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I just realized I'm three issues behind on "X-Factor," and two issues behind on "Nightwing," but I've caught up on other things!

In no particular order and with minimal spoilers:

just in case )

That's all I can remember for now. You need me, I'll be doing homework yet again.
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Title: 5 Moments in the Life of Two Dicks
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Green Lantern Corps
Pairing: Kyle/M, Guy/Kyle
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Title says it all. Consider it a sequel to Just Two Dicks.

Dis: Lies and bullshit.

Author's Notes: For [personal profile] lasergirl, per her holiday ficlet request. It got kinda long for a ficlet, but I doubt you care, hon. And beautifully betaed by [personal profile] dytabytes, who figured out I can't spell anyone's name right on the first try.

Cops! Robbers! Blows to the head! )
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I sat down tonight to read some of the Kirby/Simon Romance comics from way back in the day. The first story? "Back Door Love." All about a woman who falls for the wrong man. He is, apparently, a dead beat, but that is so not where I thought that terminology was going.

In other news, I continue to have the most juvenile sense of humor of all time.
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I thought to actually search the Penny Arcade archives and found the two sets of automata strips they have.

Do you think if we start a petition they'll finally do it? Sooooo good.

(Also, if you are not dytabytes, you should read it anyway. Because it is freaking awesome.)
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Oh, my, do we. And by "we," I mean, "I," and by "I," I mean "I don't really care if you don't care. I wanna show you some fucking awesome Warren Ellis work and hypothesize threesomes."

If you decided to check it out because I said 'threesomes,' I am okay with that. )

I've got others; some from the rest of Ellis's run, and a few from Millar's, though I'm not a fan of Millar's work on the run overall (details are here), he had a few good panels. We'll get to those later. And by "we," I mean, "I still need to upload them."
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I like your work. I enjoy the over-the-top complete clusterfuck of messed up, world-destroying that is Wanted, and I liked parts of Old Man Logan (the parts I didn't like we'll get to shortly), and I even enjoyed the basic story arcs you put together for The Authority, but Mark. We have to talk. Immediately. Because, honey, you're a two trick pony. You really are.

Here are your tricks:

1. You immediately take everything up to eleven and while that works when you're writing your own stuff because it's your own stuff, and there are no expectations except that you will make things balls out, fuckstick crazy, it does not work when you are writing someone else's stuff. Especially when that stuff--The Authority--was created by Warren Goddamn Ellis. Because, the thing is, Mark, Warren goes up to eleven all the goddamn time too, but he has finesse. He world builds and he character builds, and you, well, you basically have everyone either partying or fucking or blowing shit up and try to pass it off for character development, and while it can be fun to get in on that kind of crazy balls, I had twelve issues of Warren Goddamn Ellis balancing the balls out crazy with character moments and quieter moments, and you don't really have that skill. Or, if you do, you're hiding it really damn well.

But Mark, that's not the worst part. The worst part is part 2. Which is this:

2. Every goddamn villain you create is some combination of a racist, rapist, mass murderer, and sexist. And not nuanced, thought out variations on this combination that could lead to a lot of conversation on these matters, no. Every fucking villain you have ends up using some hugely offensive racial slur (You had the previous doctor use sambo, for fuck's sake), or by being a child rapist (Seth, the hillbilly, who I will touch on in a moment), or a sexist who throws hot metal at a woman's face, or a mass murderer who talks about how much fun it is to mass murder. One villain with all these attributes would be something horrific, but every single one of your villains is this guy. I mean, for fuck's sake, Mark, you had a villain who was a child rapist who was the product of a woman's rape by her eight brothers. We get it. You're edgy.

Except you're not. What's that? Women getting raped in comics? My god, I have never heard of that happening ever. Sure, you're willing to go to the absolute extreme in order to get shock value, but shock value is not good storytelling. And shock value, after 20 issues? Isn't shock value. It's me plowing through the same goddamn shit villain line-up for four fucking arcs so that I can get to volume 2.

You know why Warren can write crazy balls shit like Transmetropolitan? Because he's Warren fucking Ellis. He gave us Spider Jerusalem, the craziest bastard in comics at that time, and then he gave us a world where it made since that Spider was that crazy. Warren Ellis created a man who eats caribou eyes, and we all rooted for him. The man who forcibly makes people shit their pants, and we cheered for him. Warren fucking Ellis is a crazy bastard who can write like a motherfucker. You just write people fucking their mothers. Perhaps you think it's a fine distinction, but it's definitely a distinction to note.
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If you prefer print comics, for whatever reason (you're a reader and collector, you've got that weird smell-boner people sometimes have with printed things, whatever), then buy your comics as printed materials. No one is stopping you. No one is demanding you switch over to digital. Hell, Marvel is going to start including a code for free digital copy of the comics you buy in print, which means collectors can always re-read their favorites without breaking the seal on the bag.

