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I watched the first two episodes of "Law & Order: LA" on hulu, hoping it would have a spark of the original L&O, which was canceled because NBC decided keeping it in the same timeslot they'd had it in for fifteen fucking years was just silly.

Having watched those first two episodes, I have some minor quibbles:

--The detectives didn't get named until three-quarters of the way through the pilot
--When they were named, it wasn't made clear who was which
--The detectives didn't seem to have a lieutenant or captain the first episode
--When she showed up in the second episode, she wasn't named
--The ADAs didn't appear to have a boss
--They do now, but apparently we're gonna rotate ADAs

These are quibbles I can get over. The writing is solid; the detectives are good guys, and while I'm not huge on the "Oh! Detectives have families!" thing they're pushing at, at least (so far) they've handled it better than SVU ever did (always seemed like a weird add-on to SVU for me).

So, short version: I like it. I'll give it a chance.

And I finished the first two episodes and saw the teaser for episode 3 was up on hulu. I clicked it. The teaser runs and then informs me that L&O: LA is on Wednesdays at 9.


NBC made a big fucking deal about how HARD it was to drop L&O original flavor and OH LOOK, IT WASN'T PULLING IN VIEWERS IN ITS FUCKED AROUND TIMESLOT. And they made a big fucking deal about picking up L&O: LA because the LOVED original L&O so very much.

Yeah, they loved it so much they fucking SHITCANNED IT by moving it around the schedule and gave its timeslot to an inferior fucking copy.

This is NOT ON.

Guys, seriously, you know how much I love L&O. I started watching the original when I was, like, NINE. One of my earliest tv nerd memories is Mike Logan punching a politician in the face. Rey and Lennie were my first team on L&O (with Jack and Claire in the DA's office and Van Buren and Adam in their offices). To say I've been a fan is putting it mildly. The marathons that A&E used to run? I TAPED them.

And for NBC to make a big sob story about, "Oh, we love it, but looking at the ratings we just can't," and then picking up L&O: LA, and then GIVING THEM THE FUCKING TIMESLOT THAT NBC FORCIBLY REMOVED L&O FROM? Come the fuck on!

We won't even get into Peter Coyote vs. Sam Waterston. You know who Peter Coyote is next to Sam Waterston? THE FUCKER WHO ISN'T JACK MCCOY. Look, Peter Coyote, I'm sure you're a good guy. I've got no personal beef. But I don't want a slightly slimy rat DA. I want JACK FUCKING MCCOY.

L&O: LA is officially off my radar. Yeah, the first two episodes were promising, and yeah, Alfred Molina and Terrence Howard have both played ADAs, but knowing the timeslot, the whole thing just disgusts me. NBC didn't want to get rid of L&O. They wanted to get of an L&O they thought wasn't hip anymore. So they burned it to the fucking ground.

Fuck you, NBC. Seriously.
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Because they all build off of one another, you get them in one post! Exciting, right? Also, two of the titles are song titles. Because I am rarely talented at titles on my own.

Title: Carry that Weight
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Jack/Mike Cutter
Rating; PG-13
Summary: Post-ep for 19.18. They found an undocumented worker from when Jack's daughter was a kid.

Story one )

Title: How I Know You
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Jack/Mike Cutter
Rating: PG
Summary: Post-ep 19.19. Connie is not stupid, and Mike's kind of being obvious.

Story two )

Title: Stepping Backwards
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Jack/Mike Cutter
Rating: PG
Summary: Post-ep for 19.20. There's pining, and there's being an idiot.

Story three )
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Icons! Only three, but still, Icons!

Two from season 9 of "Simpsons":

Photobucket Photobucket

Yes, I was having fun with the line tool. Why do you ask?

And now, an animated icon. My first. It was figuring out how to save it so it'd be animated that took so damned long:


Now that I've figured it out, I do plan to refine the process, but I rather like this one for a first try.

Credit's always lovely, and if you've a "Simpsons" quote you'd like to see all prettified, let me know.
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The Husband just got back from the gym.

