that's out of the way. Now, pairings:

Walt/Ray: What I love about their relationship is how Ray takes care of Walt in his very Ray way and how Walt finds it endearing. I also love that they're both worriers but in different ways. Ray just gets louder and more obnoxious, and Walt seems to get lost in his own head, so something about how the ways they're different and the same sort of play off each other would be awesome.

I'm also a big fan of them just being together and chill and happy. Feel free to have them have a glorious redneck weekend of watching Nascar and truck races while making steaks on the grill and drinking cheap beer.

Walt/Brad: I love the idea of dealing with them both still being in the Corps while also a couple. Or maybe them on vacation on a beach somewhere. Walt learning how to ride a motorcycle so he and Brad can damn near kill themselves together.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, please feel free to go your own way. I didn't list anything angsty, I realized, so I just want to reiterate that if that's where you'd like to go, I am all for it.

Now, for the characters stuff:

Walt Hasser: I know we all love Walt, but I especially love his worrywart side because it seems to sort of make him extra-competent while also wearing him out (as I've always sort of responded to it, at least). So, an examination of that would be boss. I'd also be happy with Walt at home in Virginia doing his thing and maybe hitting karaoke nights to sing all his country songs.

Evan Wright: I'd LOVE to see post-Iraq Reporter trying to get his head back into civilized society after so much time in that Victor. I'd also enjoy a pre-invasion Reporter as he sort of thinks about what he's just agreed to do or maybe his initial response to the assignment and how his opinions shifted the more time he spent with the guys.

Rudy Reyes: Rudy's devotion is so fucking fascinating to me. I want to know everything about it. Why is it? How much of it is intentional on his part? How much does he notice of how other people respond to it? Who sneaks hugs from him because you know he gives great hugs?

Sixta: Anything about Sixta. Anything. What's his background? Why's he a Marine? What are his thoughts on the invasion and the Marines he's in charge of and the lack of supplies and the heat of the day, and just ANYTHING. He's such an archtypical Marine for so much of the series/book, but he's got this whole other side that gets glimpsed at the end.

So, for the Avengers fandom pick, feel free to do anything you can think to do with that if you go that way. Feel free to swap in the boys as superheroes or have them called in by SHIELD to assist or maybe even just mock the entire fact that superheroes are a thing while they watch the news. I also would like to see, if you don't feel like fusing everything, some serious comic nerd talk between the guys about it. The shit-talking would be AMAZING.

And the quote, "All my bridges have been burned," is basically for you to interpret as you wish. It is totally from that Mumford & Sons song, so feel free to go into their version of it if you want.

Basically, just have a good time! The stuff I've outlined here is just my own ideas off the top of my head, so don't worry that I'm overly attached to any single one. Just rock out with your bad self and write a story you like.