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Or, I had a really weird dream last night, and it was kinda awesome.

First, going way, way, way back to "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers," I had a dream that Rocky and Billy were sleeping next to each other for some reason, and Rocky had a huge crush, but didn't want to tell Billy, because he thought Billy was brokenhearted over Jason leaving, and they finally talked about it, and just as it was getting to the point where it would have been my brain writing fic while I was asleep, it turned into Napoleon and Illya running from a train while soaking wet. And, lo, there was bickering, and then I was at the train station, trying to get on my train, but it wouldn't stop.

Overall? Very weird. But fun!

Also, I kinda wanna write that Billy/Rocky now. Thoughts, flist?
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This was a weird one!

Before I get into the dream, you need to know something: I have seen exactly 1/2 of an episode of "Fringe," which really does make this dream a weird one.

So, basically, I was a badass action chick working with Joshua Jackson's character from "Fringe." Which would be super-cool if I'd seen more of "Fringe" than previously mentioned, but I haven't, so all completely out-of-character traits are entirely the fault of my weird brain.

So, I was a badass action chick, and we were on a helicarrier not unlike that of S.H.I.E.L.D., and one of the guys in the unit had gone bugfuck and needed to be taken down.

I storm into a room with a fantastic big-fucking-gun, yell at Joshua Jackson (I don't know his character name from "Fringe," so he's Joshua Jackson) to grab a gun and come along because I need someone who can shoot straight, and then we're running down the halls of this giant helicarrier looking for Mr. Bugfuck.

By the way, for some reason, I was calling Joshua Jackson "Gunny." Even in my dream I knew this was weird.

So, we're running down the halls, and I'm barking orders, and some squirelly guy runs by me; turns out he's working with Mr. Bugfuck and wants to warn him, so I have to charge after him and knock him over and stop him.

Well, Mr. Bugfuck gets hold of me and marches me into a room that's been set up to put me on trial for something I don't remember, and he put me behind some woman I knew. Wanting to cause a distraction to give Joshua Jackson a chance to get a shot off, I pick up a chair to whack the chick in front of me.

She turns around and stops me before I can whale on her. Mr. Bugfuck throws me in cuffs, picks me up, and slams me against a wall. He's threatening me; I'm yelling at Joshua Jackson to take a headshot, and I realize Mr. Bugfuck is standing completely unprotected. I consider kicking him in the junk and decide it's too much of a stereotype (yes, really), so I dead leg him by kicking him with the heel of my foot on the inside of his thigh.

He swears, drops me, and Joshua Jackson shoots him once in the shoulder and once in each thigh.

Fast forward to the epilogue scene, and I'm in my quarters with an ice pack on my shoulder. My shoulder is black and blue from my landing, but I'm otherwise okay. Joshua Jackson shows up, tells me he's had a thing for me for a while, and we mack.

The End

Again, I have seen 1/2 an episode of "Fringe," so the complete lack of resemblance to that show or Joshua Jackson's character (who may, in fact, be a badass) is completely because this dream was totally weird but AWESOME.
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I had a dream that I was, I think, a detective, and Jack ::points to icon:: was the DA [of course, right?]. Whatever investigation I was on, it worked directly with something Jack was trying to keep hush-hush, and we kept butting heads over it.

I show up at his office at one point to try and get information, and his office is nearly bare. He's resigned, apparently, and is packing everything away so we can't have it. What was really funny was that his office in my dream wasn't his office. It was a long, thin room with brick walls and one window at the end. Jack wouldn't give me the information I wanted, but his assistant started cheating to show me stuff.

Case in point: She walked over to the computer, slid the mouse to drop the screen saver, and then picked a fight with Jack so that I would look over and notice the computer screen. Whoever that woman was, she was awesome, no?

Sadly, I woke up before I got to find out exactly what it was I was supposed to be searching for and why Jack was so reluctant to hand it over.

The funniest part about the dream is that I haven't watched L&O in weeks and haven't, actually, ever finished out season 19. This is not on purpose, obviously. I just got distracted. I've got a week, still, before I have to act like a student again. I think a marathon is in order.
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Had a dream last night that Jack McCoy was driving home Claire Kincaid and myself. When he dropped off Claire, I moved to the front seat of the car, and we got...frisky.

It was a good dream. Apparently, Claire knew about us and was playing beard of a type because I was Jack's file clerk, and it was considered better if people thought he was having sex with Claire.

So, yes, good dream. Really, really, really good dream.
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Firstly, this was a "Psych" dream, and I feel that the sheer meta of "Psych" makes this dream extra-awesome.

