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I do not mean to be hiding on tumblr fannishly, but I do not have any real thinky-thoughts, re: fandom right now (because my brain is fucking mush), so my time spent over there is mostly going, "Ooh, neat! Reblog!" But right now I have some thinky-thoughts and love having an actual blog so that people might read them.

--Still writing Clint/Coulson because of the Internet. I think I have four stories in progress? And I have plans for at least one other. Also, I am trying to write Corgi!Phil fic because there are a couple of Corgi!Clint fics, and I figured Phil should get his turn. I am now of the opinion the reason no one has written Corgi!Phil is because it's kind of goddamn hard. I just want him to be all floppy and ridiculous and sort of hate it but love the attention, and instead, the goddamn thing is 4000 words long and they've only just made it back to his apartment.

--MAD MEN HOLY CRAP. So, I watch the show, and I also read the recaps/style recaps at Tom & Lorenzo, and they've mentioned the writing is more obviously on-point this season so far rather than being more subtle, and I think it's being done purposely. [Unknown site tag]

The whole point of Mad Men is that it's showcasing a decade that went from "This is how we do things" to "holy fuckballs what," and I feel the more on-point writing is meant to parallel how the characters are noticing what feels like a sudden, scary change. They can no longer ignore things or brush them off as frivolous, much in the same way we, as an audience are now being forced to accept that these characters are maybe WAY more flawed than we'd like to admit (Pete), or more content than we'd readily believe (Don), or possibly even more awkward than we ever thought possible (Peggy [dear lord, girl, seriously]). So, I think it's an intentional choice by the writers to make us feel the same level of confusion and uncomfortableness that the characters are going through right now in their lives.

--With Avengers coming out so soon, I really want to read more Hawkeye. I've read the Ultimates mini, and it was very good (Hickman is generally a guy I consider 'very good'), but I'm no fond of Hawkeye having enhancements. It ruins the whole point of the character for me, which is that he's a badass normal working himself into the ground because, goddamnit, he WANTS to be who he is. And Fraction and Aja are about to launch a Hawkeye book that stars Clint AND Kate Bishop (or, as I like to call it, "Please, Marvel, take my goddamn money"), but I still want to do some background reading. So, recs if you have them.

--I may be completely addicted to Toddlers & Tiaras. I'm not proud of this, but I can't look away, and I always promised that the day I wouldn't admit to liking something was probably the day I probably shouldn't associate with it at all. It's such a combination of terrible and pretty all right in terms of people (really, some of the kids and parents seem perfectly normal), and I have this long-standing fascination with just that whole world of pageants and such. I think part of being able to watch it comes from the fact that it's more a documentary than a reality show. It doesn't feel nearly as staged a lot of other "realistic" reality shows. I actually can't stand most reality tv because it is completely transparent in its bullshit "plots" and "drama." At least with T&T, a screaming kid is directly related to a shitty parent.

All right, that's it, back to the homework mines.
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--I'm reading The Authority from the beginning because I never got through it the first time (I started it right before the move), and I'm pretty sure I shouldn't want Jack and Midnighter to have a one night stand, but man, I kinda do.

--The entirety of Steph's tenure as Batgirl is now available on comixology. As if my "to buy" list needed to get longer.

--I have at least one major though on JLI #2, but I'm saving it until I can get the screencap uploaded because there's like, paragraphs of stuff I want to say, and it works better with the image to start it off.

--I sort of want to watch "Once Upon a Time" on ABC, and I hear it's pretty entertaining, but I also know ABC attempted to option Fables, so it feels like they went for a legally distinct version of stuff. On the other hand, fairy tales on my tv could be super cool.

--I have watched no new shows for the fall so far. I think I'm becoming one of those crotchety types who likes my shows and only my shows and fuck new stuff. Or I'm hella busy. I don't know.

--The bulk of my Halloween costume is nearly complete! I should be able to finish the body tonight and maybe even get the zipper in. Can't wait!

--I am without any real fic plans right now. I think this is mostly due to still trying to figure out how the new DC universe works out, and as that's my general writing area now, I'm sort of in a holding pattern.

