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Title: By the Book
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Avengers (movie)
Pairing: Coulson/Clint
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Coulson figures it out through standard procedure (rumor mill to threatening junior agents to that required weird conversation with one’s boss).

Dis: Lies and bullshit.

Author's Notes: I blame the Internet. This might suck. I do not even care.

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I just realized I'm three issues behind on "X-Factor," and two issues behind on "Nightwing," but I've caught up on other things!

In no particular order and with minimal spoilers:

just in case )

That's all I can remember for now. You need me, I'll be doing homework yet again.
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If you prefer print comics, for whatever reason (you're a reader and collector, you've got that weird smell-boner people sometimes have with printed things, whatever), then buy your comics as printed materials. No one is stopping you. No one is demanding you switch over to digital. Hell, Marvel is going to start including a code for free digital copy of the comics you buy in print, which means collectors can always re-read their favorites without breaking the seal on the bag.

But don't ever, and I mean EVER, get all high and mighty about how the end of print is nigh, and you refuse to read comics in digital form, and OH GOD THE SKY IS FALLING.

Because you know what? It's not. At all. All the companies will keep putting out paper comics for as long as there is a viable market. It's the same damned rules as print books. If you prefer print, BUY IN PRINT. BECAUSE YOU ARE THE MARKET FOR THAT.

If we use ebooks vs. print books as an example (and I think it's a fairly decent indicator), ebooks only account for about 20% of the market. 20%. That's it. Print isn't dead. Maybe it will be at one point, but right now, 80% of people still prefer their book container to be made of trees. And I'm willing to bet about that same number of people prefer their comics to come in dead tree form as well.

How long with the 20/80 breakdown last? No idea, but I do know this: If you pay for it, they will generally keep making it. So, buy your comics in paper form and calm. your. shit.

This post brought to you by a series of people shitting themselves over Marvel announcing full day-and-date on major titles by March.
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Why, yes, I am tucking the first trade of "Alias" and the "Rescue" one-shot (where Pepper gets her own suit of awesome) into a bag and CAMPING THE FUCK OUT.

[personal profile] templemarker, wanna meet me there? I will save you a seat.

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Or, as I like to also call it: "Judd Winick, this is how you do emotional stuff and goofy superhero stuff. Take some fucking notes."

minor spoilers and lots of pics )

Funny yet sad yet funny yet touching yet heartbreaking. The shooting of Bob is beautifully timed.

(Also, if the slideshow doesn't work, I suck, and I'm sorry.)
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If you recall, I recently sold you lovely people a bunch of my comics (and for those of you who are waiting for me to touch base with you since I'm back from the first leg of my vacation, gimmie another day). I have taken the money and invested it in new, digital comics. I'm replacing some stuff I had in trade, but I've also bought some shiny new stuff. I was gonna wait another couple of days before I started buying, but a bunch of Batman stuff--including the brilliant "Long Halloween" and "Dark Victory"--is on a two-day, ninety-nine cent sale, so that knocked me into action. By the way, if you want to get in on that sale, you can purchase them at comixology ( and read them on your computer without need for an iPad. There's also "Batman: Year One," "A Death in the Family," and some other arcs.

Anyway, the point of this post (beyond keeping my iPad active while I download a shitton of comics) is to share my buy list. I keep an ever-increasing list of stuff to buy, and I whittle it down every time I get some spare cash so that it may grow again.

let's take a look, shall we? )

It's really interesting to look at this list and see that I still have a massive love for Marvel to a point in their recent history. This is partly due to the fact that a bunch of the DC stuff I want isn't available digitally. I'm hoping the relaunch doesn't keep DC from putting out their more recent stuff in digital formats. I really, really want Bryan Q. Miller's "Batgirl" and the whole run of "Booster Gold."

Thoughts on the list? What did I just buy that I didn't know sucks?
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This is a strange occurrence. When I first got into comics in a major way about seven years ago, I was basically all Marvel. I loved Marvel. Iron Man, Cap, New Avengers, Daredevil, and a stack of others were about all I read. Slowly but surely some DC got onto the list (most notably the GL stuff), and some smaller companies got in as well (Invincible, The Boys, Fables,), but I was making my pull list for the new 52 and figuring out what I want from it plus adding in what I want from other companies and the numbers are way DC-skewed.

Part of it is that DC is bringing back Blue Beetle (Jaime, I love you, no matter how much I love Ted [and Ted, I love you, too]), and Batwoman is finally launching, and I'm really interested to see what Dick's gonna be like in Nightwing, but the other part of it is that Marvel is so mired in events that I'm dropping Invincible Iron Man.

