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So, I wasn't gonna do NaNo, but then I was on Texts from Last Night, and there was a text that read as follows:

What part of i'm [sic] handcuffed to an oven do you not understand?

Which reminded me strongly of my 2005 NaNo. Which was absolutely, wonderfully, batshit, and which begs the question:

[Poll #1640551]

By the way, I can't promise it'll actually get FINISHED, but I'll damned well try.
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I mentioned in tonight's WBoA (actually posted on Wednesday! Imagine!) that I've started sketching out a comic book idea that I will be both writing and drawing. The writing part? Not surprising. The drawing part? Very surprising. I'm not an artist, folks. Not in the least. But I am apparently giving it a hell of a try.

But all that said, I'm sitting here with 12 panels sketched out, and it's probably going to be four pages if my current layout (LAYOUT, PEOPLE) pleases me by the time the thing is finished. I just have to figure out what happens with the whole thing. I know there are zombies, at least peripherally.

Which gives me a chance to run a poll! Yay!

[Poll #1633610]

(Not so secret reveal: I have missed polls. I need to come up with more reasons for them.)
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Red Lantern: Apparently, NBC is being dickbags and most likely canceling Law & Order. Insiders are claiming ratings issues. Hey, NBC, you know what helps ratings? Not playing Timeslot Roulette with a show that was on Wednesdays at 9 for fourteen fucking seasons. And, just a thought, if you do decide that something must have the L&O timeslot, maybe you shouldn't move L&O's timeslot twice in the same season. It's a dick move when Fox does it, and it's a dick move when you do it. Especially to a show as consistently good as L&O.

Green Lantern: So, the "who should get genderswapped" poll for Guy and Kyle came up completely even. So, let's try it again, shall we? You only get one pick (yes, [ profile] lasergirl, I'm looking at you):

[Poll #1564060]
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Mentioned on twitter, but just so you know (because not everyone likes twitter):

1. You will be getting a fic dump tomorrow. As of now, I have three pieces with a fourth planned to polish, and I'm gonna be totally self-centered tomorrow (Dead Day) and do nothing that looks like real work.

2. I am writing Green Lantern Corps gender swap. Yay? Thinking I might swap who gets swapped, but I'm not sure. So, have a poll:

[Poll #1561250]

EDIT: Forgot to mention: This is not, "And one of the boys is a girl instead" genderswap stories. This is a, "And then one of them woke up with boobs" genderswap story. I'm not sure if that makes a difference, but there you go.
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As far as I know, all the fancy e-readers allow you to import .pdf files onto them at will. (I know for certain that the Nook and the Kindle do this. In fact, one of my profs said she loves the feature because it lets her carry around fan fic with her. So, the poll goes like this:

[Poll #1555698]
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So, I was on the Wayback Machine for an unrelated bit of finding [thank you, [ profile] misura, you saved my brain], and I decided to see if my old, old website was archived.

It is! Neat! What did I used to write...oh, holy shit.

Oh, it's bed. I defended a Mary Sue, people. No, it was not a case of, "No, really, it's just an OFC, not a Sue"; it was a damned Sue. And I defended it. So, apparently, the powers of denial in a 15-year-old fangirl were once mine. Go me?

[Poll #1453132]

EDIT: And I said was a wonderful place for fic. I'm gonna go die now.
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There's someone across the street within wireless distance who hasn't locked down their signal. I am leeching. I should feel bad, but at the same time, if you don't know you should lock down your wireless signal, what can I do, you know?

[Poll #1446535]
However, I have to be outside in order to get a strong enough signal to do diddly-squat [bles my balcony], so I'll still only be online sporadically.
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The title is mostly true, but I'm in the mood to share mostly useless information, so I suppose I'll do that.

--I'm currently without a title for the War!Percy/Oliver. I kind of, sort of have one in mind, but it's a song lyric, and I'm using that crutch rather a lot, lately.

--Just realized I haven't posted the Guy/Kyle bit I wrote for the [ profile] dcu_freeforall. I'll get that up shortly.

--In related news, I am two weeks behind on comics and will shortly commence in catching the hell up. I'm picking up this week's comics tonight, so I'd like to be up-to-date finally.

--The sequel to the Percy/Oliver is coming along nicely. As of now, I'm referring to it as "Electric Boogaloo" because I'm a product of the 80s.

[Poll #1443925]
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I'm sure you're fascinated.

The Percy/Oliver is 13,541.

The tiny bit of writer's block I had around 8600 has obviously fled from general fear, and good riddance to it.

And because I haven't done one in awhile:

[Poll #1435089]
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I was tracking back through my tags today, and I ended up re-reading all my "Twilight" snarkery. And, having been four months removed from the eye-gouging, alcoholism-causing terribleness of it all, I'm kinda tempted to start at chapter 9 and see if I can get to the end.

[Poll #1415195]
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[Poll #1410171]

I've no plans to write out Scotty's accent. Scottish accents are best left to the imagination of the reader, as their main sound [to my American ear] is the way the Rs roll out. But, if you were to write out Scotty's accent, how would you spell things?
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--The Neville/Snape is holding steady at 12,776. I'm trying to figure out how to word a scene, but I think it'll unravel itself shortly.

--I opened the Tin Man Fic of DOOM again last night and have discovered the problem with it. I gave it a plot. I do not, as a rule, write stories with plots. I write stories with characters having reactions and relationships with one another, and trying to give the Tin Man story a plot is most likely what's caused it to stall so badly. I have a really good stopping point at 13,358, and it's tempting to post it and call it it's own story just in case the rest of the monster [currently sitting at 28,380] doesn't ever hit the finish line.

[Poll #1393796]
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As per the usual for this time of year [exactly 4 weeks until finals], I find myself utterly unmotivated. Oh, I have homework [an annotated bib due Tuesday, a manual that needs editing, and plenty of bio notes to re-write], but I am completely uninterested.

[Poll #1383804]

And, for the record, the DF/HP story seems to be done. [ profile] leaper182 still has her paws on it [having discovered some grammatical fuckery], but I'm still terribly tempted to open up and try to add to it.
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I got tagged for a meme [sweet!], and I am about to settle in and type up stuff for back episodes of L&O.

Also, I still need a British-isms beta for my L&O UK fic [Ronnie/Matt].

Any takers?

And, because I'm bored:

[Poll #1370154]
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--The Guy/Kyle table I created for the [ profile] dcu_freeforall has started to bear fruit. I wrote a really fun piece when I was supposed to be caring in Bio. But, seriously, it's Bio. I have a book. I have my notes. I really am trying to care as much as possible.

--I've got a couple different L&O pieces in the pipeline. One's a post-ep for 19.11. One's a non-post-ep. One's a post-ep for 19.12, and if I can get the idea to solidify for the post-ep for 19.10, I'd be a happy bunny.

--No, I do not mean to post-ep the whole season, but seriously, have you seen this season?

--To get the taste of "Crappy Sparkly Vampire Book" out of my mouth, I am re-reading "Watchmen". And, flist, seriously, if you've never read "Watchmen", I really do think you should give it a try. It's a fantastic story. If you see the movie first, that's cool too. Just get familiar with it. I really do think it's that good.

--I just realized I've not so much as glanced at the "Tin Man" fic of DOOM in weeks. [ profile] lasergirl, have you so much as glanced at the fic? There is no penalty for not glancing, as I haven't done so, you know?

--I kinda want to write stuff for fandoms I don't write for anymore. Just little bits and pieces, you know? Round out the current collection of comics/L&O/comics that I'm running. If I decide to go that route, I'll make a post to let you folks throw out options.

--Oh, look! A poll!

[Poll #1347312]


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