What are you up to, flist?
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--I am writing, but nothing wants to be finished. I'm having the same issues when writing for non-fannish purposes and have no other explanation then my brain hates me and wants me to to stab it to death with a pen.

--I am trying to write a "5 things" fic in the Buddy Cop AU with Guy and Kyle, but the damned thing suddenly grew legs on one of the parts, and I hate it slightly. Wonder if I can make vignettes out of what's NOT suddenly the beginning of an epic story?

--I know I missed Comic Dork Sunday. In my defense, I was at the doctor being told I need to see the orthopedist for my knee if the giant dose of ibuprofen doesn't work this week. Fun. Comic Dork Sunday will be around this week. I am determined, damnit.

--I have read all the rest of the DCU I'm reading right now. Loved GLC and New Guardians (I'm sure we're shocked), and I really, really liked Nightwing. That thing's got legs, me thinks. And not just the ones attached to Dick's glorious ass.

--Still ridiculously happy over Snyder's Batman. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS SO HAPPY.

--I was still on the fence about Teen Titans and haven't read it, and then I realized that Lobdell is doing Red Hood & Starfire has amnesia and gets mostly naked for no goddamn reason the Outlaws, so Teen Titans is totally off the list.

--That being said, I'm sure a bunch of us have read the thing about the mother who showed her 7-eyar-old a copy of Red Hood & what the fuck Lobdell seriously the fuck the Outsiders, and you know what? I'm not okay with that. I don't think it's right to show a kid something so sexualized and then say, "And how does this make you feel so that I may post it on the Internet?" The book is disgusting to me and I'm a full-grown adult who understands my sexuality. A 7-year-old should not have to try and make sense of that bullshit. If the kid had come across the comic herself, fine, but her mother showed it to her expressly to get her reaction so she could fucking blog about it. It bothers me a lot. I read that and don't see how the character affects the kid; I see how the creepy fuck parent exposed her kid to something she did not need to see at 7. I know she did it under the guise of "I must make my daughter aware," and you know what? Fuck that. She's seven. She should not have to deal with the concept of sexuality and idiotic douches being idiotic douches until she's at least old enough to understand everything sex entails. That's not fair.

--That made me ragey. I'm okay with that, and if you think that mom did a solid with her kid, please do not tell me about it. We will not agree, and I make real attempts not to get into conversations that will only anger both parties.

--I found the beginning of a Watchmen fic I'd nearly forgotten about. I really, really like the idea but it's gonna take WORK.

--I am watching Human Target from the beginning, because I watched the first three episodes, loved them, and then immediately fell into a hole. As he is somewhat weird-looking and fucking badass, I don't think anyone's surprised I have a totally inappropriate thing for Guerrero. Yeah, he'd probably sell me off for a really good sandwich, but by god, I love him. Also, I swear he has a total crush on Winston. If Winston had pigtails, they'd be pulled.

--I did skip ahead on HT and watch "Cool Hand Guerrero" because, dude, shirtless Jackie Earle Hayley (hi, I'm shallow). And you know, what I saw of the second-season vagina attachment was pretty good. They seemed interesting and likable, but the reason I call them "vagina attachment" is because they were added by network mandate, and you know what? Fuck that. I wasn't watching (and am not watching) HT to see a motely crew of three dudes and two chicks run around and save the day. I was watching (and am watching) because there are three dudes blowing shit up and having awesome fight scenes and sometimes they take their shirts off or skydive into a secure building. And it is AWESOME. I'm tired of networks declaring they need more women viewers and so they add women to the cast. I say if a woman isn't going to watch a three-dude show about explosions and fight scenes, adding women to the mix isn't going to change that.

--And I totally almost deleted this whole post, so I'm gonna go. What's up with you, flist?

Random crap

Sep. 9th, 2011 12:55 pm
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In no particular order!

--I am tired as fuck. We were in San Diego when the power went down, and while we had a totally mellow evening, we had a 4:00 a.m. wake-up to make it to the only flight that still had seats open for today. I need more coffee but am otherwise fine.