Guys, the things I would do to Matt Fraction thanks to how much I've loved IIM are OBSCENE. It has consistently been my top two comic every month, tying with GLC most of the time in terms of how much I look forward to it and read the hell out of it, but it's gotten jammed into the "Every baddie gets a fucking hammer" event, and I can't give a fuck. The same thing happened with Captain America, and I dropped it like a damned stone as soon as I found out they'd offed Bucky because I thought it was an insult both to Brubaker's constant excellent work on the book and to Bucky as a character and to readers who FUCKING LIKED BUCKY YOU DOUCHEBAGS. I actually dropped Daredevil during "Daredevil goes batshit and is maybe possessed and builds a fucking Alcatraz in Hell's Kitchen" event, but now that's it's relaunched and not part of "Every bad guy gets a hammer," I want to give it a go. It wasn't bad story-telling or even the mind-numbingness of the event that got me putting it aside. It was the fact that Daredevil had gotten so goddamned dark is was hard to get through for the angst, and when I'm complaining about angst levels, your levels are WAAAAAY too high.

So, no Cap for the foreseeable future (seriously, Marvel, fuck you), and no IIM for awhile (gives me a chance to reread it, at least), but I am reading Daredevil. I'm also keeping regular Deadpool on my list because it is wacky hijinks and astoundingly good at character bits and doesn't get caught in all of Marvel's event bullshit.

Speaking of event bullshit, I am buying the Cloak & Dagger mini because, dear god, I would love to see an ongoing with those two, and I will encourage it even if it is part of "everyone has spider powers" event that I don't give a fuck about. And please remember that "everyone gets a hammer" and "everyone gets spider powers" should not be confused with the "and the X-men are forming into tinier, angrier groups--no, again--yes, really, again--no, really AGAIN" event.

You know, at least when DC throws events all over the goddamned map, they do it once a goddamned year. I honestly can't remember the last time Marvel was without one. I think Civil War is what made everything turn into an event, right? I think it went Civil War, Siege, Secret Invasion, Dark whatever-the-fuck, Daredevil goes crazy and possessed, every baddie gets a hammer, and now everyone gets spider powers. And please don't confuse those with the myraid of ridiculous X-Men events that I can't actually track back because I stopped giving a fuck right around the time the goddamned baby got named HOPE. JESUS CHRIST YOU GUYS A LITTLE LESS OBVIOUS WILL YOU.

...Anyway, if you're wondering what I'll be reading come September, here it is:

On DC:
Justice League International
Blue Beetle
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern: New Guardians
Batman Beyond

I considered Teen Titans pretty heavily, but as I'm only really a fan of Timmy and Kon and don't know much about the writer, I'm gonna hold off and see how the first arc goes.

On Marvel:
Cloak and Dagger


I've got a short list of maybes going on as well, mostly from Vertigo. I just read the first arc of Scalped and loved it, but I heard it's ending at 60, and it's at 50 now, so I'll probably wait it out. I also read the first arc of Sweet Tooth and am very intrigued. If I ever get caught up on Morning Glories (which is through Image), I may keep going with it. I think I've read the first four issues and really enjoyed it, but now I'm six or seven behind. I'm also trying to catch up on X-Factor, which keeps getting sucked into the bullshit events, but as I've been reading it in huge chunks, it's easier to handle it.

And fuck knows I've got a good backlog going at all times. Right now I'm reading Ted's Blue Beetle book, and I'm reading the first on-going of Deadpool (from '95, I think. Not the mini before it), and I'm hoping to restart The Authority and actually read the whole thing this time. I lost my place from before. I'm also planning to re-read Planetary. And there's as much as the Guy Gardner history as I have, which includes the entirety of the original JLI and the Guy Gardner series (you know, the one where he wakes up with boobs that one time [yes, really]).

A diminished love of Marvel has not diminished my love of comics. Even if they gave Catwoman to Judd fucking Winick. (Really DC? REALLY? DID YOU ALSO GIVE HIM A BADGUY HAMMER BECAUSE JESUS CHRIST WHAT IT WRONG WITH YOU)
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"Secret Warriors," "Secret Avengers," "Daredevil," and "Daredevil: Reborn" are all off the reading list. None of them are bad, but I find I'm not hoping to read them like the rest of the stuff I'm keeping up with. "Daredevil" and "Reborn" are especially like that, mostly because Daredevil is the Marvel U punching bag, and it's gotten very hard to witness him going down, down, down, and down again some more.

