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Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Change.




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Gimmie a pairing, a fandom, and a general idea, and I'll ficlet for you in the comments. Check my tags for fandoms. Extra five points if you make it comics-related.

And, yes, I'm still working on the Percy/Oliver, but everyone needs a distraction, yes?

EDIT: I'm updating tags as I fill requests, so keep an eye if you've requested something.
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There are certain things that will always occur when [ profile] amazonqueenkate and I chat late into the night. The Law & Order HSAU of gayness came from a late-night chat. The X-Men/Heroes crossover came from a late-night chat. I think even the MASH fic of DOOM came out of a late-night chat.

So, what's tonight ridiculousness?

Top Gear/QI/various British celebs in a HSAU.

James, Jeremy, and Richard are on the football team [American, because we are]. James is the manager, Jeremy is the quarterback, and Richard is the upstart freshman who can run really fast. Their coach is, of course, Andy.

Jimmy Carr is a second-stringer on the football team who is a complete wiseass, even though he can't play very well.

Alan Davies, Rob Brydon, and Bill Bailey are all in the band. And Rob and Bill are known for trying to throw of Mr. Fry when he's teaching band [and coaching quiz bowl, naturally].

Mr. Laurie is the drama teacher.
Ms. Thompson [as in Emma] teaches Lit.
Ms. Thomas [as in Kristen Scott] is the French teacher [and Jeremy has a HOPELESS crush.]

Now, someone make [ profile] amazonqueenkate write it. I wrote the last HSAU.
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I read a headline on wordpress that compared the new Honda hybrid to putting a dog on a ham slicer.

"Gee," I said to myself, "sounds like someone's been watching Jeremy Clarkson".

It was, in fact, a Clarkson quote. And I guessed it blind.

::slow clap::
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Did anyone else realize that Jeremy managed to get a car that set ITSELF on fire?

Follow up inquiry: Does this make Jeremy a goddamned genius, or just lazy?

I mean, really, it's not like he's ever had trouble starting fires in the past.


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Because now that it's back, I am in a very good place.

A couple of places where I went hunting for spoilers in the pre-season mentioned that they felt "Top Gear" had lost its creative flow in series 9. I feel that we need to drag Richard into the various places where this is being said, point at him, and declare: "Brain injury, idiots. Of COURSE series 9 was a bit off. BRAIN INJURY."

And then I would explain to them in very small words what, exactly, it means when 1/3 of the creative juices gets turned all topsy-turvy. The man has no recollection of his first taping past walking down those airline stairs. Nevermind he looked even more wee than usual because he'd dropped so much weight, and people can't seem to remember that when they want to bitch about how series 9 "wasn't the same". Of course it wasn't the same, you utter spanners. BRAIN INJURY.

That bit of annoyance out of the way, I do want to say something in regards to Richard's weeness: The man is the same height as my darling fiance. I have come to the realization that the tininess of him stems from the fact that whenever I see him he is flanked by men who are 5-8" taller than he is. I have the suspicion that if I were to meet Richard Hammond, the first words out of my mouth would be, "You look shorter on television". And then I would die of embarrassment.

And these have been your fangirl moments for the day.
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And while this one isn't mine, it's funny as hell.

There is no such thing as a bad version of DO NOT WANT )

And while this is not a macro it still cracks my shit up:

Poor Bill )
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So that's what he looks like.
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And one of them has to stand on bumpers to try and be tall. And yet, I'd still do things to him. [For those just catching on, the long-haired bloke is James, the curly-haired bloke is Jeremy, and the short guy on the bumpers is Richard. AKA, the man who sets my loins aflame.] And just so you know, they showed up in the States, spent less than $1000 each on their vehicles, and drove from Florida to New Orleans. Grand, grand times [except for that moment in Alabama].

adorableness, Hamster style )

complete and utter hotness; you will not convince me otherwise )

And if someone wants to whip me up a couple of icons, for I am lazy and also not at the proper computer, I'd love you. And write you something.
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This would be the new desktop. I love the eyebrow. I imagine that this is the look he gave the six Marines he tried to goad into a bar fight. [No, seriously.]

the boys, as found on the internets )


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