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--I'm still working on holiday ficlets as I can come up with ideas. I have not given up, damnit. I'm just trying to keep the ideas short.

--So, after I saw the new Mission Impossible, I sat down and started playing around with Benji/Brandt ideas. Goofy sort of stuff. Which has now morphed into (apparently) a soon-to-be long fic where they have to hide out in the 'burbs and pose as a married couple. Because my brain is made of cliche. (Also, yes, I am still surprised when something suddenly goes, "Oh, hi! I'm gonna be loooooong.")

--I'm about to reread the shitty part of The Authority. You know, that one part with Millar. By which I mean the whole part with Millar. On the upside, it'll give me ideas for that Apollo/Midnighter/Jack fic I have planned.

--And speaking of that, I know how that fic opens. The answer? Porn. Because, well, obviously, right? (But not the porn you're thinking about, probably.)

--I am also about to reread the first 18 issues of Fraction's Invincible Iron Man. There will probably not be fic forthcoming, but I will likely cry like a bitch. So, you know, take with that what you will.

--I need to write more Generation Kill. I need Ray-swearing in my life. I think we all do.

--Having read the fourth Dresden book, I kinda want Billy and Dresden to either go on a wacky set of completely hetero adventures or get really drunk D&D-ing and end up in bed together once. Dresden will, of course, sort of freak. Billy will sort of go, "Eh, whatevs."

--I need to buy comics. This is not fic news, but it is important. So shut up.

What are you working on, flist?
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(All [personal profile] lasergirl's fault. I'm certain she does not care.

1. Dan and Rorschach, possible buddy-fic, possible slash fic -- very, very early in their partnership, Rorschach gets injured bad enough that Dan has to take care of him, leading to Rorschach moving in with him, leading to Rorschach staying for a long period because Dan comes up with reasons for him to hang around, knowing that Rorschach will refuse to stay if there's not a way he can be useful around the house. This will lead to numerous alternate versions of events including the Roche kidnapping, because rather than Rorschach and Dan only being vigilante partners, they share space, so they can continue to touch base with one another. This will, of course, also completely alter how the entire main plot of Watchmen works out. (Note: I am insane.)

2. X-number of months or years after events in Antarctica, Dan wakes up to Rorschach in his house. Except, of course, Rorschach should be dead. A mystery is afoot (which I've already solved, but I'm not telling you), and Dan and Rorschach end up re-connecting as they spend time together. Laurie will feature in some fashion, as I am basing this post-canon, and I like her and Dan together. (Note: I am slightly less insane.)

3. Gen Kill AU where Brad is Rorschach and Nate is Nite Owl. I'd flip this and make Brad Nite Owl given the gadgets, but Nate is more idealistic, and that's an important part of the Nite Owl character. I don't have the rest of the cast outlined, yet. I may not need it to be properly outlined, but I feel like I should know who else would stand in for the characters. (Note: I am completely out of my fucking mind.)

I had another idea, and I can't think of it now. To say I've been reading a lot of Watchmen fic would be a gross understatement. There's a WIP I found at AO3 that has Rorschach as a robot, and it's good and slightly painful and enjoyable. It looks like it hasn't been updated since June, but I can hope, right?

All right, now that I've shown you all this part of my brain, I have to go do homework.
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In handy list form!

--The third trade of "Captain Britain and MI:13" opens with Dr. Doom having a meeting with Count Dracula. ON THE MOON. Worship this comic, people. It's your new god.

--I have a ridiculous idea for a "Batman" fic wherein Tim Drake is a 25-year-old restaurant owner who is out of the superhero business due to massive injury, and he has to call in Edward Nygma, respected P.I. to look into a stalking case for one of his servers. The issues with this are, of course, kinda long. Because part of me wants it Tim/Nygma, and the other part thinks I AM INSANE.

--Have not read "Brightest Day #0" yet. Have heard it is cheese. For those of you new here, I love cheese.

--Picked up the first "Empowered" trade because I've heard so many good things about it, and I do like people who can take a shot at their genre with a wink and a nudge.

And now, a shower, then some homework, and I hope to be writing super angst at some point in the near future.
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I badly want to write Knitting!Zelenka fic, where he's bartering for sweaters, and he unwinds them and resets the yarn and makes sweaters for Beckett, who is very Scottish but somehow always kind of chilly.

And Zelenka would have learned it from his mother and grandmother, because when a sweater started to wear out or get too small, they'd just unravel and start over.

Awesome, or AWESOME?
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So, still watching Man from U.N.C.L.E., and I got bored tonight and was looking on Think Geek for all those pretty toys I want but cannot convince myself to buy just for the hell of it. They have an entire spy gadget section with lighters and pens and watches that have video capabilities.

I want to write U.N.C.L.E. fic so bad, where the boys have all these gadgets (plus the hollow coins). I know U.N.C.L.E. was never about the gadgets, per se, but they had so super awesome ones (brain gooing pen, anyone?), so why not a fic with a watch that doubles as a surveillance camera and a hollow coin for passing information? Actually, the more I think about it, the more that hollow coin is PERFECT.

