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I've been fighting a head cold/sinus thing all week, and while I made it to the Halloween party last night, I did not get any pics in full costume. I do have a shot from the day I finished the dress.

One long picture )

Those are my GL boots from my costume two years ago, and that's me about to kiss my ring. Add a pair of patterend black tights and dainty white gloves (found at a sex shop of all places), and you've got the full kit. The attempt to dye my hair red failed majorly. I've got some red bits in it, but my hair hasn't taken color the same since I bleached it, and I forgot to take that into account.

The party was fun. The costume was a big hit, especially as it meant I got to have this conversation a few times:

Other person: Green lantern!
Me: Yup.
OP: Like, one in particular or just a GL?
Me: I'm Gal Gardner.
OP: ...Was that like, one of Hal's girlfriends?
Me: [laughs hysterically] No. No, it was not.

And then a brief history of Guy and why he's a badass.

(Also, you can't see it, but the back of the dress is a bit wonky. The butt's weird, but I think I can turn it into a bustle-thingy if I want to fix it.)

Okay, back to homework and trying not to sneeze all over myself.
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Today? Is awesome!!
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::slight pause::


::slight pause::


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Luckily, someone else did it for me.

And if you can read that and not like Guy Gardner, you are a soulless monster, and my icon would like a word with you. I actually didn't know some of this about Guy. I knew he'd been brain-damaged, but my JLI reading is shaky, at best, so I didn't know all of it. What I did know is that Guy is an ass-kicker and a name-taker and one of those hard-shell-on-the-outside-squishy-on-the-inside types. And I loved him. But the post I linked above gives me a whole new level to love.

Guy Gardner is cooler than you. Live with it.
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The costume!

The Green Lantern symbols on the right hand side of the shirt go all the way up. The symbols on the shirt, plus the lining on the neck, and the symbols on the boots were all done with acrylic paint. My hair was super-cute and Jackie-O poofy for about ten minutes, and then it just got super-cute and straight-edged because my hair does not hold curl for anything.

Apologies for the lack of a smile; I do not sit down at my comic shop, and I'd been there nearly three hours before I thought to take a picture.
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I've come up with a pantomime to describe the Black Lantern Corps in the latest Green Lantern event. For those of you not in the know on this, the Black Lanterns are made up of dead people.

The pantomime goes as follows:

1. Shoveling motion
2. Pulling someone up by their collar, one-handed motion
3. Slipping a ring on their finger

And now that I think about it, I could add a fourth step:

4. Zombie-walk

Also, while I have not yet read "Blackest Night" #1 [busy, busy here], I do know a couple of things, so let me say those under a cut.

Because I try not to spoil anyone else who's a touch behind )

Is anyone on the flist reading "Blackest Night"? And if you aren't and are into comics, have you read the run of "Green Lantern" and "Green Lantern Corps" since the relaunch in 2004 [2005?]? Because you should. You really, really should.
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In no particular order:

--In my personal canon, Lian calls Hal "Old Man" like she'd call him "Dad". She picked this up from Roy--who calls Hal "Old Man" to be a bit snarky--and Lian thinks this is a perfectly acceptable form of address. Since Hal is wrapped around her little finger [as is Roy, canonically], he accepts the name in the spirt it's given.

--Other people love Guy Gardner! Yay!

--Other people like Kyle/Guy! Double yay!

--Once I finish the Roy/Hal run of the [ profile] dcu_freeforall, I think I'll do a run of Kyle/Guy.

--Consider this your warning that the fic offerings will continue to be mostly comics [with the usual weight of Law & Order].
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Oooh, neat! )

I'm now working on one that has the full, classic oath [there are a few variations]. Because I'm just that awesome.
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Guy/Tora [Green Lantern II/Ice]

Tora dominates Guy. Go read it.

Or, in case you need more incentive:

Tora dominates Guy, and it's in character and sweet.

Also, I think it does a good job of showcasing how domination is an enjoyable, mutually satisfying sexual activity that is perfectly natural. I've always preferred by domination scenarios to be handled like legitimate sex acts, rather than some crazy fetish*.

*I won't define "crazy fetish", because what I think constitutes a crazy fetish is probably something that someone else enjoys in their sex play.
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Title: Thick, Thin, and Through the End
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: Green Lantern
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Summary: During "One Year Later", Ollie and Hal have a chat. With punching.

Disclaimer: Lies and fantasy.

Author's Notes: Written for one of my Yuletide betas, who was fabulous.

Ollie and Hal in their most classic interaction )


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