But don't ever, and I mean EVER, get all high and mighty about how the end of print is nigh, and you refuse to read comics in digital form, and OH GOD THE SKY IS FALLING.

Because you know what? It's not. At all. All the companies will keep putting out paper comics for as long as there is a viable market. It's the same damned rules as print books. If you prefer print, BUY IN PRINT. BECAUSE YOU ARE THE MARKET FOR THAT.

If we use ebooks vs. print books as an example (and I think it's a fairly decent indicator), ebooks only account for about 20% of the market. 20%. That's it. Print isn't dead. Maybe it will be at one point, but right now, 80% of people still prefer their book container to be made of trees. And I'm willing to bet about that same number of people prefer their comics to come in dead tree form as well.

How long with the 20/80 breakdown last? No idea, but I do know this: If you pay for it, they will generally keep making it. So, buy your comics in paper form and calm. your. shit.

This post brought to you by a series of people shitting themselves over Marvel announcing full day-and-date on major titles by March.
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The dress is finished and looks pretty damned fabulous, if I do say so myself. There's some weird bunching in the ass area because I did my increases sort-of wrong, but it's not super noticeable, and it's not like I don't smooth my skirts all the time anyway.

I will be wearing my boots from two years ago, because it helps pick up the '60s vibe I'm trying to go for. If I can manage it, my hair will be sort of '60s pinned, with the poofy bit up top and really close in sides.

I will be wearing my Guy Gardner necklace to complete the ensemble. Because when one dresses as one's imaginary boyfriend, it's only polite.

I'm about to sit down and try to bust out a pair of fingerless gloves before bed. They're not '60s specific, but I couldn't find any actual gloves I liked, so I'm gonna make my own. They will be white, of course.

I can't find my GL ring that fits beautifully and was carted back from a con by my former comic guy, so I ended up buying a little GL trick-or-treating kit to get a ring that would fit. The ring is cheap as shit (as was the packaging, the first one I picked up just sort of disintegrated on me), but it lights up, so that's pretty awesome. Sadly, it has that awful movie design with the black band running down the sides. Why it could not have been a darker green, I do not know.

Also, if I have enough time (this is a strong maybe), I will be making myself a little yellow bag to complete the ensemble. Because that's how I roll, poozers.

And my hair is now red.
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--I'm reading The Authority from the beginning because I never got through it the first time (I started it right before the move), and I'm pretty sure I shouldn't want Jack and Midnighter to have a one night stand, but man, I kinda do.

--The entirety of Steph's tenure as Batgirl is now available on comixology. As if my "to buy" list needed to get longer.

--I have at least one major though on JLI #2, but I'm saving it until I can get the screencap uploaded because there's like, paragraphs of stuff I want to say, and it works better with the image to start it off.

--I sort of want to watch "Once Upon a Time" on ABC, and I hear it's pretty entertaining, but I also know ABC attempted to option Fables, so it feels like they went for a legally distinct version of stuff. On the other hand, fairy tales on my tv could be super cool.

--I have watched no new shows for the fall so far. I think I'm becoming one of those crotchety types who likes my shows and only my shows and fuck new stuff. Or I'm hella busy. I don't know.

--The bulk of my Halloween costume is nearly complete! I should be able to finish the body tonight and maybe even get the zipper in. Can't wait!

--I am without any real fic plans right now. I think this is mostly due to still trying to figure out how the new DC universe works out, and as that's my general writing area now, I'm sort of in a holding pattern.

What are you up to, flist?
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Why, yes, I am tucking the first trade of "Alias" and the "Rescue" one-shot (where Pepper gets her own suit of awesome) into a bag and CAMPING THE FUCK OUT.

[personal profile] templemarker, wanna meet me there? I will save you a seat.

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If you don't know, I'm going as Gal Gardner for Halloween. Not the Gal Gardner from this cover (and, yes, that is gender-swapped Guy in canon), but a '60s inspired Gal Gardner. Allow me to run you through the basics.

First, I am crocheting a dress in this basic shape (you have to click the thumbnail to make it bigger). I'm crocheting it because I can't sew for shit and can crochet quickly as needed. Right now, I'm nearly to the high waist, and once I've got that done, the rest of the bust will come pretty quickly. I'm gonna make a series of GL symbols to run down the front of the skirt similar to the way Joan's skirt is here. Mine would start slightly farther down, but it'd be a clean line of symbols from wherever I start it down to the hem.