Also, Illya totally winked at the innocent at the end of "The Mad, Mad Tea Party Affair." Can we say YES, boys and girls?

I need an U.N.C.L.E. icon.
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In no particular order:

1. An AU of the Green Lanterns where Guy manages a bar owned by Hal and hires on Kyle as a new bartender so Kyle can pay for art school. Hal will, of course, be kind of a pain-in-the-ass owner and Kilowog will play bouncer. Other Lanterns and DC hero-types will drop in as needed.

2. An AU for Oz where Beecher and Keller get something closer to a happy ending. Because I am queen of the saps for them, doomed though they were. (Let it be known: I don't actually have beef with how it ended for them; given the destruction they caused one another, I'm surprised it wasn't WORSE.)

3. Something with "Outsiders," as I finally joined the ranks of junior high kids everywhere and read it. Something about Ponyboy growing up, maybe, and getting the chance to go to college and be a Soc.

4. A Ginny/Marcus Flint piece from HP. Yes, really. Because in the "Ben Folds" universe, they accidentally blew up a forest together, and I need less prompting than that for most ships.

None of these are getting written any time soon, mind you. I'm still behind on holiday ficlets, and Electric Slide is still very much in the works.

Oh, "Glee"

Oct. 14th, 2009 11:02 pm
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We're finishing 1.3 and all I want is Fin/Shue. Yes, my teacher!kink is alive and well.

What I want:

--Kurt macking on Fin out of NOWHERE because it's post-rehearsal, and Fin is sweating, and Kurt just kind of LOSES it and GOES FOR IT. And Fin does that adorable blinking-lost-the-hell thing and then tells Kurt he's flattered because Kurt is cool, but he's not gay or bi or whatever it means that he wants to kiss guys. And he will be absolutely sincere about it, because that's just Fin to me.

--Fin coming back to teach at McKinley ten years after he graduates. He's the assistant football coach, and he wants to help with Glee. Mr. Shue is still there, still with Glee, and they end up being friends. Mr. Shue's divorced, and they end up hanging out, and stuff happens. And, OH YEAH YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

So, yeah, there's my brain. What's on yours?

Fic idea

Jul. 16th, 2009 11:52 pm
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I want to write mid-war Percy/Oliver where Percy is running a safehouse [as close to admin work as he can get in the current circumstances], and Oliver is one of the top spies/runners for the Order, given his extensive background in strategy and evasive maneuvers in Quidditch.

Percy's safehouse is, of course, the best safehouse in all of the Order, because it's Percy, so all the high-ranking Order members end up there at some point or another.

I'm trying to decide which parts of book 7 to completely ignore for this, because the idea of Percy dealing with war-weary Fred and George makes my heart all soft and gooey, but I could also get mileage out of poor, lonely George and isolated Percy bonding.

But, oh, I do hate writing George without Fred. I don't begrudge Rowling for killing Fred, given that people you love die in war all the time, but on the other hand, did it have to be Fred?

So, main point: Percy, safehouse, and Oliver. Yes?
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There are certain things that will always occur when [ profile] amazonqueenkate and I chat late into the night. The Law & Order HSAU of gayness came from a late-night chat. The X-Men/Heroes crossover came from a late-night chat. I think even the MASH fic of DOOM came out of a late-night chat.

So, what's tonight ridiculousness?

Top Gear/QI/various British celebs in a HSAU.

James, Jeremy, and Richard are on the football team [American, because we are]. James is the manager, Jeremy is the quarterback, and Richard is the upstart freshman who can run really fast. Their coach is, of course, Andy.

Jimmy Carr is a second-stringer on the football team who is a complete wiseass, even though he can't play very well.

Alan Davies, Rob Brydon, and Bill Bailey are all in the band. And Rob and Bill are known for trying to throw of Mr. Fry when he's teaching band [and coaching quiz bowl, naturally].

Mr. Laurie is the drama teacher.
Ms. Thompson [as in Emma] teaches Lit.
Ms. Thomas [as in Kristen Scott] is the French teacher [and Jeremy has a HOPELESS crush.]

Now, someone make [ profile] amazonqueenkate write it. I wrote the last HSAU.
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Since last night at roughly 11:00 PM, I've written 3200+ words of a Dresden Files/Harry Potter crossover wherein Harry goes to Dresden needing to find Snape. Who has been hiding out in the States since the war ended and...well, that's all I've got. But I've got 3200 words of it.

I blame this partly on my recent "Dresden Files" binge, partly on [ profile] miriam_heddy's fantastic yuletide story [DF/Buffy], Spill, and the general insistence my brain has to making me write mildly random crossovers that try to get really long.

And yet the "Tin Man" fic still sits and whimpers for my attention.
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Rather than take notes in Bio over the last two days [I'm in that point of the semester where I just don't give a good goddamn], I wrote Guy/Kyle for [ profile] dcu_freeforall. It got kind of long and really rather adorable, and it was fun.