--Having reviewed JLI and Batgirl, I'm kinda thinking about doing more comic reviews/goofy panel stuff. Basically, what I was doing on tumblr, but over here instead. It'll require a serious amount of photo uploading, but I think it'll be fun. Thoughts, anyone? Part of me wants to quit being butt-hurt about tumblr and go back to it, but I also want to do geeky comic stuff here. I mean, this is mainly a fannish blog, and comics are my big fandom, so there you go. (Also, it might be a ploy to get more of you to read comics [or more comics]).

--My writer's block seems to have died. Right now, I'm working on a Guy/Kyle (or maybe Guy & Kyle) story that's part of the Buddy Cop AU, and I've been writing it on my phone because I am a gadget dork, and it was closest. If you ever want to fuck up your thumbs, write 2,000 words of fic on your phone.

--I know I mentioned this on twitter, but I feel it needs to be repeated: Over at AO3, in the GLC cateogry, most of the stories are mine. And that's not even all my GLC stories. If you have GLC stories, you should upload them, so I don't look like the only super dork for the boys.

--Have I mentioned that the reason John Stewart is now in GLC with Guy is because Bedard wasn't certain he could do right by John in terms of character development if he were in New Guardians? This, ladies and gents, is why GLC and NG are going to be good. Bedard knew he couldn't do right by John, so he gave him to Tomasi. While I am still leery about some New DC stuff, this kind of information makes me gleeful.

--Speaking of New DC, I am still trying to figure out how the fuck the relationships work. Some people seem to be carrying their same relationships, but they wouldn't have known each other as long, and it's all very strange. I figure it'll even out, and I'm sure if I read JLA it would help out, but I don't want to and would rather wiki or just figure shit out myself.

--And the random crap is mostly comics. I'm sure we're all shocked.

--COOOOOOFFFFFFFFEEEEEEE (C-O-F-F-E-E [that will be funny to...3 of you?])
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In Comics
Gail Simone--awesome comic book writer and the kind of feminist-with-a-sense-of-humor* worth my time--has said that she WANTS people to ship Oracle/Black Canary. Which, honestly, is not hard at all. Because, WOW. I've just read Birds of Prey #56-#59, and those two ladies? GAY AND IN LOVE.

There is a panel about both of them wanting to "try tuna."

Gail Simone: Please fucking marry me in a giant fantasy issue that will sell a bunch of issues and we will die on every page.

Batman Beyond, the newest series, is doing same-date for paper and digital, and while I think it's a little silly to request the $2.99 cover price for the digital copy (which doesn't require printing, therefore driving up cover cost), I am willing to pay it if only to, a) read Batman Beyond (TERRY I LOVE YOU) and b) to encourage DC to put more comics on a same-day schedule.

So, in Red Robin #19, Tim got to visit his own subconscious (just go with it), and his subconscious is The Riddler. Months and months ago I had an idea about Tim getting a grievous enough injury to have to give up the superhero business--specifically an amputated limb--and he opens a restaurant (because, like Liz Lemon, I live on ideas of food), and one of his waitresses is getting stalked, so Tim brings in the best PI in the business, who is Edward Ngyma, and they both know who the other used to be, but they play it all at the level above--lots of hints and such but not enough to tip the others hand--and maybe they have sex. I don't know. Also, wow. Hi, run-on sentence. So, short version: Tim running a restaurant. The Riddler all legit and running his PI business. Working together. Awesomeness.

In Books
The fucking awesome [personal profile] lasergirl sent me a copy of The Man in the White Suit, which is the book by Ben Collins, who as The Stig on Top Gear from series 3 until series 15 (I think; I might be off a series), and I already love him on page 35. Anyone who instinctively kicked a dude in the junk due to a belief that his father was being slighted is okay in my book.

I gave in and joined Goodreads (under my official name), and I rather like it. It's a streamlined version of Shelfari, and I'm hoping to review everything I read this year. If you wanna follow me, send me a PM, and I'll send you my full name.

YA. I fucking love YA. That is all.

In Oooh! Shiny!
I finally opened the Nook app on my iPad** and realized the app is actually better than the Nook. This is not to say the Nook as a platform is bad, simply that when Apple decides to pull their collective head from their collective ass and really do something, it gets done really fucking well. Now, I just have to figure out what to do with my Nook. Hrm.