I read comics for the fun and for the story, and while it's fun to watch Daredevil take an ongoing beatdown, at this point, even Foggy is doubting him, and when Foggy doubts Matt, that's a no go.

And I don't even know what's up with "Fear Itself" and can not be bothered to care.
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I read a "Top Ten Slashy Marvel" moments thing today, and I came away pondering. Two things really pinged me hard on the list.

First Problem: While naming Billy and Teddy sharing a Bed in "Avengers: Children's Crusade" made the person's top ten, there was a lot of hemming and hawing about how the poster felt the relationship came off as kind of borderline abusive because Teddy threatens to kill Billy and Billy's note when he leaves on his Grand Superheroic Mission (tm) was, in the poster's opinion, like reading a letter from someone who's internalized the abuse.

My Issues with This: First, the poster hemmed and hawwed about actually taking a stance on the thing. "Oh, I thought it came off as kind of abusive, but oh, I don't think the writer meant to, so I don't want you to think that I really think it's abusive; I just kind of think it came off that way, but I don't think the writer meant to, and they're all cuddly, and that's cute, although I think they came off as kind of abusive" (paraphrased, obviously). Look, if something bugs you, fucking nut up and own it, okay? Don't wish-wash all over the place with "Maybe, but maybe not, but maybe." You can be squicked by something and admit that it's a personal twitch. And you can do it in a sentence. Watch:

"I felt like the interactions between Billy and Teddy were borderline abusive, but I don't think the writer purposely wrote it that way; Some of the language they use isn't language I want used in one of my relationships, but I don't think it's an intentional or even cloaked attempt to set up an abusive relationship."


Second, Teddy is freaking out on Billy because Billy is wanting to go find his birth mother, the Scarlet Witch who is--and this is no exaggeration--a reality-altering mass murderer who killed all but 198 mutants because she was have a total mental breakdown after she and her robot husband couldn't have children.

I'm not actually making up any of that.

So, anyway, Teddy threatening to kill Billy for being an idiot? Makes sense. I threaten to kill The Husband on a nearly daily basis. And for a lot less than wanting to track down his birth mother who created he and his twin from the power of her reality-altering mind (yes, really). If the poster of the list thinks Teddy threatening to kill Billy to stop him from being THAT stupid, she must think I'm an absolute wretch of a wife intent on keeping my husband in a blanket of fear. This is The Husband, by the way, who responds to such threats by doing whatever he was doing a second time to see my, "angry badger face." Yeah, we're terrible for one another.

Second Problem: The poster flat-out states that she only started reading "X-Factor" after Rictor and Shatterstar kissed on-panel, and further states that she has no plans to read any other X-books because they don't have a gay couple in the plot.

My Issues: Okay, look, I know slash is a kink, all right? I'm a slasher. Have been for a long time, but shit like that? That's what makes people think we're all fucking weird, okay? If you picked up "X-Factor" because of the brou-ha-ha surrounding the kiss, that's fine. People get into comics in a hundred different ways. But to follow it up by stating you're not reading any other books with X-Men in them because of the lack of teh ghey? YOU'RE PART OF THE FUCKING PROBLEM. Okay, sure, you may not ask actors what they think of the porn written about their characters, and you may not got all frothy-mouthed at the idea of someone not getting your big gay ship, but you are still THE PROBLEM. Because rather than say, "I don't read any other X-Men books because I don't find them interesting;" or "I don't read any other X-Men books because I got soured during Chuck Austen's run;" or "I don't read any other X-Men books because I've never picked them up," you say "I don't read any other X-Men books because they don't have teh ghey."

There are slash goggles, and there are slash goggles. Loosen them up a little, for fuck's sake.
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Spoilers, ahoy! But you'd have to be damned far behind with me not to know some of this stuff. Or you'd have to be reading it in general. Or...I'm just gonna shut up.

In no particular order:

Detective Comics #871
I'm not sure I've read anything else by Snyder, but I was quite happy to see Jock listed as artist. I enjoy his style--a little rough, a little shadowed--and I think it gives great atmosphere to the book. And, oh, Snyder, if you keep writing like this, we're gonna be friends. You've gave me Dick and Alfred having a moment, and then Jim and Dick having a moment, and you called back to Dick's background as a cop, and then you gave me Jim and BATMAN (who is Dick) having a moment, and then you have me Dick having fun being Batman with his night vision goggles and his finger taser, and you gave me a reference to the Mad Hatter. This book? This book is my friend.