HIM: "I found "Law & Order" on."
ME: "TNT?"
HIM: "Yeah. I really like Jack as DA. I mean, he's good as...DA...what is his title?"
ME: "He was EDA, and now he's DADA."
HIM: "He's DADA?"
ME: "Yes."
HIM: "So he's teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts?"
ME: "Sure."

Also, the conversation reminded me that I owe you lot the rest of last season's post-ep scenes. Will post at least one shortly. And, no, I still haven't finished last season. I am a bum.
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Title: After Effects
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Jack/Mike C
Rating: PG
Summary: Post-ep for 19.17 [Anchors Away]. They won, but they didn't, in a way.

Disclaimer: Lies and bullshit.

Author's Notes: Post-ep for 19.17 [Anchors Away]. AKA, the one with Edward Hermann playing a well-spoken douchebag.

Ah, idealism. )
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I had a dream that I was, I think, a detective, and Jack ::points to icon:: was the DA [of course, right?]. Whatever investigation I was on, it worked directly with something Jack was trying to keep hush-hush, and we kept butting heads over it.

I show up at his office at one point to try and get information, and his office is nearly bare. He's resigned, apparently, and is packing everything away so we can't have it. What was really funny was that his office in my dream wasn't his office. It was a long, thin room with brick walls and one window at the end. Jack wouldn't give me the information I wanted, but his assistant started cheating to show me stuff.

Case in point: She walked over to the computer, slid the mouse to drop the screen saver, and then picked a fight with Jack so that I would look over and notice the computer screen. Whoever that woman was, she was awesome, no?

Sadly, I woke up before I got to find out exactly what it was I was supposed to be searching for and why Jack was so reluctant to hand it over.

The funniest part about the dream is that I haven't watched L&O in weeks and haven't, actually, ever finished out season 19. This is not on purpose, obviously. I just got distracted. I've got a week, still, before I have to act like a student again. I think a marathon is in order.
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Gimmie a pairing, a fandom, and a general idea, and I'll ficlet for you in the comments. Check my tags for fandoms. Extra five points if you make it comics-related.

And, yes, I'm still working on the Percy/Oliver, but everyone needs a distraction, yes?

EDIT: I'm updating tags as I fill requests, so keep an eye if you've requested something.
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Title: You Could Live a Hundred Years if I Could Show You How
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Jack/Mike C
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "The obituary runs the next day: Former District Attorney of New York County, John James (Jack) McCoy, died at home Wednesday morning."

Disclaimer: Lies and bullshit.

Author's Notes: This is a death!fic people. Because I spent entirely too much time listening to the soundtrack to "Les Miserables". Title comes from the song "Little Fall of Rain".

I cried, so you might. )
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Title: After the Orders
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Jack McCoy/Mike Cutter
Rating: PG
Summary: Post-ep for 19.16. Jack, Mike, and after the final plea bargain.

Disclaimer: Bullshit and lies.

Author's Notes: Post-ep for 19.16. A bit late, but I assume you'll love me anyway. Also, I'm not happy with my title, so swing me another one.

Slice of life )
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I'm five episodes behind on "Law & Order". How the hell? We're watching "Promote This!" right now, and then I'm tracking down the other episodes. Why, oh why can't have L&O? Damn you, hulu.

So, yes, catching up. Where was I on post-ep fics?

Also: "Promote This" [19.18]? AWESOME. OMG. So much delicious justice so far. [I'm not at the end. I get the feeling this one's gonna be a whumper.]
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Ficlet: Sore Losers
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Jack/Mike Cutter
Rating: PG
Summary: Post 19.15 ["Bailout"]. Jack and Mike, after Jack's cheap shot.

Disclaimer: Lies and bullshit as always.

Author's Notes: Post 19.15 ["Bailout"]. Inspired by Jack kicking Mike while he was down after the trial.

Poor Mikey. )
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Title: Faith of a Type
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Jack/Mike Cutter
Rating: PG
Summary: "I didn't realize you had anything," he says.