In Fic
Accepting the fact that I do not write sex scenes in great detail most of the time and am, in fact, not great at them in long-format, I am perfectly comfortable skipping over an epic sex scene for more banter. Because, dude. Banter fucking WINS.

*Clarification: I like any feminist with a sense of humor. I'm trying to say that I don't like humorless feminists. And, beyond that, anyone without a sense of humor.

**Yes, I sound slightly douchestastic. Shaddup.
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--The A-Team fic is in beta! I repeat: The A-Team fic is IN BETA. This is a minor miracle.

--I'm now working on not one, but two Gen Kill pieces. Both Nate/Ray. I know it's so against my type to want the mouthy bastard to end up with the quieter bastard, but there you go.

--The Charlie/Draco is slowly moving its way back up the queue. Lets not look up how long it's been since I started that thing, okay?

--As I have been writing nothing but GIANT FUCKING STORIES lately, feel free to request a tiny bit of something. I will do my best to oblige. And I know I've got beta work to do for a couple of people. You are not forgotten, I promise. I'm working it into the rotation.

Any ficcish victories for you, flist?
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It's been A WEEK. Seriously. Nothing's been quite as bad as getting hit by the car, but a bunch of other stuff has piled up, and GAH. But I don't want to go all rant-mode because, a) I'm already cranky as shit, and b) it's not fun if I can't be humorous with it, so instead, I'm gonna share links and shit:

First, there is atongue-in-cheek how to name your band and first album site that gave me an awesome band and album name for the band I'm gonna create for post-Iraq Ray Person. Try it yourself!

My comic book dorkiness needs this awesome accessory. God, old romance comics were EPIC.

And my general book dorkiness needs this beautiful necklace. You can even write in them!

Continuing in the hand-made trend (and the reason I found those necklaces), Regretsy (where you go to see the ugliness that can come from etsy) has a new game! You get to choose if the product you're looking at is from Etsy or Anthropologie. I did pretty well, actually.

Also, in more direct fannish news:

--The A-Team fic, the monster, is 100 pages, 37,190 words, and the first draft is finished! FINISHED I SAY! ::evil laughter:: I'm really iffy on Amy and Murdock's big scene, but the scene I wrote after is pretty awesome, so I think it'll even out in beta.

--Everyone I know on the internets (and in real life) who has seen "The King's Speech" has loved it, and this makes me a happy bunny. I'm glad other people enjoy warm, sincere films about people being decent to each other.

--Toddlers and Tiaras is on instant queue, and I may have started watching it. In my defense, I do not currently have a trashy television show in my rotation, and I'll be damned if I watch anything about people with a million fucking children. So, beauty pageants and possible abuse it is! (Yes, I am aware this trade off makes no sense. No, I do not want to talk about it.)

--Am behind on comics. Am not surprised. Those of you who keep up with me on the subject are probably not surprised either. Everyone wins!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go watch my trash TV and crochet and try to ignore my homework until tomorrow. I think I've earned that much this week.
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No real reason, beyond my own dorkish tendencies. And I've listed them according to chronology, I think.

15243 (Twenty Years Gone; Mash; BJ/Hawkeye)
29335 (X and Average Man; X-Men/Heroes; Matt/Mohinder)
34015 (Unorganized Snapshots of Prep School Life; Law&Order HSAU; Jack/Mike)
21689 (Sick and Tired of What to Say (No One Listens Anyway); Harry Potter; Neville/Snape)
13302 (Harry, Harry, Snape, and Bob; Dresden Files (TV)/Harry Potter; Dresden/Bob, Harry/Snape)
23613 (In Between Days; Harry Potter; Percy/Oliver)
12651 (The Luckiest (Sequel to In Between Days); Harry/Potter; Percy/Oliver)
32051 (A Boy from Nowhere; Green Lantern Corps HSAU; Guy/Kyle)
13734 (Love in the Aftermath; NCIS; Gibbs/Tony)

Total Words: 195633
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--The A-Team fic is officially over 30,000 words. If [personal profile] lasergirl were more pleased, I think she'd mail herself to me.