And then I thought, "Hmmm, I've been hip-deep in DC Comics and L&O for a good long while. What else do I write?"

And then I came up blank, save a Dresden Files [TV Verse]/Harry Potter [Slightly AU Book-Verse] wherein Harry visits Snape's potion shop [with Harry as counter lackey] wanting to know if they can make Bob solid so that he and Bob can have sex.

Yes, I am that shallow. Yes, I am proud of myself.

But other than that, I drew a huge blank. You lot know what I write and what I've written, what should I write?
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I've attempted to write, or add to, at least seven or eight pieces of fic in the last two days. Nothing is cooperating. NOTHING. Therefore, I shall list all the stories I have ideas for and hope someone can help me knock something loose.

1. Numb3rs-Charlie/Larry-Charlie and Larry spend a summer teaching kids at a math and science camp. There's much nerding out, disciplining of screaming kids, and 12-year-old girls with crushes on Charlie. [The other teachers will have crushes on Larry, natch.]

2. Numb3rs-Charlie/Larry-I wanna do a cliche' fic, and what better cliche is there than the supportive chick [Amita] having to save Charlie or Larry from an insufferable woman who can't take the hint that the boys aren't interested? I'm starting to really like Amita because while she *is* trying to date Charlie, she's still *smart*.

3. Numb3rs-Charlie and Larry-First-time meeting. Awkward!Charlie and Patient!Larry. Two university misfits bond at one of those unending campus dinners.

4. News RPS-Keith Olbermann/Anderson Cooper-I don't have a plot, just Anderson Cooper in eyeliner, lipstick, and a duct tape skirt. It'd make a great Halloween fic.

5. News RPS-Jon Stewart/Anderson Cooper-A sequel to "Almost-Funny Morning" where Anderson gets back to New York and he and Jon get a couple of days before Anderson goes storm whoring again.

6. Law & Order: SVU/CI-Eliot/Bobby-Bobby meets Eliot's kids. Twitching, sizing up, and a slightly Marueen ensue.

7. Law & Order: SVU/CI-Eliot/Bobby-a sequel to "Fraternity", wherein Eliot and Bobby, a few weeks after their fateful jazz club bathroom fuck, come face-to-face when their cases overlap. Sex.

8. Threshold-Nigel/Lucas-No plot yet. I just wanna write more geek love. Geek love is the best.

9. Nero Wolfe-Archie/Saul-Post-"Disguise for Murder" because Saul is so tetchy throughout the whole thing and Archie gets hurt, so h/c baby!

10. Horatio Hornblower-Horatio/William-Horatio has his head shaved for some reason [lice?] and poor William is left with nothing to grab.

11. Horatio Hornblower-Horatio/William-Something with a rainstorm.

12. I wanna write bondage fic. I just don't know who's into that just yet.

Fic Ideas

Mar. 11th, 2005 02:14 pm
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These have come into my head over the last couple of weeks, and I actually took the time to scribble them down.

1. HOUSE-The Ducklings convince a couple of med students to slip House a Viagra for one of his Vicodin. Sex insues.

2. NCIS-Tony/McGee told through text messages, e-mails, and all dialouge phone calls.

3. HP-Sequel to "Eight Years In"-Draco/Neville-Neville and Draco post-war at Neville's Gran's house.

4. HOUSE-House/Chase-Anything with angst that ends in cuteness.

5. EMPIRE RECORDS-Lucas/Joe-Post-move to some degree. First-time or established relationship.

6. DUE SOUTH-Ray V/Ray K-First-time, manly sex.

7. CSI: MIAMI-Ryan/Delko-First-time. Ryan lusts for Wet!Delko [Neoprene optional].

8. CITIZEN KANE-Kane/Leland-Right before Kane marries Susan. An argument.
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Larry/Charlie-"Numb3rs"-Charlie talks to Larry about Larry's offer to move into his place. Was it an intentional invite to move in, or was Larry being his usual clueless self and just being nice?

House/Wilson-"House"-Mid-ep for "Poison", House and Wilson talk about Wilson's poetry reading.

House/Wilson-"House"-Post-ep for "Sports Medicine", House and Wilson go for the throat as they discuss the mysterious Stacey and why Wilson would go to dinner with her as opposed to the monster truck rally with House. Snideness insues.
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1. A Horatio Hornblower/Enterprise crossover in which Horatio and Malcolm meet, have a battle of the cheekbones, and shag like mad.

2. A massive, "Crossing Jordan" fic where everyone is gay. We need to see some Nigel/Bug, Peter/Garrett, Jordan/Lily (or Jordan/Capra), and we'll put Woody wherever he's most comfortable. Or he could play the 'not as straight as he thinks but repressed about it' Wisconsin boy. Oh, wait, he's already doing that.

3. A bit of "Touching Evil" fic (USA version) where Creegan and the cute, stuttering computer guy (Jay?) have a moment. Or a relationship.

Now back to that goddamned Sociology paper.


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