But now we're at accessories. I have a pair of heels that will work with the whole look if I can wear heels at Halloween (may be in a knee brace--nothing serious, just annoying as fuck), and I have flats I can sub in if I need too, but now I am DETERMINED to style the rest of the look. I need little white gloves (wrist-length), and I desperately want a mustard yellow clutch to carry because it will a) be hilarious to people who know Lantern history and b) allow me to haul around my ID and shit. Amazon has this, but I'm certain I can find something sleeker and cheaper. I know there was one I coveted but put back at an overstock store, so I may hit it again to see if it's still there.

This is why I don't design my own costumes, people. I get a little nuts about them.
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This is NOT part of Comic Dork Sunday, though it could be, given what I'm about to discuss, but it's not. Because that thing is done and in the bag, and I am not adding another entry to it right now.

If you don't know yet, I am creating my own costume this Halloween. A couple of Halloweens ago, I went as a Green Lantern. I made myself a skirt, painted up so cheap boots, and painted up a busted old shirt I had. It looked fucking awesome. (I cannot, at the moment, find the picture, but trust me.) This year, because I just don't have enough things to do with my time, I'm making a full dress, mod style (or so I hope), pairing it with my boots from two years ago (which are white, pleather, and awesome), and dying my hair red. I shall be Gal Gardner. And it will, of course, be awesome.

Anyway, this made me think of a GL costume for the ladies I've been seeing in Previews for years. It's this one. It has a mini skirt, boot pullovers, and a halter neckline. The copy (such as it is) tries to sell the costume as empowering because Green Lanterns are all about willpower and ass-kicking. Which, yeah. But guys, seriously, there is a much easier way to sell that costume. And that way is Arisia.

Don't know Arisia? She's a Green Lantern, and in canon, her costume looks
like this, and her official bust from DC looks like this, and her official action figure from DC looks like this (scroll down about a quarter of the page. So, basically, you are dressing as Arisia if she lived in the real world and not a comic book.

I want to make it clear that I generally don't have an issue with Arisia's costume. The bust and the action figure are more tit-tacular than I'd like, but I've seen a lot of good takes on Arisia's costume, mostly the cover artist and inside penciller for "Emerald Warriors" who gave us (collectively) this glorious face-punching shot and numerous instances of Arisia in her tiny skirt (and other tiny things) and not looking sort of skeevy. As a lover of minis, I can't ever disagree with Arisia's wardrobe, but I definitely appreciate when an artist stops to think about how ridiculous it could look versus how believable they can make it look.

Also, for the love of fuck, do not seach "arisia green lantern costume" without safe search on Google unless you want your brain to die a little. I don't have issues with porn of fictional characters, but when I'm not expecting it, something breaks in my head.
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Okay, look, I'm not gonna pretend like the lack of Ted in the new universe doesn't make me die a little inside. So much of Ted as a character has been used in the last five or six years to build up the whole universe. Booster's never-ending (heart breaking) devotion showcased so much of him in Booster Gold. And Jaime wouldn't have been half the Beetle he was if not for Guy telling him that Ted is the guy to emulate.

But for now, Ted is no more, and Jaime is back to the start, and I'm gonna catch you up on the basics. Spoilers abound, but mostly in terms of where-are-they-now and not so much the plot (which hasn't really launched out yet).

Five catch-up photos behind the cut )

Basically, if you skipped the scans, we're back to where we were the first time Jaime showed up on the scene with only one really noticeable change in everyone's characters. I do think they rebooted just to be able to wipe out Ted, and I am so not happy with that, but at the same time, I have always loved Jaime, and I do wonder what he'll be like without Ted's legacy as a guiding influence. But I wonder, will he and Guy have their student/mentor relationship if there's no Ted to talk about? I really liked that relationship, and I'll miss it if it's gone.

But, I will wait and see, because this was a strong first issue, and I have a lot of hope for this book.
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I reviewed the new JLI awhile back and am too damned lazy to look for the entry to link you properly. All you have to know is that I liked it. Now, let's stop wondering why I can't be bothered to link and look at some pictures.

four images, no waiting (unless you have a slow connection) )
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--I am writing, but nothing wants to be finished. I'm having the same issues when writing for non-fannish purposes and have no other explanation then my brain hates me and wants me to to stab it to death with a pen.

--I am trying to write a "5 things" fic in the Buddy Cop AU with Guy and Kyle, but the damned thing suddenly grew legs on one of the parts, and I hate it slightly. Wonder if I can make vignettes out of what's NOT suddenly the beginning of an epic story?

--I know I missed Comic Dork Sunday. In my defense, I was at the doctor being told I need to see the orthopedist for my knee if the giant dose of ibuprofen doesn't work this week. Fun. Comic Dork Sunday will be around this week. I am determined, damnit.

