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The Power Rangers fic just broke 10k and the moon has not yet been blown up. It hasn't even been mentioned.

So, the big question: Who is gonna beta this for me as is right now to tell me if it sucks? It's Billy/Rocky, and I am making an attempt at depth.
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Chapter 11 of the HSAU is finally finished. It is also 5247 words, and I can't tell if all those words are necessary or if some of them just wandered in by mistake. Anyone got time today to give it a quick going over?
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The short: Someone on [ profile] comment_fic requested NCIS, Gibbs/Dinozzo where Tony vanishes after turning down the La Grenouille assignment, and Gibbs comes back to help find him. I thought I'd throw out a quick five hundred words, but it's 1800 and growing. I need someone who can, basically, keep an eye on their e-mail tonight. I'll send what I have, you'll check for errors in mechanics and characters, shoot it back, and then we'll repeat until finished.

Anyone free tonight?
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--The Percy/Oliver is now 21,066 words. I think I'm in the final act. Maybe. I'm not sure. I got another twist. And I still need a beta. [Hint. Hint.] [Ignore that.]

--I'm also slowly but surely setting up my new webpage. Have I thanked [ profile] sparrowinsky for the webspace, because I've meant to say it. So, thanks, hon! Much obliged!

--Have I mentioned I need a beta for the Percy/Oliver? Because I need a beta for the Percy/Oliver. [And that.]

--I watched the entire second season of "Mad Men" in three days. It's only 13 episodes, but that's not a light show. It is, however, a fantastic show. And pretty, and now I will have a perfect way to define "quiet desperation" if anyone asks. Pretty much, pick someone on the show and that's it. Also, I desperately want Salvatore/Ken, where Salvatore finds out that Ken's constant womanizing is just a cover because Ken doesn't want to be one of "those" guys in advertising. Someone write that for me.

--Also, beta? Anyone? Bueller? Beta? [And that, too.]
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The Percy/Oliver has passed 20,000 words!

And there's still...some number...left to go. I really don't know how much longer it's going to be at this point. I said I only needed another 10,000 at 16,000, but I think that might have been low-balling it.

Also, because it's really getting long now, anyone want to beta this crazy bitch? I feel like my grammar is all over the place.
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The Percy/Oliver is at 5100, and I've got at least four more scenes planned out. So anyone want to take a whack at it? I'm nervous about my Percy characterization, so I need someone to really dig in on that.
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I'd prefer two, actually. I don't feel the story is so bad it needs two, but I feel just shaky enough on it that I want two.

So, anyone up for it? It's sickingly adorable and does not yet have an ending.
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I have now seen "Star Trek" a second time, and it only doubles my love for Chekov and Scotty. Oh, they will SO be having sex. Funny, giddy, accented sex.


So, let's make this quick: Beta?

EDIT: Oh, yeah, I made a "Hot Fuzz" reference. Because it's SIMON PEGG.
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The DF/HP longfic needs a new beta. [ profile] leaper182 has done a great job asking questions and giving advice, but her week's been something of a hot, soggy mess, and she's handed the reins back to me. The story is complete, so I just need someone to read through, tell me the ending doesn't suck and point out where my typing got ahead of my brain and left behind wonky grammar and spelling.

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The DF/HP crossover is now at 4700 words. Consider this the early request for a beta. I'd rather know it sounds off now than somewhere down the road where it's twice as long. So, beta? Please?

I've got a Guy/Kyle story typed up and proofed once. I typed it from handwritten form, so it's getting one more proof before I call it good. I can type 100 words a minute, but accuracy depends entirely on how often I use whatever keyboard I'm typing on. The keyboard I used was not a regular.

And, again, beta?
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I got tagged for a meme [sweet!], and I am about to settle in and type up stuff for back episodes of L&O.

Also, I still need a British-isms beta for my L&O UK fic [Ronnie/Matt].

Any takers?

And, because I'm bored:

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