--I'm going through another phase were I'm in love with Mag 7 again. Bless you, AO3 for having lots of fic. I really wish Netflix would run the series on the Instant Queue. The Husband has no interest in the show (damn him), so I can't convince him to get the discs sent over. Maybe someday soon he'll have to travel to act, and I'll have a few weeks alone.

--I am nearly finished with Generation Kill, the book. I can only read it about 20 pages at a time because I feel so much for those guys. I know they could snap me in half, but I wanna hug ALL OF THEM.

--I have numerous other fics in the works right now, but I'm determined to finish the A-Team fic. And then find someone to beta the A-Team fic. And then post the A-Team fic. And then I will win at fucking life.

--I got caught up on comics, and now I'm behind on comics again. I'm not sure this is a fail, as I was caught up for twenty-four hours.

--The Big Fat Quiz of the Year will be watched as soon as The Husband is satisfied his homework is completed. I hope we get to it tonight. Jimmy Carr's laugh, people! Jimmy. Carr's. Laugh!

And that's me. What's up with you?
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As I pretend I'm not buried in homework.

Rorschach is not an Objectivist. Not even in his earlier scenes. He does have shades of Objectivism in his character:

Moral absolutes are a huge part of the Objectivist philosophy. There is always good and there is always evil, and the middle is always evil because compromising on your principles will always have a negative effect on your self-worth. Perhaps it's a tiny pinprick of negativity that you compromised, it's still negativity.

Respect for skills is another piece of Objectivism. Rorschach is anti-Jewish, but he has respect for Daniel because Daniel has impressed him with his skills. Objectivism is crystal clear on the importance of knowing you're talented and skillful and recognizing it in others. It brings forth mutual respect based on objective qualities in a person. In Dan's case, the respect from Rorschach comes from Dan's talent with gadgets and his investigative skills. Dan is useful to Rorschach, and Rorschach--being willing to break fingers and bust heads--is useful to Dan. They have a mutually beneficial relationship based on things they can do and prove to one another.

Beyond that, Rorschach's not really an Objectivist at all. Objectivists aren't against helping people in bad situations; they're against being forced to help people in bad situations. And Rorschach's distaste of money and decadence is decidedly non-Objectivist. To quote Atlas Shrugged:

Reporter: "Do you want us to quote all the things you have said?"
Dagny: "I hope I may trust you to be sure and quote them. Would you oblige me by taking this down verbatim?" [She paused to see their pencils ready, then dictated.] "open quote--Ms. Taggert says"I expect to make a pile of money on the John Gault line. I will have earned it.--close quote.--Thank you so much."

Alan Moore wrote Rorschach with his personal view of Objectivism. Using Rorschach as the avatar Moore meant him to be for the philosophy, people take away the idea that Objectivism is hugely anti-people and anti-hero. It's just not true. In fact, it's a blatant mis-representation of the facts. Objectivism is the celebration of talented, skilled people willing to work hard and enjoy their success. Objectivism is about appreciating heroes and heroic ideals. The end of Watchmen is Alan Moore basically stating that heroes are liars who won't stand up and fight once things have gotten bad enough. Rand would argue that heroes fight because they believe in the fight.

And, in that case, Rorschach is a true Objectivist. At the end of Watchmen, knowing what Adrian's done, he tries to run and fix it. Dropping to his knees in front of Dr. Manhattan and demanding he be killed so as not to live in the world that everyone else is agreeing to is also very Objectivist. He'd rather go down for his principles than live in a world that doesn't respect them. But again, these are brief shades of a character. The whole of the character tells a different story.

That different story is this: Moore wrote a character who was anti-Jewish, anti-woman, and anti-immigrants. Ayn Rand was a Russian Jewish immigrant and had her accent until the day she died. Rorschach would have bought her books to set them on fire.

I'm not saying people should stop writing Rorschach the way Moore gave him to us to read. Rorschach is a fascinating character because of how broken he is, how hard he fights, and how much he honestly feels though he pretends otherwise. I just wanted to point out that there's Objectivism as Rand wrote it--and she's the one who came up with it, so it's hers to define--and then there's what Moore wrote. Which is decidedly not the same thing.