--I have read all the rest of the DCU I'm reading right now. Loved GLC and New Guardians (I'm sure we're shocked), and I really, really liked Nightwing. That thing's got legs, me thinks. And not just the ones attached to Dick's glorious ass.

--Still ridiculously happy over Snyder's Batman. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS SO HAPPY.

--I was still on the fence about Teen Titans and haven't read it, and then I realized that Lobdell is doing Red Hood & Starfire has amnesia and gets mostly naked for no goddamn reason the Outlaws, so Teen Titans is totally off the list.

--That being said, I'm sure a bunch of us have read the thing about the mother who showed her 7-eyar-old a copy of Red Hood & what the fuck Lobdell seriously the fuck the Outsiders, and you know what? I'm not okay with that. I don't think it's right to show a kid something so sexualized and then say, "And how does this make you feel so that I may post it on the Internet?" The book is disgusting to me and I'm a full-grown adult who understands my sexuality. A 7-year-old should not have to try and make sense of that bullshit. If the kid had come across the comic herself, fine, but her mother showed it to her expressly to get her reaction so she could fucking blog about it. It bothers me a lot. I read that and don't see how the character affects the kid; I see how the creepy fuck parent exposed her kid to something she did not need to see at 7. I know she did it under the guise of "I must make my daughter aware," and you know what? Fuck that. She's seven. She should not have to deal with the concept of sexuality and idiotic douches being idiotic douches until she's at least old enough to understand everything sex entails. That's not fair.

--That made me ragey. I'm okay with that, and if you think that mom did a solid with her kid, please do not tell me about it. We will not agree, and I make real attempts not to get into conversations that will only anger both parties.

--I found the beginning of a Watchmen fic I'd nearly forgotten about. I really, really like the idea but it's gonna take WORK.

--I am watching Human Target from the beginning, because I watched the first three episodes, loved them, and then immediately fell into a hole. As he is somewhat weird-looking and fucking badass, I don't think anyone's surprised I have a totally inappropriate thing for Guerrero. Yeah, he'd probably sell me off for a really good sandwich, but by god, I love him. Also, I swear he has a total crush on Winston. If Winston had pigtails, they'd be pulled.

--I did skip ahead on HT and watch "Cool Hand Guerrero" because, dude, shirtless Jackie Earle Hayley (hi, I'm shallow). And you know, what I saw of the second-season vagina attachment was pretty good. They seemed interesting and likable, but the reason I call them "vagina attachment" is because they were added by network mandate, and you know what? Fuck that. I wasn't watching (and am not watching) HT to see a motely crew of three dudes and two chicks run around and save the day. I was watching (and am watching) because there are three dudes blowing shit up and having awesome fight scenes and sometimes they take their shirts off or skydive into a secure building. And it is AWESOME. I'm tired of networks declaring they need more women viewers and so they add women to the cast. I say if a woman isn't going to watch a three-dude show about explosions and fight scenes, adding women to the mix isn't going to change that.

--And I totally almost deleted this whole post, so I'm gonna go. What's up with you, flist?
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Okay, a little more: This is a Bruce you know, folks. He's got the obsessive streak. He's got the cool toys. He's got his eye on the saving Gotham prize, but he's also got a softer edge to him. Is he still an exacting taskmaster? Absolutely. But there's a layer of angst off of him, maybe more than one, and it makes me wonderful to read. Because he's the Bruce you know, but he's also a Bruce a lot of people have missed. The Bruce (and Bat) who is a complete hardass but with a softer side that balances him out.

Snyder writes a hell of a first chapter. In fact, it was his spectacular work on Dick Grayson's Bat-time in "Detective" that got me to try the new "Batman," and I am so fucking glad I did.

I'll go into more depth on Comic Dork Sunday. Right now, I've got to run out and comic dork in person.
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Who do I still own comics? I still have them sorted, but things went a bit sideways after vacation (not in a bad way, just a pre-school way). So, if I still owe you comics, please ping me so I know. I'm digging through old PMs and e-mails double-checking myself, but chiming in helps me out.
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I'm keeping Comic Dork Sunday short today, as I'm still working on getting a good backlog of entries ready to go (also, I still don't think DW is properly lining up my posts), but I'm gonna end on the best note. The Guy Gardner note:

Ladies and gents, Guy Gardner in a panel. Weird shit is going on. Weird shit must be punched. (Also, honey, your shirt is all torn. Let me help you with that.)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everyone! Read a comic!
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Or, as I like to also call it: "Judd Winick, this is how you do emotional stuff and goofy superhero stuff. Take some fucking notes."

minor spoilers and lots of pics )

Funny yet sad yet funny yet touching yet heartbreaking. The shooting of Bob is beautifully timed.

(Also, if the slideshow doesn't work, I suck, and I'm sorry.)


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