And the short story in the back is all about Jim and the son he's supposed to have and how something dark and horrible happened. The most notable part about that--besides having Harvey show up (Hi, Harvey! (And that's Bullock, not Dent, for those unfamiliar)--is that Snyder and his artist did a great couple of panels that showed us exactly the story they're telling and that? That is damned fine work.

Booster Gold #39
Okay, the boys went a little schmatlzy at the end with the hug but damned if it didn't work all the way through. Every time I think they can't pull my heart strings one more time about Booster and Ted and their friendship, they do it. I don't think it's just because I'm a sap. I can spot someone over-trying, and it tends to bother me. I think it's that I have such a soft spot for Booster and Ted and really, really wish they could run around being buddies forever. It's a really sweet story overall (although I still wish they'd get rid of the adorable orphan (tm)).

And points to the artist, who went ultra bright and shiny on all the colors. I really liked it. Kind of reminded me of how Booster probably sees himself, and then letting him fight crime in the daylight made it even better.

Deadpool #29
Dear Daniel Way: Never, ever, ever stop going balls-to-the-wall-over-the-fucking-top with Deadpool. Ever. And keep finding artists who draw in a slightly funky way because damned if I don't always end up loving it. Also, fireworks!

Batman Beyond #6
I know there are people who aren't fans of BB as a whole or this particular mini in general, but me? I love it. Yes, Terry always seems to be dealing with Bruce's legacy, but that's the point. Bruce dedicated his life and the lives of a lot of other people to his idea of saving Gotham, and those people aren't dead yet. Just because you try to avoid trouble doesn't mean it's not going to find you. I loved finally seeing Dick show up in the universe and being--it seems--as equally screwed in the head as the rest of the Bats. The Batman series has never tried to be the happy-go-lucky-life-will-be-find comic, so why should Terry get it any easier?

There have been bits and pieces dropped in recent years to tie the BB universe properly into the main Batman story, and I'm wondering if this mini is meant to be part of that. Seems like Dick was never Batman in this story, and he's Batman right now, has been for over a year, and even with the return of Bruce, it hasn't been taken away yet. There's also been no hint of Damien (although, given Bruce's track record, that's easy to write off as estrangement), and Babs is up and walking around. I'm happy with BB as long as it wants to stick around, and if it ever fully integrates, I'll probably being the first playing no-prize to spot inconsistencies, but it'll all be in good fun.

Okay, that's good for now. More to come later.
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So, [ profile] crimsonquills mentioned comment_fic a couple of times, and I was on that like Guy on punching. Since only one is even remotely ficlet-sized, I figured I'd just throw them all here for your enjoyment.

Green Arrow/Buffy
Prompt (paraphrased): Connor/Any, Connor just being part of Sunnydale and its madness

story!" )

Captain America & Iron Man
Steve & Tony
Prompt (paraphrased): Steve comes back from his time travelling, and he's not doing well.

story! )

Young Avengers
Prompt (paraphrased): Kate was born male.

story! )

Young Avengers
Prompt (paraphrased): Kate/Eli, undercover

story! )

Young Avengers
Prompt (direct quote): Eli's a hell of a kisser but she really wishes they didn't always have to be under terrifying amounts of stress before Eli kissed her.

story! )

EDIT TO ADD: Young Avengers
Prompt (paraphrased): Kate/Eli, win

story! )

Green Arrow
Prompt (paraphrase): Roy/Connor, virginity

story! )

Roy Harper
Prompt: "I either just got cockblocked or saved from a lengthy court case so I'm kinda conflicted about how my night went.""

story! )

Mad Men
Prompt (direct quote): Roger/Joan, "Can we try again?"

story! )
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Last night's Wednesday Blog of Awesome centered around Marvel's continued attempts to get female readers to stop calling them sexist by presenting a bunch of single-issue and short-run series about female comic book characters. I'm not against this idea in general, although I do wonder why they won't do more with the female characters in the books they have running now.

But, that aside, a few more things to show you in regards to my feelings on the matter.

First, an interview with Colleen Coover over at Comics Alliance where she talks about working on "Girl Comics" (the only thing in Marvel's "Look! Girly!" arsenal I've enjoyed). I like how Coover comes off in this. She's honest. She loves what she does. She talks about how she kinda sucked at drawing men for awhile. It's a good read.

