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Title: Cliches are Fun
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: MI: 4
Pairing: Benji/Brandt
Rating: G
Summary: Um, I made them kiss. You're welcome.

Dis: Lies and bullshit.

Author's Notes: So, this was supposed to be the start of a longer story, but now it's not, but I want more Benji/Brandt in the world, so you get it. Ta-da.

Cliches are Fun
By Perpetual Motion

"Shit," Benji says, turning on his heel and pressing Brandt against the building they're standing against. "They know our faces," he hisses.

Before Brandt can come up with a reply, Benji pulls a ball cap from his jacket, jams it on its head, wraps his hands around Brandt's head, and pulls him down into a kiss. Brandt goes with it, slouching down so he looks a little shorter and hiding his head under the brim of Benji's cap as he presses his palms against Benji's back and the hostiles round the corner. When they slow for just a second at the sight of two men kissing, Benji throws out an elbow and catches one of the men in the neck. Brandt reaches over Benji as he ducks to barrel the man into the opposite wall, grabs the second man by his collar, and throws him into the wall behind him face first.

"Nice," Benji says five minutes later as the sweeper team pick up the unconscious men and toss them into the back of a van.

"That was fun," Brandt replies, and without thinking, he leans over and pecks Benji on the nose.

Benji huffs a laugh. "Not the worst first kiss I've had."


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