[To learn more about Objectivism, visit your local library, or talk to The Husband, who helped immensely in writing this entry.]
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--The A-Team fic has decided it shall be written now. Usually, I can work on two or three different stories at the same time, but my brain's kind of scrambled figuring out what time is for school and what time is for non-school, so I've only got enough concentration for one long fic. The A-Team fic won, I think, because while there will be slightly angsty elements, it's still gonna be pretty light-hearted. I mean, hell, I'm writing Amy and Murdock in a room together. Which means accents and affectations and general silliness.

--Also, that A-Team fic is based on the show, not the movie, because I am old school, bitches.

--The Husband and I are watching a lot of "American Dad" because it's all on instant queue, and I can only take about four hours of "24" on in the background at a time. I have realized that, a) the show is pretty solid and b) it will never be great. It's not the best show ever, but it's funny, and it doesn't fall into all the truly awful traps "Family Guy" uses all the freakin' time.

--That being said, we've also been watching old "Family Guy" episodes, and it's fascinating to watch the first and second seasons then skip to season 4. You know season 4, when the wheels flew off the fucking cart? Yeah. It's painful.

--The Husband is watching "24" in about 4-episode chunks. Last night, we sat on the couch, and I watched a documentary while he powered three episodes, and today he watched four episodes. I'm keeping up through watching with him occasionally and just asking what's happened, but I don't know how he powers through like that. I get riled up.

--That being said, all the watching let me have an AWESOME dream where I was dating Chloe, and we were basically reenacting the first episode from season 5 where she has to run from bad guys. Why, yes, brain, I'll take awesome self-insert in my dreams.

--As will probably surprise no one, The Husband found this dream hot.

And how's you, flist? Tomorrow, I do homework, but tonight, I'm hanging loose.
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I find myself remembering unfinished stories that I really, really liked writing. One included Percy as Potions Master and Snape being made DADA, and then Percy having to borrow books, and it's post-war and sad [I killed both twins, instead of just one], and now I wish I still had the hand-written copy somewhere, because I don't know if I can get the atmosphere from scratch.

Also, what are your thoughts on Neville/Snape? Especially given Neville's leadership and general badassery in book 7? I like to think that Neville retains his general badassery and could realize that Snape's bark only becomes a bite if you actually try to harm him. Yes? No?
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--The Guy/Kyle table I created for the [ profile] dcu_freeforall has started to bear fruit. I wrote a really fun piece when I was supposed to be caring in Bio. But, seriously, it's Bio. I have a book. I have my notes. I really am trying to care as much as possible.

--I've got a couple different L&O pieces in the pipeline. One's a post-ep for 19.11. One's a non-post-ep. One's a post-ep for 19.12, and if I can get the idea to solidify for the post-ep for 19.10, I'd be a happy bunny.

--No, I do not mean to post-ep the whole season, but seriously, have you seen this season?

--To get the taste of "Crappy Sparkly Vampire Book" out of my mouth, I am re-reading "Watchmen". And, flist, seriously, if you've never read "Watchmen", I really do think you should give it a try. It's a fantastic story. If you see the movie first, that's cool too. Just get familiar with it. I really do think it's that good.

--I just realized I've not so much as glanced at the "Tin Man" fic of DOOM in weeks. [ profile] lasergirl, have you so much as glanced at the fic? There is no penalty for not glancing, as I haven't done so, you know?

--I kinda want to write stuff for fandoms I don't write for anymore. Just little bits and pieces, you know? Round out the current collection of comics/L&O/comics that I'm running. If I decide to go that route, I'll make a post to let you folks throw out options.

--Oh, look! A poll!

[Poll #1347312]
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Please keep the following things in mind as you read this:

1. I missed chunks of season six because I was either traveling, sleeping, or studying sleeping.

2. I do not subscribe to any Stargate lists because of the sheer amount of discussion I've found on the ones I've tried. The things I say in this post are pulled from what I found on websites during the time Jonas Quinn wss a regular on Stargate.

Now that we have that covered:

Onward! )


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