Second, one of the artists I took to town in my WBoA was Kaare Andrews. Wikipedia informs me that Andrews is a dude. I made a half-assumption on the WBoA that Andrews was a woman, because the first name looks like "Carrie" to me. Man or woman, it doesn't excuse the art he's been throwing around on "Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis," and in that vein, I would like to show you a cover I found:

cut to save your page )

It's the varient cover for the "Xenogenesis #1." I'm ignoring Storm's hips because there's a similar sort of exaggeration being done to Beast's hands and feet, so I can see where Andrews is going with that. What I can't forgive is the way Andrews chose to design Storm's top. When I found this image the other night, I though maybe I was being slightly over-sensitive to it. Maybe I was seeing stuff that wouldn't bother me so much if I wasn't already planning a WBoA about how Marvel needs to stop being dumbasses. Then, The Husband looked over from playing video games, saw the picture and said:

"Is that underboob?"

Nope. Not just me. Let's not forget that this is the man responsible for four separte shots of Emma Frost's chest in two pages:

If you need a refresher )

On a side note, Emam's expression in the first picture is possibly the worst facial expression I've ever seen in comics. She looks like someone caught her mid-sneeze.

And finally, because I forgot to put it in the WBoA, I want to show you the full cover for "X-Women" drawn by Milo Manera, who came to Marvel by way of Italian erotica (porn) comics.

Open your mouth if it looks like you have a dick in your mouth )

I would also like an explanation for what Rogue is doing to that vine. But, before we get into that, let's take a look at the solicit text, shall we:


Save the world and look good doing it!

Name me one time, one, where this kind of language was used in a solicit for a comic aimed at men. I don't give two shits of they look good doing it. I want to see some superheroes beat up some super villains and go home with a busted lip, goddamnit! A vagina does not immediately lead to a need to make sure everything is all pretty-sparkly-unicorn-princess bullshit.

Don't miss this prestige event!

Which is actually a single issue! Not like the other Marvel events which go on for at least four issues and half a dozen books. Oh, no! A single issue of "X-Women" is a prestige event you all! Didn't you know?

Seriously, Marvel just needs to quit trying to pretend like they're not pandering and work on the characters in the books they've currently got running, because Jesus Fucking Christ, this shit is insulting. My superheroes do not require vaginas to make me like them, but a little respect would be really nice.
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Wherein I take Marvel to town over some recent attempts to pull in female readers. Language NSFW, as always.

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In handy list form!

--The third trade of "Captain Britain and MI:13" opens with Dr. Doom having a meeting with Count Dracula. ON THE MOON. Worship this comic, people. It's your new god.

--I have a ridiculous idea for a "Batman" fic wherein Tim Drake is a 25-year-old restaurant owner who is out of the superhero business due to massive injury, and he has to call in Edward Nygma, respected P.I. to look into a stalking case for one of his servers. The issues with this are, of course, kinda long. Because part of me wants it Tim/Nygma, and the other part thinks I AM INSANE.

--Have not read "Brightest Day #0" yet. Have heard it is cheese. For those of you new here, I love cheese.

--Picked up the first "Empowered" trade because I've heard so many good things about it, and I do like people who can take a shot at their genre with a wink and a nudge.

And now, a shower, then some homework, and I hope to be writing super angst at some point in the near future.
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When finishing an event the magnitude of "Captain America: Reborn," get your fucking schedule correct, would you? "Reborn" #5 just came out two weeks ago. "Who Will Wield the Shield" came out last week, and "Reborn" #6 isn't due until the end of January. Plus, you've got Steve popping up everywhere in the Marvel Universe to remind people he's back.

And to make matters worse, it's a really good story, and you're ruining the damned ending by fucking up your scheduling. I'd rather the damned thing be held back than be tangled up in this hot mess.

Your shipment of fail has arrived. Good show.
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Because I feel like telling you all about them.

Lone Ranger & Tonto #3
If you're a fan of Old West stuff or Lone Ranger stuff or general cowboy stuff, you should be reading "Lone Ranger" from Dynamite. It's always a good book with a good story, and the art is usually beautiful.

Notice I said "usually."

My quibble with the art is specifically the art in "Lone Ranger & Tonto #3". Between LR arcs, the writers and artists do stand-alone issue kind of like Annuals. I have the first one, seem to have missed the second, and now I have the third. The art is neat in a Van Gough sort of way (heavy lines and brush strokes), but I had a hard time following who was who because the coloring was pretty dark, and the heavy lines made it hard to distinguish. Very nice story, as always, and at least the art isn't carrying into the next arc.

