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Once again, I recorded on Tuesday and forgot to post. I so don't win at this.

Also, Comic Con reg bitchery ahead. Have fun with that!

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Another I recorded a day early and forgot to post. I win!

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I actually recorded the damn thing yesterday, knowing I'd be swamped with work today, but I forgot to post it. FAIL.

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If you watched my Blog of Awesome yesterday, you know I did the whole thing with a case of the hiccups. They literally started as I started recording, and I figured I'd leave them in because, a) I tend to get hiccups for a long period of time, so even if I re-recorded they'd still be there, and b) I thought it was funny.

Turns out there's a whole collection of people on youtube who found it sexy. Because they think hiccups are hot.

I'm not making this up.

I've been subscribed to by two or three people since yesterday, and when I clicked on their names to see if I wanted, maybe, to subscribe back, they all had videos about "sexy girl hiccuping" and the like. And I'm squicked by this because my video isn't about being sexy and hiccuping. I was in rant mode and had the hiccups, and I can not stress enough how non-sexual I find those acts. To have people watch that video and derive some type of sexual pleasure out of it is's creepy. It creeps me out.

But I was willing to shrug it off because, hey, whatever. It's weird to me, I figured, but no one's sending me skeevy messages or anything.

hey there ...

I just want to say : you're wonderful! I love your headspace, your taste in film, your expressiveness, & your sense of humor ... I love your face, your skin, and your hands are gorgeous (wish you'd show the rest of you sometime!) ... I love your voice ... And I love your incessant hiccuping ...

I think you're perfect!


This week's video has 217 hits. Last week's had 11. That means it's possible that over 200 hiccup fetishists have watched my video to get a cheap thrill.

I'm gonna go hide under my bed for a few minutes.
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If you want to follow the research madness, I'm gonna keep track of it over at [ profile] comic_chick.
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No downers today, folks! Today is AWESOME.

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It's raining. A LOT. Also, The Husband cameos.

By the way, I've since had a late lunch and warmed up nicely.
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Kate didn't make me do this one, but she is the reason I WBoA.


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