So, basically, I was the roving reporter for the "Psych" crew. I was a journalist on a police beat, and somehow this meant that I got my own desk in the squad room. The following things occured:

1. Shawn and Lassiter had a discussion in the midst of the squad room that gave the idea that they had hung out the previous evening.

SHAWN: "So we hung out last night."
LASSITER: "I'm aware."
SHAWN: "And then you came..." [Looks around and leers]

I take this to mean that Shawn and Lassie had hot man!sex, and I got all happy at my little desk.

And then, at some point, I informed Chief Vick, in a very knowing tone, that Jules was a lesbian. I dedicate this particular part of the dream to [ profile] amazonqueenkate because we had a conversation, re: Jules as lesbian, over the weekend. Apparently, self-insertion me had inside information that made this true. Awesome.

And it's now that I remind you that the porn request post is still open for business.
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I had a dream about The Mighty Ducks last night. You remember those movies? Emilio Estevez? Very young Joshua Jackson? A bunch of guys whose names you can no longer remember?

Yeah, so apparently Charlie [that'd be Joshua Jackson] and I were all about being all lovey-dovey and together now that we're both adults and all the young fame has worn off. Except, then, that Adam walked in, and I come to find out that while Charlie kinda wants to be lovey-dovey with me, he and Adam were already together.

Even my subconscious is a slasher. I approve of this.
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I wrote fic in my sleep this morning. I had a dream about Doctor Who, but rather than being in the middle of it all, I was actually writing a fic.

And it was fucking brilliant.
And it ended with Rose sending the Doctor away because he's not really meant to stay in one place and try and make a home.

Methinks my brain is rebelling against all the people who are shitting themselves over Rose/Doctor and their fevered belief that she's his ONE TRUE LOVE. I like Rose, I really do, but good god, the man's 900+ years old. He's boffed someone else, I'm sure.

So, yes, I woke up, and I've no idea exactly what the fic was about, and I'm a bit disappointed, as I think it would have been awesome. Boo, brain.

On a sidenote, I am downloading "Cranford" simply because of the presence of Philip Glenister.

And speaking of )
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I dreamed last night that I was the FBI partner of one Fox Mulder and that we were investigating a possible haunting in the house where I grew up [which has always been rumored to be haunted]. He was down in what served as my parents' bedroom, and he heard a woman's voice before furniture started flying everywhere. He then tried to haul ass upstairs but did not make it right away for some unknown reason.

I was upstairs [in my bedroom from that house], lying on a mattress, buck naked and freezing. I convinced some guy who was along for the investigation to climb into bed with me and keep me warm. After he did so, Mulder came running into the room yelling that I had been possessed by the poltergeist and needed to fight it.

Which, of course, cued the poltergeist to take over my body and start yelling obscenities while causing the temperature in the room to drop to nothing. It also caused it to snow indoors. Mulder kept yelling at me to fight it while also shouting instructions to get a priest or someone with exorcism experience.

And then I woke up, covered in sweat, breathing like I'd just run a damned marathon, scared out of my wits, and my very first thought was, "Why the fucking hell was I dreaming about Mulder? I was barely ever into the X-Files!"

It did not occur to me until I was waking to my alarm a couple of hours later that my first concern should have been the wicked bad dream I'd been having, and not the fannish content within.

But seriously, Mulder? WTF?
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I had a Petrelli incest dream last night. Well, kind of. Apparently, I had superpowers and was jammed into a car with Claire and Peter. She was determined to sit next to him because she had a thing for him, and every time I tried to explain why that was wrong, she just glared at me. So I asked Peter for a sip of his drink, and that made her mad.

And then the guy driving turned around and told us we were doing it with all the emotions in the wrong places, and we needed to take it from Claire's indignation.


So either it was Petrelli-cest, or Hayden Panettiere wants to jump Milo Ventimiglia. So, yeah, I don't know. And when I woke up, we still hadn't gotten the scene right.
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Yet another fun and crazy dream from the land of me.

I had a dream that I was getting married. Not to just anyone, but to Dean from "Supernatural". The inconsiderate bastard was almost late for the wedding because he had to kill something. I mean, come on! On our wedding day? I just know our honeymoon is going to be spent driving around in the Impala following the lead off some back page news article. Maybe we can have sex on the car. Maybe he'll let me play with the rock salt gun. That thing is awesome.
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Seriously, I'm really starting to get a kick out of these.