Invincible Iron Man #19
HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. I don't know how any Iron Man fan isn't reading IIM right now. Matt Fraction's done AMAZING work all through this thing [he's been with it since #1], and Tony's slow descent into the ultimate in self-destruction has been heart breaking. It's so great to see Pepper, Maria, and Black Widow go full badass, and it's a useful tool to keep the book from getting mega-downer with the Tony arc. Which continues to be amazing. I think I've nearly cried at the end of every IIM in the last four months. Fraction is doing an amazing job showing Tony losing it in careful, measured steps, and it's brilliant. Seriously. READ IT.

Batman: Streets of Gotham
I like Huntress in a casual sort of way. I know who she is, I fear her finding me when I'm sleeping, and I appreciate her general badassery. It was cool to see her in SoG, and awesome to see her being the ruthless person she is. She wants to make the world safer and screw redemption. It's very nice. The ending made me o.O, but that's in a good way. The "Manhunter" tie-in continues to be interesting, and I'm disappointed to be becoming a fan at this point when there was a full-size comic for Manhunter just a while back. The important thing is, I get to like her now. Still not sure why Bats was on the cover, seeing as he wasn't in the book, but whatever.

Blackest Night: Superman #3
I'm iffy on the "Titans" tie-in, ended up really loving the "Batman" tie-in, and I'm glad to add the "Superman" tie-in to my list of happy. I'm not a regular Supes reader, and I have to give props to Robinson for catching me up on basic Supes continuity and not bogging down the story. I love how people are slowly but surely figuring out how the Black Lanterns go down, and I could not be happier that they kept Jonathan in the ground. Perhaps he's at peace. Also, do not fuck with Martha Kent. She will burn you to the ground.

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #4
This book is RIDICULOUS. Okay, yes, it's "Deadpool", so it's supposed to be, but STILL. There's a zombie T-rex people. And Deadpool's zombified head from another dimension. And a super-sexy blonde scientist who's tied-up shirt keeps getting lower and lower cut [cute bra and undies set]. And she has, of course, no interest in humping Deadpool. Did I mention the zombie T-rex? There's a zombie T-rex. I sincerely wish for Deadpool to never, ever change. You usually have to pay so much more for this level of crack.

Dark Avengers #10
I have about half an idea of what's going on. I love it. Venom's gone 13-year-old worried on everyone, Sentry seems to have crumbled and died, Norman's suddenly naked in the underworld, and the crazy is being passed out in gallon containers. Except, unlike "Deadpool" this is serious business crazy. And damn, it's entertaining. Sure not quite sure why Evil!Captain Marvel is on the cover, given the fact he's left, but whatever.

Azarel #1
Well written, nice to look at, good start to a new series, but I find myself very much not caring. It's the religious angle; it doesn't push my buttons in any way at all. I would recommend it highly for anyone who likes to see religious iconography and such in the stuff they use for entertainment. I'll probably keep up with this one on message boards just to see how the big finish actually finishes.

And, comics or non-comics, what are you reading, flist?
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Gimmie a pairing, a fandom, and a general idea, and I'll ficlet for you in the comments. Check my tags for fandoms. Extra five points if you make it comics-related.

And, yes, I'm still working on the Percy/Oliver, but everyone needs a distraction, yes?

EDIT: I'm updating tags as I fill requests, so keep an eye if you've requested something.
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In Secret #130, anon confessed to wanting Tony Stark/Wolverine.

You ever have one of those moments where you're really, really surprised you hadn't thought about it? Yeah. I'm having one of those.


I mean, think about. The snark [as #130 points out], and then the fact that Logan's a beer drinker, and I bet there are times that Tony can taste it, and he wonders if it means he's fallen off the wagon to kiss Logan when there's still a drop of beer hanging off of his lip. And Logan just smirking and grabbing at Tony's very expensive suit and...


Bless you, #130.
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Title: So Totally Busted
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Young Avengers
Pairing: Billy/Teddy
Rating: PG
Summary: Yeah, Billy's a superhero, and that's awesome. But he's still a teenager, and that means answering to his folks.

Disclaimer: For once, the gay is canon, and, therefore, belongs to Marvel. As do all other characters mentioned herein. The rest is just me dicking around.

Author's Notes: Written for Yuletide and great fun at that.

This is borderline adorable )


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