Disclaimer: Lies and bullshit, as always.

Author's Notes: Not a direct post-ep for 19.14 [Rapture] but certainly inspired by it. There's also a brief mention of 19.9 [By Perjury], because it fit in so well.

Touch of woobie, you say? All right. )
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Mike: "Awaiting your instructions."

My love of good BDSM relationships: ::flail::

Also, this:

Wherein The Husband and I have a minor disagreement, re: Jack/Mike )


Also, now I want woobie!Cyrus, because he looked so sad after he had to discharge his weapon.

Which also reminds me... )

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to rinse off my soapbox and get back to writing the big gay love that is Jack and Mike.
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Title: Justice in a Time of Politics
Author: Perpetual Motion
Pairing: Jack/Mike Cutter [implied]
Fandom: Law & Order
Rating: PG
Summary: Adam stops by for a drink. Post-ep for 19.13.

Disclaimer: Lies and bullshit, as always.

Author's Notes: Post-ep for 19.13 [Crimebusters]. With bonus Adam Schiff! Because it's terrible to mention Adam and then not show him, am I right?

Oh, Adam, even a passing reference makes me happy )
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Law & Order 19.13--Fic is finished, hand-written, and needs to be typed. It also has guest-starring Adam!

Law & Order 19.14--Not quite a post-ep, but there is a rosary involved, so it's vaguely religious.

Law & Order 19.15--Post-ep is written and fully typed. And can I just say, "poor, Mikey". Because, seriously, OUCH.

On a slightly different L&O note, I need a beta for an L&O UK fic. It's Ronnie/Matt, subtle, and I need my Britishisms checked.
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Ignore the aggravation of the last post. Lookie:

EDIT 2.0: THE FUCK? I just copied and pasted, and saw it ON MY SCREEN, and now it's gone? The HELL?
EDIT 3.0: Seriously: THE HELL?

Stay tuned. Working.
::shakes fist::

EDIT 5.0: Okay, got it in a link. Why the flying hell it won't embed, I can't say.

This should be a link.


Feb. 22nd, 2009 11:34 pm
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I just made a Jack/Mike fanvid because I am now, apparently, iMovie's bitch. I tried to upload it straight from iMovie to youtube, and youtube crapped all over it because I didn't make the proper sacrifices to the copyright gods. I'm trying it again, with a note in my description that I'm not asking people to shell out for the sheer awesomeness that is a video that will be enjoyed by, oh, ten or twelve people.

It's uploaded, but now I'm waiting for it to process.

::twiddles thumbs::

I'm really ridiculously proud of the thing. The music synched with an almost terrifying precision.

::twiddles thumbs again::'s things? Everybody's mom doing okay?

::twiddles thumbs::

And youtube canned it, again. This confuses me, as I know there are other clips from L&O on youtube.

Anyone with experience in this have any tips to getting around it? Or am I gonna have to write to youtube?

Dear youtube:

It's not copyright infringement; it's fangirling. If people paid me for this shit, I'd have my own video site.
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Ficlet: What Men Do
Author: Perpetual Motion
Pairing: Jack/Mike C
Fandom: Law & Order
Rating: PG
Summary: Post 19.12, Mike and Jack contemplate fathers. Well, mostly Mike.

Dis: Lies and bullshit.

Author's Notes: Post 19.12 [Illegitimate]. Because, dude, Christopher MacDonald's character was messed up. And, as we're talking L&O, that's saying something.

Oh, boys and their issues. )
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Title: Ethical Dilemmas of a Sort
Author: Perpetual Motion
Pairing: Jack/Mike Cutter
Fandom: Law & Order
Rating: PG
Summary: Set directly after 19.11. Mike, Jack, the campaign, and cake.

Disclaimer: Lies and bullshit.

Author's Notes: The final shot of Mike in 19.11--standing alone in his office as the noise of Jack's return comes down the highway--really stuck with me. So you get this.

Angst? Of course! )


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