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Title: Homoerotic Themes
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: LOTR RPS
Pairing: Sean A/Elijah
Rating: PG
Summary: [None]

Dis: These men are their own. If someone knows where I could purchase them on the free market, I'd be grateful.

Author's Notes: As always, [ profile] beizy pushed the button. She went to ORC, and then transcribed a conversation between Sean and Elijah that ends with Sean saying how the way they talk about their relationship onscreen makes him think homoerotic themes. It's a brilliant line. I love these boys. And, of course, this is for [ profile] beizy.

Sean, Lij, and action figures in a tub )
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Dude, [ profile] beizy sure knows how to welcome a girl back. Given, the entry's a few days old, but it's totally brand new to me, and the pic of Orlando whispering into Ian's ear is knee-weakening.

Also, it birthed a ficlet.

Beizy keeps posting shit like this, I may never write non-RPS again )
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'Cause she begged so nicely last night.

oh, rps, not that )
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12 drabbles, 12 fandoms, 12 pairings.

I’d love to say that this is some part of a challenge, but it’s not. This is the shit I do when I get writer’s block and get bored. Although, if anyone else wants to join in the fun, be my freakin’ guest.

Also, note, I tried to fix my cut tags 6 times. I even went back to the lj help section. Still no luck. Fuck it. Enjoy the drabbles.

crossing jordan )

mutant x )

csi )

JD/Dr. Cox
scrubs )
lotr rps )
law and order svu )
monk )
Creegan/Jay (computer guy)
touching evil (states version) )
stargate sg1 )
harry potter )
star trek ds9 )
singin in the rain )

Quality may vary.
May the tribbles stop teasing and come out to play now.

random note: Word does not recognize ‘tribbles’ as a word. This must be fixed.

random note the second: lj cut tags are a bitchy group of bastards.
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Untitled Viggo/Ian
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: LOTR RPS
Pairing: Vigoo/Ian
challenge: For the 'sight' challenge at [ profile] lotrips100.
Posted: Here and at [ profile] lotrips100.

Dis: Total bullshit.

Author's Notes: 100 words. Just as a drabble *should* be. (See my rant a couple of entries back.)

I wish I were here. )
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Title: Drabbles in the Life
Author: Perpetual Motion
Pairing: Ian McKellen/Alan Cumming
Rating: Overall, let’s say PG-13 or R.
Summary: 13 drabbles on a relationship.
Posted: on the mailing lists, [ profile] perpet_fic, [ profile] sir_ian_slash, and [ profile] loveforsirian.

A Scotsman and an Englishman walk onto a movie set. )
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Inspired by this picture:

Billeh's thigh. OMG.

And two wee ficlets because of it.

Billy/John Noble )

Billy/Andy )
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I knew it had to be them. It *had* to be. But in case anyone missed it, RotK won for Best Ensemble at the SAG awards! Whee! And when they got up there, Sean took the mike for a minute to talk about how he thinks the union needs to make some changes and find their way again. That was so much braver to me than getting up and talking about politics and the government, because those are the people who Sean works with, and those are the people who can look at a director and say, "I don't want to work with him because he said that about *us*." And John bumping him out of the way was just *priceless*.

[NOTE TO SAG: First order of fixing the union? Fire Melissa Rivers.]

And Billy's little endnote was just wonderfully sweet and charming.

And he was in a kilt. ::drool::

And, between Sean being a sexy, outspoken beast, and Billy being in a kilt, something had to be written. So there's this:

Do we have a name for Astin/Boyd? I suggest Bostin. )
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For [ profile] beizy, who's not had the best run of luck, lately. *hugs*

And neither has Elijah. )
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Author: Perpetual Motion
Pairing: Sean A/Elijah

Dis: Don't know 'em. Lied.

Author's Notes: Hope this qualifies for the rules this week. Posted all around: [ profile] lotrips100, [ profile] astinwood, and of course, here.

If you haven't figured out I write RPS by now, you're very *special*. )
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Two people requested MonaBoyd. You got it. Hot sex, even.

Dis: Dirty, whorey stuff involved. It's all lies. Also, RPS. Eep! I'm scared!

Dirty exhibitionist sluts )
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It's RPS deal or go report me to [ profile] fandom_scruples.

Dis: Not mine. Lied. Do it often. It's fun.

Orli. Sean. Evil agent Linda. )
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The first one is for sumpter smurf. She asked for Orli/Lij. She got it.

Dis: Don't know 'em. Lied.

RPS! Only warning. )

And for whoever I promised it to (can't recall now), Orli/Billy.

Dis: Lied again.

More RPS. Whee! (This one's in the R-ish territory) )
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RPS! Get lost if you're going to get whiny

No title, no nothing. Typed it up in chat tonight thanks to massive encouragment. For the girls in the room, you were fun. ::leer::

Also posted at [ profile] astinwood

almost porny )
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RPS! There, you've been warned.

Title: Composition
Author: Perpetual Motion
Pairing: Andy/Viggo
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Three snapshots in the life.
Posted: Here and at [ profile] andy_smut.

Disclaimer: Don't know 'em. Lied.

boys and paint )
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RPS! Run for the hills! [Or, if you're so inclined, give it a whirl.]

Title: Honeymoon
Author: Perpetual Motion
Rating: PG
Summary: A wedding before an engagement. A honeymoon before a wedding.
Posted: Here and at [ profile] astinwood. It may end up at the yahoo lists soon.

Diclaimer: This is total shit.

Author's Notes: [ profile] beizy made me do it. We were innocently chatting while I surfed her lj, and she had this picture of Sean with an *earring*, and I had to write a little something, so I did, and then, because she seemed so pleased, I wrote more. So, yeah, blame her.

Sappy, sappy stuff ahead. )
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RPS! THE TERROR! [That's all the warning you get, so either get dirty or go home.]

So, [ profile] beizy coralled me into a chat last night, and inbetween watching threesome fic get written, there was drabble lust from LaBruxiaGirl, so I raised my virtual hand and offered my services. If the girl has an lj, I don't know what it is, but I'm sure someone will tip her off this is here.

Dom. Billy. 100 words. )
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RPS. Blather. Blather. Don't enter if you-blather, blather. Eat your vegetables. Blather.

Andy. Billy. Love. Life is good. )
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Disclaimer: Don't know these men. Made it up.

Author's Notes: First bit of Andy!Slash. First time writing Christine as a massively pissed ex. For all the comment-makers on [ profile] beizy's lj. Hope this fits the bill.

Just two and half legal pages )


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