I was an attorney, and as I was trying to help someone with some legal thing, a guy that I apparently knew ran over and insisted on talking to me. He was a fireman, and he told me that he was going to burn down the hospital. Before I can say anything, he yells for everyone to get down and an explosion goes off, which catches everything on fire. I try to turn away, and end up getting into a storage room, which I locked behind me, and started looking for something with which to block the smoke from getting in under the door. Suddenly, the fire was gone, and I could leave the storage room. I had burns on my legs and arms and I walked around the hospital trying to find House [because, of course, who *else* would I let treat me], and also telling everyone I knew that the fireman was the one who started the fire.

I finally found House, and he insisted on checking on my burns right there. Which meant that I was nearly naked in a lobby as he told me I had second-degree burns and needed ointment. Which he then told me he would apply in his office.

I got naked on House's couch. And got kissed.* What'd you do last night?

*Yeah, I'm still aware it was a dream. Doesn't make it any less fun for me.
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I've been watching my Season One DVDS since sometime yesterday or possibly the day before. I can't honestly remember. So now, for the fun list.

1. I had a dirty dream about House last night. We made out in a hallway. And when I say 'made out', I mean full-on hot and heavy action. He may have even groped me. It seems that my House dreams [the first where I had to defend my relationship to Cameron, and the second where I was in a bathing suit] are following a nice, inclined pattern, wherein each one is more involved than the last. Could there be House sex in my future dreams? Well, a girl can hope.

2. The more I watch episodes back to back to back to back, the more I see House/Chase. If I could just get the dynamic right, I think it could be killer fun to write. Chase is so freakin' *pretty* and House is so freakin'--there's no real word to describe House. Yes, he's handsome, but it's in such a way that I can't quite articulate. I do quite like the idea of Chase borrowing House's cane to pistol whip [cane whip?] someone at random, though. I could see him doing it.

3. In the episode "Control", the curly-haired boy from "Spy Kids" gets a nod in the episode description, but Patrick Bauchau [or, Patrick-fuckin' Bauchau, as I sometimes think of him [that makes four, miriam]], isn't mentioned at all. When did Annie's bastard love child earn more film cred than Patrick-fuckin' Bauchau? This is an insult. I demand someone to be cane whipped.

And now I'm going to take a quick break to grab a glass of soy milk and settle back in. My ass is going numb. [Yeah, I've been here a while.]

More fun spammity-spam later, folks. Stick around long enough, you may get RENT fic.
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And I totally blame it on my lack of sleep this week.

So, I had this fannish dream last night. No big deal. I've had them before. Let's not forget my famous "House" dream where I was apparently shtupping the good doctor [that was a good dream]. However, I may have hit a new level of geekery last night. I dreamt about the Power Rangers.

Yeah, the guys in the shiny spandex.
Yeah, the guys from that really campy show in the early 90s.
Yeah, those guys.

We were fighting a huge monster, and I was a ranger. And apparently making out with Tommy. That was odd. I liked Tommy, but I was always a Billy girl myself. He was so smart. And he had the cutest overalls.

Ahem. Anyway...

I think I have to do a full disclosure thing and let you know that when Power Rangers first aired, I was 11, which made me older than the kids who were *supposed* to be watching it. I watched until Billy finally left, and then I stopped caring. No one could do geek like Billy. And I was 14 or 15 when I finally stopped watching. I started writing fic when I was 15. Wanna guess my first fandom?

Yeah, it was that.
And no, I'm not going to tell you where you can find those fics. I don't even know if they'r floating around anymore.

And why the hell was I kissing Tommy? So confused.

Finally, to justify my very weird fannish dream, I give you a link to Billy as he loosk now.

tell me he's not pretty. I freakin' dare you.
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I keep having "House"-related dreams.

In the first, we were apparently marine biologists or something because I had to tell House that I need to change into a bikini. To which he replied:

"All right, but I want to see the thing signed when you get back."

For the record, not talking about the bikini, talking about the bikini line. I don't know why he wanted it signed, but he has always struck me as a kinky bastard. He also insisted that I show him the signature when I got back. Oh, yeah, like I'm gonna turn down *House*. It did make me wonder [when I was awake] who would sign off on a bikini line. Do I need one of those bikini inspectors?

And then, last night, I was Mary Sue, or something like it. I was with the Ducklings, and we were all freaking out because we had to consider changing specialties. As we're wandering around the hospital, we ran into House, and he said something incredibly lewd to me before kissing me senseless [for the record: BEST. DREAM. EVER.]. I then had to make apologies to Cameron because she felt very put out that House had put out for me. We ended up in the restroom, wherein I informed her that I was *planning* to tell her, but that House was an inconsiderate bastard who didn't rightly care that I was trying to have some tact.

So, good fannish dreams for me. Not so much for Cameron.


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